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Thu Apr 05 04:18:27 2018 +0000
ad813f36f25a61dbd6c73c44eda8f3ff0518420eTom Ritter — Bug 1451601 Do not buffer output in TaskCluster job output r?gps
75b397ebae934909219ad3ec44d5ebe3f0ab98baTom Ritter — Disable debug with --disable-install-strip
8dc8fcfac2aaa0695443ef60097e7922768c8442Tom Ritter — Disable debug with --strip-debug
f1a7a08ca4ada9ea9179fe501d09a27e7a7c020aTom Ritter — Modify the rust repack script so taskcluster will regenerate the dependency and un-bug itself.
99186568a2a08ec3e2457d900e9f0dd7774b1dc8Tom Ritter — Try --strip-debug
0923c197a4ac385c1ba4fe7d806c232eb1354686Tom Ritter — Bug 1440013 For MinGW build, pass -Wa,-mbig-obj to solve 'too many sections' errors r?glandium
07a5cb45976ece39773fc717b637c7abac05f875Tom Ritter — Bug 1448453 Update libvpx to have a 64 bit mingw config
b932eded10c56a649a7085a06d3e2f2d4138a69bTom Ritter — Bug 1448461 Give libaom a x64 MinGW config
186ce4c104f415fbf196a44527ab8c591f4efb80Tom Ritter — Bug 1448746 Capitalization fixes for MinGW x64 build in the crash reporter r=gsvelto
8c0c8619b2ce381e9fb7b95a505f3f36596d318eTom Ritter — Bug 1449835 Do not compile Windows x64 Crash Test Assembly for MinGW r?ccorcoran
cfc651a20c5e359ed00d43a7c80e73cbb67d429eTom Ritter — Bug 1448749 Fix undefined reference to `__imp_mozalloc_abort' linking errors for MinGW x64 r?glandium
fba44641ffea11b377e3c91d9a23bd8cfb0d1a04Tom Ritter — Bug 1448748 Disable a bunch of optimized stuff to fix the MinGW x64 Build f?franziskus
3d59d5d33cacc3d7d071059b3374ef6f3bce0822Tom Ritter — Bug 1448483 Remove reference and use of ssize_t in CityHash to avoid conflicting definitions in MinGW x64 r?froydnj
3fa0f2478b9c5665681337b6a77cfb6179932be3Tom Ritter — Bug 1443823 Apply no-keep-inline-dllexport to MinGW x64 also r?jacek,glandium
6894ec9d039c383dc5a8a37b28ff8354765596baTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add x64 to the MinGW rust target
092fd8c196f4e2765e36690b075bff77e7dbc2daTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 bit MinGW gcc toolchains
e74191e0592073d8f275c51e59f298000967efc2Tom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 Bit Windows Build Targets
6839d78c3d8dd90489b54c66ba691953bc2de102Chris Manchester — Bug 1429875 - Implement OBJ_SUFFIX overriding for the profile generation phase on linux in mozbuild.
a013b0f740db43b89573b0245f9b401728a69b74Chris Manchester — Bug 1429875 - Remove expandlibs and instead generate list files in the mozbuild backend.
c730ac318efc18b0fb1bbf0c7892e867ce87ae1fChris Manchester — Bug 1429875 - Add a unit test for linkage variables in the make backend.
22db5a16228e6a7686a5ef6f4393920dee436e88Chris Manchester — Bug 1429875 - Do not take DIST_INSTALL into account when deciding to build static libraries.
d468df6e6af120270e1042f6602692f7b321fe0cChris Manchester — Bug 1429875 - Add a "name" property to Library and Program objects that corresponds to the output basename.