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Fri Mar 25 18:11:13 2016 +0000
f18bed7e0cd679765dc59bbad08b65d1beb85c44Matthew Wein — Bug 1250631 Implement chrome.contextMenus.onClicked r=kmag
4683436610b91a55eed5589c1d4affd207a68480Jarda Snajdr — Bug 1220208 - Move clear button to top left corner in toolbars r=bgrins
3e41c15a76b541267eb6d0040779f77bef4f5d6dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1259777 - Remove unnecessary DOMUtils lazy load in css-angle.js . r=pbro
632931aedcbb1b3fdf0369d43dc5b7af32d27b6fNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1254592 - [e10s] fix test_history_post.xul to run in content and remove duped test_bug_94514.html. r=mak
fcffcba77426e82348646e633abfec2b0b1c7637Matthew Noorenberghe — No bug - Disable test_notifications_popup.html until its converted for e10s
51c718100df0fdd8d921eb62bcc180cfa765d9c0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
b2dbee5ca727e87bdaeab9ab60fb83df2a9846a2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
0d8ca812e2faade05f149e82db86b849d1d7e7a5Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1255066 - [e10s] convert test_bug_461710_perwindowpb.html to mochitest-browser. r=mak
31249c60481310fe11d2d753eba7c4d79154169bNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1255066 - Wrap condition fn for BrowserTestUtils.waitForCondition in Task.spawn. r=mak
aa4952efc92f03b8e7255795cb37af6c68c693a1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258828 - Follow-up to disable test_formless_autofill.html on Android like it was in mochitest-chrome
8f944086e8a3cd97549e815e7fbb463d76717e83Mike de Boer — Bug 1253233: refactor bug331215_window.xul to run the test on remote browsers as well. r=felipe
912ee4b6a03385ac8e5bd80f06cbb57cc9b594c1Mike de Boer — Bug 1253233: refactor bug304188_window.xul to run the test on remote browsers as well. r=felipe
fe2112d79fc1178e0b34f7674e61309f7de082abMike de Boer — Bug 1253233: refactor bug263683_window.xul to run the test on remote browsers as well. r=felipe
d823452bea13282527bce173c1133f2f12990d7fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258828 - Convert test_formless_autofill.html from m-chrome to m-plain. r=paolo
96bfe329ad1ebbf3a07395fb410083838ed1aed6Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258607 - Make test_case_differences.html work in e10s. r=dolske
e769ae36cbc7175207bb865222afe4db82b316e6Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258607 - Return promises from some satchel test helpers which use callbacks. r=dolske
fbab845377a5bf1fe2215bccff9c5d2714f03e86Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258607 - Output task names when entering and leaving in SimpleTest. r=jmaher
095be1660e1f5ba50f68feef4e0a74bcf0d4b6faMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1255265 - Convert password manager test_notifications.html to browser_capture_doorhanger.js. r=dolske
b903047d9572a456eed53377f12b24b1354c1135Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258055 - Enable a bunch of mochitest-plain password manager tests not involving UI for e10s. r=dolske
5585f64b747d73ca4e677936cd528c3393f6df8fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1258055 - E10S helpers for mochitest-plain password manager tests not involving UI. r=dolske
371244335c102f7e8223e522a7ed1ea98c482c3fNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1257874 - Use getProperties instead of getFrames in animation-detail. r=pbro
39e509212ba4ccfa6eb6dfb36ef0bc6eed47b061Ms2ger — Bug 1259018 - Part c: Pass arguments to the nsExtProtocolChannel constructor; r=jst
0f35d868188eba9fe775adaf0fe311377d60d1f3Ms2ger — Bug 1259018 - Part b: Use early returns and stop accepting null in nsExternalProtocolHandler::HaveExternalProtocolHandler; r=jst
395a7a3e63f2564fa2b92d573f036aedf1e327f5Ms2ger — Bug 1259018 - Part a: Use early returns in nsExternalProtocolHandler::NewChannel2; r=jst