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Mon Jan 09 19:01:26 2017 +0000
851ee9f5748157fe6c556abfb06f5c96dc57ca23Kate McKinley — Bug 1328460 - Don't send priming to IP or non-standard ports r?ckerschb,tanvi
211d8715c9659e67ecde84f112c35c122a0bbe55Nathan Froyd — Bug 1322396 - part 2 - undo changes from bug 1317046 now that we have a more robust solution; r=dholbert
aae1f858f6deca2d9c1cfb78229c24a886aefe45Nathan Froyd — Bug 1322396 - part 1 - report external resources of documents when flushing use counters in tests; r=dholbert
c89eb360f419e9e688aa08604e7a2c088aae62b3Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 1329499 - Part 2: Keep outside actors from messing with our old buffer during realloc. r=jandem
e9e9e07a5afbae19a8470f2a8dacacfc4a2184fdEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 1329499 - Part 1: Detect the jemalloc freed memory poison pattern during append calls. r=jandem
1940969b24fbe8186b4aa8f628fa2d9f1eddf110kvark — Bug 1237748 - Avoid deleting the stencil RB if it's the same as the depth RB. r=jgilbert
ede3130bf486e9c38f061fb3ee7139446664641bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1328161 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.16.2. r=mak
920ef0f4af8999b69da071c184eaf1af7485020fCatalin Badea — Bug 1325381 - Fix crash with script constructed ExtendableEvent().waitUntil(). r=bkelly
7177f9bb9d9392fbddddf61beb951cffd0f7013dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1329670: Change gfxFont::CopyWithAntialiasOption to return UniquePtr instead of raw pointer. r=jfkthame
dd6d4ca2066803fae7dc99fb872d7191a6421478Jean-Luc Bonnafoux — Bug 752823 - Turn nsHTMLLiAccessible::mBullet into raw pointer. r=surkov
afa19305d88a6506b953300be9757a8f9c4931ceGeoff Brown — Bug 1287099 - Update Ubuntu 12.04 docker image for linux32; r=jmaher
15748795cb4b4450cbb198b030af29b7f273d46eNeil Deakin — Bug 1328043, scrolling into view on focus should happen even when event shouldn't fire, fixes tabbing into blank iframes, r=smaug
28ca0dfe8d723df5c41a5d79114a5e42609e3a3cHannes Verschore — Bug 1328826 - IonMonkey: Speculate concatenation on baseline caches, r=jandem
e038230119a50d99d696e9a47faf8db32bbeb0afCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset e4e55af56102 (bug 1325991) on request from mjf
eabf0117673e41abf14e13a46b5be5f9aadcc3a0Valentin Gosu — Bug 1320087 - Make the captive portal report UNKNOWN when the wifi is down r=bagder
be756f2f53a530db44f0b3796acc4a3624ca4b00Hannes Verschore — Bug 1328228: Fix missing include, r=failures
6da5cbbfd764f845207c2194b1bce21075c0a03dHannes Verschore — Bug 1328228: Fix unused variable, r=failures
953bb49f3aafaea044051d11d501df0980c3d2e2Hannes Verschore — Bug 1328228: IonMonkey - Track optimizations for compares, r=shu
b4bc05f80383f464349cdba8f9ca34236767b333Hannes Verschore — Bug 1328228: IonMonkey - Track optimizations for newarray and newobject, r=shu
1e155739b693921263efab6738e4ae3457d61d4cHannes Verschore — Bug 1328228: IonMonkey - Split IONFLAGS=trackopts to IONFLAGS=trackopts-ext, r=shu
c0593a4dc2012821d9799e3abfed3469f7fe41d1Andrew Osmond — Bug 1126091 - Rewrite GIF webcam reftest as mochitest due to intermittents. r=tnikkel
9edfd2e0fb7833507ecc65d5ebe55da1c69ce15cNicolas Silva — Bug 1324908 - Turn off BufferProviderShared on mac due to printing issues. r=ethlin
9b9d0cfd3fa3c93cf8a9a97c603176ece0b266e9Jon Coppeard — Bug 1323241 - Only report things as gray if gray marking state is valid r=sfink
b63a7e217db7558be2f863d3e70e2649c11dd060Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9a625774ee5bce1a84e2d753a85ae4de20670663Sylvestre Ledru — No bug - Add a space in the configure script. We are currently showing 'Mozillaautomation' r=trivial
3a610591e1fcbdf489d02ceaf19e0c2f91ce37feBob Owen — Bug 1324000: Use nsWeakFrame to hold nsIPageSequenceFrame member in nsPrintEngine. r=smaug