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Tue Nov 22 11:20:42 2016 +0000
ee176d51e4a0ce8d7885a992ec3fbe167301ed33Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1319393 - Remove the misc-use-override.KeepVirtual declaration in .clang-tidy file r?ehsan
39efc7bfb839484ef121a2f275481770906d9021Gabriel Luong — Bug 1319365 - Bail out of the async function getSelectorHighlighter when the inspector is unavailable. r=jdescottes
ee8e6503d47c5f5cf5515b41f9594ec5d9eb63aePeter Van der Beken — Bug 569229 - Close outer entities when they're parsed even if we're blocking the parser. r=erahm.
aa05debf22374e055005b90ba14032ea24d697fbBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1297901: Fix ordering of taking mutexes for the shell tasks; r=jonco
e453f2aaef941b6516ff8852282741369771c7adJon Coppeard — Bug 1318384 - Update telemetry docs with new reason code DONTBUILD
45b2377336150fcbe2a477e1719b0059956c5b5dJon Coppeard — Bug 1318384 - Add AbortReason::CompartmentRevived so repeated GCs don't get counted under NonIncrementalRequested r=billm
fdc0f9d0f338042f35c0d8d56555801b63a277daJon Coppeard — Bug 1318384 - Don't collect all scheduled zones when repeating a GC to collect dead compartments r=billm
7cd44d064d92f033aecf24f2bfbc115b143beaf7Jon Coppeard — Bug 1318384 - Always allocate into fresh arenas while marking r=billm
4513f4dad1002547dc4b043748ddf4df8cff1cd9Julian Seward — Bug 1254964 - Enable manual taskcluster scheduling for valgrind-mochitest runs.
a180081b5cb3f7c65d9f594cc278feafd1bf84dbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1158656 - Add a .clang-tify file for misc-use-override; r=jrmuizel
8704571a427f466c9143f46663862fb979429d7aHenri Sivonen — Bug 1309834. r=wchen.
88f8e3bee8c1c3cd0bb73d65925b40651f724708Matt Woodrow — Bug 1319251 - Add more current thread assertions in VideoDecoderParent so it's more obvious about which code runs where. r=jya
431fe7720cb5252a59cd0f2b6c70057042826824Matt Woodrow — Bug 1319251 - Ensure that our decoder pointer hasn't be revoked when we get the Init callback. r=jya
718387d11e93d8b41cf2389a03c4c3bda44d43dfMatt Woodrow — Bug 1319251 - Check Init promise in VideoDecoderChild before trying to resolve it. r=jya
4bf6b81fa61a2655de5138ca727c01e140b94b9eChris Peterson — Bug 1318833 - Part 4: Remove -allow_heap_execute linker flag that is no longer needed for Silverlight. r=ted
138abd270223714144ab8010e80499909980e406Chris Peterson — Bug 1318833 - Part 3: Remove unused Silverlight checks from Decoder Doctor. r=gerald
fc3a99e3d24a8653ab66ac2efffaedbf63096a1fChris Peterson — Bug 1318833 - Part 1: Remove Silverlight plugin tests and test plugin. r=qdot
f4cac94feb53415a51d9966dd60b1ccdecc43c36Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1197230 - Handle non-BMP identifier. r=shu
177b7924440c450525d1127c9c2f1d3d642e4a2cTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1318815 - Remove ClassSpec delegation and point target ClassSpec directly from prototype class. r=jandem
68240063e11a7274c5b593aaa3fda9b714a4b139Matt Woodrow — Bug 1316506 - Initialize mFlushTask. r=bustage CLOSED TREE
7e4570efaff8b823db6e66025893acfe546a4d7cDavid Anderson — Delay the DidComposite call in ClientLayerManager's destructor. (bug 1305829, r=mattwoodrow)
d7daa2b41dae71e339a5b784ed94e23b5fab4708Jeff Gilbert (:jgilbert) — Bug 1318523 - Remove removed class from test_interfaces. - r=qdot CLOSED TREE
ba3c76b3359fba9eb2fdb30dfe14dfb387e72f56Kevin Chen — Bug 1313135 - Make an early return if the clip rect can be ignored. r=mchang
9966dd2e2ccba8c2958e023abbf4a17972ae7ceaDave Huseby — Bug 1304432 - Intermittent test timeouts, added requestLongerTimeout. r=ehsan
1b3e82cf6ec0b09e19c56214c121be177bce4130Jessica Jong Bug 1309587 - PreventDefault() on suppressed/delayed key events that are sent back to parent. r=smaug
eb9fb9a30fd98aa04153627eb62dfcbb41f9a9d1Sean Stangl — Bug 1319232 - Correctly set cacheInvalidatedBySignalHandler_. r=luke
db60e23a4c5baf00f28d1d0ed5af9cb578307e22AndrĂ© Bargull — Bug 1303091 - Share static Intl data across compartments. r=Waldo, r=jonco
a64eaf74ef8b7f201897dbd2c8f982d9a845b532Matt Woodrow — Bug 1318854 - Null check the right pointer in RecvReadback. r=dvander
7f1f9e61f4f1c3a59b86d50993373a4e4adad198Matt Woodrow — Bug 1319190 - Make sure we release the last VideoDecoderChild ref on the video manager thread. r=dvander
b22bbf4b9948e8fe62cfe3325b69f1f1f7ccc452Matt Woodrow — Bug 1318999 - Revoke MediaDataDecoder callback after RemoteVideoDecoder has been shut down. r=jya
1a9b7a22027fedf97b21e5d966a81c3071d3ba84Matt Woodrow — Bug 1316506 - Make RemoteVideoDecoder::Flush synchronous. r=billm
bcba1adaeb51c52bca2acd6ea67bd40c643aeb08Matt Woodrow — Bug 1318083 - Make PVideoDecoder's ctor sync and fail if CreateVideoDecoder fails on the GPU process side. r=jya,dvander
cc2b85fdc6259e575242c934cbaa66b2571bf6b9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1319248 - Skip the RDM browser-chrome tests on Win64 e10s due to ongoing failures.
ab60afa100d3ec47bbc9dfebe914f37d6ece26cbEdgar Chen — Bug 1317901 - Ensure image loads don't short-circuit if element's adopting steps are run; r=jdm