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Tue Apr 14 15:47:38 2015 +0000
f14d3c29a1ad36e1481c1eff71ab96a51a312f95Botond Ballo — Bug 1153711 - Do not discard a component of a fling if an APZC further in the handoff chain has room to scroll in that direction. r=kats
dee516a8358d8fd6ee27258871a58e03d4fc8d7aBotond Ballo — c++ particle
c747612158e803ae0344f99fcda7407b157eac08Botond Ballo — assert particle
d2aa21b9d0d23280f309af1f3e09004ae0d8f82eBotond Ballo — extraction particle
fd77c6d2b5e1b9a109c3d205c88215e278fb6270Botond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Assert IsCallerChrome() in nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetScrollPositionClampingScrollPortSize. r=ehsan
604ab2c08aff3693427fac1117f09f16fb73a5bdBotond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Do not call nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetScrollPositionClampingScrollPortSize from C++ code. r=kats
419557fd7781a5d353fe3d910ae696e848857f5dBotond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Extract the implementation of nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetScrollPositionClampingScrollPortSize into nsLayoutUtils. r=ehsan
f4267db433dc7ba0c93618f832387e5b6dc19c73Botond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Assert IsCallerChrome() in nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetResolutionAndScaleTo. r=ehsan
26569f0b184bd40b84ebb2cdd2d94c8292eff4acBotond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Do not call nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetResolutionAndScaleTo from C++ code. r=kats
01e82df679b28ed2697a69c2a1878089ff01fac0Botond Ballo — Bug 1152479 - Extract the implementation of nsIDOMWindowUtils::SetResolutionAndScaleTo into nsLayoutUtils. r=ehsan
61086a5cccc0dab5bcee58766b08b0b7ce679108Ying-Ruei Liang (KK) — Bug 1143522 - Convert Layer::mClipRect to ParentLayerIntRect. r=botond
baa2d94c2d66bd629b75c6a7f7c69b88fc2415acBotond Ballo — Bug 1150282 - Apply APZ prefs meant for desktop to all desktop platforms, not just OS X. r=kats
421032c0aa7b4cb2dc290e05806a3c906bba5d54Botond Ballo — Bug 1039818 - Do not allow an older APZ repaint request to clobber a newer pres shell resolution in Layout. r=kats
f4532179a312df2f523920dc6771e457ad55e862Botond Ballo — Bug 1039818 - Extract the implementation of nsIDOMWindowUtils::GetResolution into nsLayoutUtils. r=ehsan