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Tue Dec 19 19:16:44 2017 +0000
49ea45c0f42ebd4a8c47bd5b1d2d8f7c67f0312bMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Expose renderLayers state via nsITabParent and lazily retrieve initial tab states in async tab switcher. r=billm
ee0ec36cb5f1a8e1404b6c9161eac5f0df23fccdMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - TabChild::MakeHidden shouldn't cause script to run. r=billm
6ee1dfb185a81d327b26bf5d05823377969c0f79Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make TabParent's assume they're rendering layers by default on construction. r=billm
c6710a45aa3f567b70e2824f8ebedfd4e3c76d3cMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add hasLayers to nsITabParent and use it in the async tab switcher. r=billm
e2ddb6c3fc71e561bdeac42e0c207c8067a41113Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Stop disabling tab warming in browser_bug343515.js. r=billm
6f0d8a23aaac97a24b1974d8ba27b5254a04e371Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Fix block comment formatting in nsITabParent.idl. r=billm
01b3063814abb8b67467c9b4db0ed4ec128ea1fbMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make async tab switcher use new nsITabParent renderLayers function. r=billm
3babf91a131d5b210a47648dde1b9237565f4620Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Rename TabChild's notion of "active tabs" to "visible tabs" and move logic into renderLayers. r=billm
47bca9a054676f999ebb6761d9f878eded9c50f8Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - When short-circuiting a TabParent::RenderLayers call, still fire the layer tree event if we've been preserving layers. r=billm
01febcee354d0c69a0eb1994535bf026bf3f5d28Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Rename mRenderingLayers to mRenderLayers. r=billm
d4ae59848d6bab740a54715251d2da74f1b33e83Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add IPC interface to tell TabChild's to render and clear layers, distinct from setting the active state on the DocShell. r=billm