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Mon Jul 17 00:36:47 2017 +0000
da8d165060d5728c2702fd87247f738b42e47d25Brad Werth — Bug 1359834 Part 4: Add a reftest to ensure dynamic changes to shape-outside trigger reflow.
158ebc4c7be3be7e1b05ab530671b67fc2985430Brad Werth — Bug 1359834 Part 3: Force changes to shape-outside to trigger reflow and overflow recalculation.
ed13c188cabd9c581b0469d898120cecd75242c7Brad Werth — Bug 1359834 Part 2: Define a new nsChangeHint_ReflowHintsForFloatAreaChange hint and use it for float changes.
85b85d174a53b96531240c2425824b89d41169ddBrad Werth — Bug 1359834 Part 1: Change nsStyleDisplay::CalcDifference to early exit when hinting nsChangeHint_ReconstructFrame. If we'll be reconstructing frames for the subtree in question, then we'll also be reflowing & repainting that whole subtree. So all of this function's other changehints become unnecessary and redundant.