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Mon Jun 05 18:25:07 2017 +0000
23815201ef98fac7cbfa3011e61cbe8a9d252ff3Nick Alexander — Bug 1370156 - Add Gradle-integration into notes. r=me
41e33d94dfb674f3bad1c053683f0d769c47318bNick Alexander — Actually run test.
f18ddbad3abb5348b7f557f4c0b334a72428e701Nick Alexander — Avoid an unused variable warning.
f4778846541f3fd56377994a904291f77c1feb80Nick Alexander — Fix JNI login manager.
168311314236a48d4de197b026b18583b312d7a7Nick Alexander — Add a native test. Success on my Android x86 emulator!
2bf5ecba58426d860a29b938c39beb386d3041c1Nick Alexander — Try to use jni-rs.
e551383660b0049ec5f2860b6ce4069c66a77824Nick Alexander — Vendor jni-rs in
53fefa6d38dc8a52c9f8b8fdc62d18dc474d4521Nick Alexander — WIP on JNI
bc47be47be81fb116e3aba5bde592949a5553bd6Nick Alexander — Additional fixes.
574042fb50934ef5a5ab1735a8a609fe1018c3b3Ralph Giles — Final fixes with nalexander.
ea980970bd9fc9256e92a82a629b9afbb1eae236Ralph Giles — Include rustinfo into the build.
34a913eac98229e94d819971d0dd777cf27fe61eRalph Giles — Add a simple ffi crate to test linking.
14f7721a3ee18258450fd7c83abbef64325d040eNick Alexander — WIP on Bug 946857 - JavaScript <-> JNI interface.