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Wed Sep 06 04:00:32 2017 +0000
af5af6074c1c5c5394b07d03bda6483f6d7c84cdEthan Lin — Bug 1397118 - Add FrameForInvalidation for nsDisplayItem to make sure we can get correct frame when checking invalidation. r=mattwoodrow
7f393abaa6e41f5c89b83caaaa76cbb73a8b9ddcMatt Woodrow — Backout now-unnecessary FLB changes
eae07789fd1845282d67fbbf8020bc76a3769f43Matt Woodrow — Remove unneed previous layer check in nsSubDocumentFrame
58be476f55713b907b7cc24fa4509e8c497e8617Matt Woodrow — Remove unneeded param from TextOverflow
3e0671dcb07d7715d68f7208b51ed4733eddc1dbMatt Woodrow — Don't save/restore colors for reused canvas background color items
8ef6e22ddb9a28208ea1fae35fee22b85d0796c8Matt Woodrow — Append extra background items to partial list
6d58bc96ce10168a5aed211a0b23a051fd095f94Matt Woodrow — Mark frames after we save the previous state
b730ae454e315567cdeae55fa7a604b6f7b47038Matt Woodrow — Try simplifiy extra background color item code to match what we do for subdocs
483a1c10f1218193270f616ff5c69a9169de934fMatt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
ceec39dbc763880a06e9db2934142596c2e6ea9bMatt Woodrow — Unify code for removing frame for a display item and use it for dependent frames
f7e6c2a90386fc17359d8477a57727e0dc476bc8Matt Woodrow — Move display item dependencies into display item subclasses to avoid static analysis error with WeakFrame on the stack
e39900adc0d5b856e5dd6bfeb11523d5f06f818fMatt Woodrow — Call UpdateBounds for the reverse-merge case
01b202defeb85eb7d984324ab843e813ecda40e9Morris Tseng — Bug 1394353 - Call UpdateBounds after display items are merged. r=mattwoodrow
40cab7303665496e46db7e4fb590aa18f7e7db19Matt Woodrow — Add a way to mark display items as dependent on an extra frame, make sure we invalidate both when one changes, and use this for canvas backgrounds.
09e704c7c2d4bfe3ed7e89534e804a9e3cc5aad8Miko Mynttinen — Avoid creating WeakFrame temporaries
9b4480d53fd21d4f7b4b9454a039188fab6f1958Matt Woodrow — Remove window dragging rectangles that belong to invalidated frames
fdd3c50074f07fed5a71db6b44994b75458797c7Matt Woodrow — Store window dragging regions as separate rectangles per frame
65e622f663ee7ebe494cc21472799a434754e10bMiko Mynttinen — Do not clear modified frames when display list is not retained
999bbf22eb138f0f36f339ffad8494c9944fdd77Matt Woodrow — Remove accidental test change
c9bf4fcf2b87d8f0b19d395cb07851375f0a3f94Matt Woodrow — Don't skip over items when we delete the previous one
9ee82932e648e1de27224f2c500f0bb223e6a660Miko Mynttinen — Handle clipping of nsDisplayTextOverflowMarker properly
ae75c18b7e3539fee459ffe04ff91bf5861cde20Miko Mynttinen — Add nsDisplayItem::StyleFrame()
7cbad5e8de39bfa139f58a62496edd0c9f4a819cMiko Mynttinen — Reset mIsFrameSelected when reusing nsCharClipDisplayItem
4c910e1c893a644fcf5b101dc7cb17e4a35724b9Miko Mynttinen — Explicitly cast DisplayItemType to integer
578987ce66f57aaaf0de6fed2c37064a79722dd5Miko Mynttinen — Avoid creating temporaries when merging WeakFrame vectors
02cdccb8620c20369e06bd1fddd419f544c4feb6Miko Mynttinen — Store invalidated subdocument frames in the subdocument root
c811dbb51376c43503c097bdb53d032f12c03e22Miko Mynttinen — Fix assertion in GetDisplayItemTypeFromKey()
260f66a97d78c6cfd82ea93b072295d4ab14af09Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
e37f58d49fc0711f99244b78ec4fa5844c91fac0Miko Mynttinen — Toggle layout.display-list.retain to true (and false on Android)
8bc47df3fad472c68a0e2a267188c1cfe4c43f1dMiko Mynttinen — Make displaylist retaining reftests run only with the pref enabled
71a1b4ed3da409a5a463dc0b2a16284d761992e1Miko Mynttinen — Move more tasks from EnterPresShell()/LeavePresShell() to EnterFrame()/EndFrame()
28afd650713f319f96b867450e6f9d4c0a62346fMiko Mynttinen — Removed unused nsDisplayItem::mHasSavedState
a182a6a15c36aa0f4bdc83fa3196adee94cce972Miko Mynttinen — Use correct frame for nsDisplayTableBackgroundImage bounds calculations
2f6e68bdb2dcb0f940a7abb5f7b6bae8557ce542Miko Mynttinen — Add a missing nullpointer check
42727968a9f26ca384d4cba649825189abcf0f42Matt Woodrow — Invalidate items that might draw images but have no existing geometry when sync decoding
cdb5072cac8c4c8a2e5213b5d21e8c6319f734f5Matt Woodrow — Restore state for nsDisplayList as well as items
7a650dee41f1a24b060e6d6891cb259351062981Matt Woodrow — Return LAYER_NONE for nsDisplaySubDocuments that are going to get flattened
aa90af8f1d74c35e39f804a45696dab23998fb76Miko Mynttinen — Increment subdocument presshell paint count during partial display list build
5da32cf4003749daaf6ece36cc39dbd508e2d216Miko Mynttinen — Add a new flag for reuseable background items
cb70e2b98e736f08c446a95ca9787f0191116cefMiko Mynttinen — Always rebuild display item for subdocument canvas frame
4b86eab654e96b97b41af34d56fd129609229326Matt Woodrow — Schedule a paint when a style change wants to invalidate rendering observers
02cf431e7debc6300733eb6b9e298902e2828dd8Matt Woodrow — Try invalidating plugins when sync decoding by checking for the plugin type explicitly.
fad2255c29e9099d8b4c33a83bdc26f89f9d7cc1Matt Woodrow — Don't do partial display list building for paginated content
794e2e277b59229369757c0ba056176468b64e01Miko Mynttinen — Preserve more background items
dcb6b36ec37e0dfb1aa707cefc927552c4058ef3Miko Mynttinen — Retain subdocument background items (temporary fix)
6f2cfc83930cc4ec143afffb2d3d39456c0dfbe8Miko Mynttinen — Visit subdocument presshells if they are reused
7f55372413fff88ae37da89e63cd4bec9fcf396dMatt Woodrow — Forcibly mark frames as changed when we change animation state, since we're not guaranteed anything else will do this
e2ea5e1a0da933e87a2499b2f1b3ea58c21828c6Matt Woodrow — Clear any root element fixed background display data when repeating display list building
9ac3a594ece0dc9b1bf1871d0dd45f94e029c042Matt Woodrow — Treat plugin display items as images that need sync decode since plugin code changes behaviour based on nsDisplayListBuilder::ShouldSyncDecodeImages
4eac38596f0e5ebb73168e848c72893708a23ba8Matt Woodrow — Use the correct children visible area when building nsDisplayTransform
71b68568883cd5d6cafed2ec49644b8c65748354Matt Woodrow — Don't restore mDisableSubpixelAA from an uninitialized value
3e6977ed566f6eb86ebb6490bbb346d9a7ee9ccbMatt Woodrow — Don't try access frame pointers after they've been cleared
d88f5edcb9e2eef8a7e3dc36f479af898c5ef2e3Timothy Nikkel — Support sync decoding of images with partial display list updates.
df511a38fe649b4d573750b038bef780e3ae7c9cMatt Woodrow — Merge with graphics
f9a16ea130fec36ec7c6e46b7843b857ac2d8706Miko Mynttinen — Fix Android compile errors
fb48decc74f8ea07bf3adf5701db138f302076caMatt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
6e6ac3a33b7fcf613aad83e04eb654f510dda8a9Matt Woodrow — Rebuild the full display list when we have blend modes
6339ffaed22f1aed8612d6971f560aa29582de8cMatt Woodrow — Don't schedule a paint when we change the size of a frame since APZ paint skipping relies on this not happening
58e1aabe15dc9dd8b9f46253bf18fdcf0f8475faMatt Woodrow — Don't clobber retained ASRs for non-painting display list builds
431a0fd5876f4796465db59260f1d442c1ddcc62Miko Mynttinen — Fix nsDisplayOpacity flattening regression
3ce8ce70d37b7bf09833078ad26eefa2e634b544Matt Woodrow — Setup AutoCurrentScrollbarInfoSetter when creating the nsDisplayOwnLayer
2c58d95d9cb49b3c0b410b87985bb662833623f2Matt Woodrow — Only break on frames that are actually within the displayport, and not the scrollbar parts
2063f1b38278f984eb2a00cd87e2b6913343f63bMatt Woodrow — Clean up the array before calling property destructors in case we have properties that reference other properties
8f8189433657bbb51149e0dff4ab8a937ead2d3bMatt Woodrow — Only use the override dirty region for stacking contexts if there weren't any invalidated ancestor frames
d0216f078ff8cda979e08cc6f207d80bb2c5ba31Matt Woodrow — Remove frames from the will-change budget when we build display items from them a second time
26bda60a462064bb7576dccf7f62db9fbef0c597Matt Woodrow — Make sure we trigger building for offscreen items within a prerendered transform
14ce753b0fd5e6c65325801148bcb7021d905d07Matt Woodrow — Add reftest infrastructure and (failing) test for retained display list building with transform prerendering
7f7290d52b6fd0063493255731d10edd06c76250Miko Mynttinen — Prune old items correctly when reusing the previous display list
6fc9596b4a041ca5c5c6e629bb084f43004ec733Matt Woodrow — Fix build error
d89bc2469d9358c3ba48318a736b2798d16fa1b5Matt Woodrow — Restore more builder state between paints when we reuse it
dfd3958c4c3ad7297df3b63bc34ed9f6045c3cbcMatt Woodrow — Explictly mark the begin/end of display list building so we can match the behaviour of recreating the builder each frame
3f606ae08477ac6af10e463baa9c5c0847ad9b41Matt Woodrow — Set the correct reference frame for text overflow markers when the inner frame is transformed
5100dd150922af17b554487e1082073b4b8430e2Miko Mynttinen — Invalidate nsMathMLmactionFrame when attribute changes
e15ab8769c15420db9f9ec25947646313797e706Timothy Nikkel — Don't clobber the value of mWillBuildScrollableLayer when we are building a display list for event handling.
f97c4c4cf7563b154ae2feb378ea3e776cb40ff5Miko Mynttinen — Avoid triggering assertion when display item has nullptr frame
e9f98a5049b52462815311e75b883f3990b228f9Matt Woodrow — Fix crashes due to event regions book keeping getting out of sync
73c7ca085a09bc3280237d286553235a32f5f05eMatt Woodrow — Don't bother reporting display-list tests as failing in non-e10s since we don't support retained-dl there for now
bb83f872985f51916707ccb030ce1cef5b549c4dMatt Woodrow — Store LayerEventRegions rectangles per-frame so that we can remove rects when frames become invalid, and merge items
6bab1034382e8ff71eef850eb9c88c389fadccfcMatt Woodrow — Don't use saved state for nsDisplayCanvasBackgroundColor since it was being read uninitialized and should always be 0
82fc16003fbc33be536983702fdb52f67bd0ce58Matt Woodrow — Destroy temporary items before clip chains since items can reference the clips
097b22732e97195216a419863040e4fb6c1cc552Miko Mynttinen — Handle nested nsDisplayOpacities properly
e89c6c51c47bd52676d1fe1127d5b03bea8e36c0Miko Mynttinen — Ensure that the display item state is restored
32eca9006c14aa66b48005f2215a009a646210f4Miko Mynttinen — Remove temporary items in PreProcessRetainedDisplayList()
d974a60904f9b8baa4fbf945bd58eac12529a6e9Matt Woodrow — Distinguish between ComputeRebuildRegion failing, and it computing an empty area so that we don't do a full rebuild in the latter case
f7329171b5797e00d187df02cb794b0f7c6c90feMiko Mynttinen — Restore nsDisplayBackgroundColor color after ApplyOpacity
7760692de1b0ba27cdb7cb02771ec8dd87125643Miko Mynttinen — Do not transform stored dirtyRect
7eff5466227432944f61a642073823c6d5cdcd09Miko Mynttinen — Add a pref flag for display list retaining
57e5bc802228937cdb6a26f51d651c8dea4e8efdMatt Woodrow — Mark frames as needing new display items if they get invalidated
42add02dfa0db1d49ccfe56b0876a54ac6008397Matt Woodrow — Key nsDisplayTextOverflowMarker based on the first frame in the relevant line so that they are unique
1d9d8c02b65af8adfd14a97fb2b1c878985891a3Miko Mynttinen — Build display list for empty dirty rect if it's within stacking context
fd0fbef4193b89bc4959d895ab12a834ecc73368Miko Mynttinen — Rebuild the whole display list if the stored display list is empty
96e180abd38cfab6dac8ffe1bf411607ed4b22eeMiko Mynttinen — Fix static analysis error and assertion during caret invalidation
e3359e6789331be47a9edb475e093d3e3902d03eMatt Woodrow — Rebuild appropriate display items if the caret frame for the document changes
01321a9d52e32e5f3d160954c5cb5705ad9a44cbMiko Mynttinen — Update nsDisplayWrapList bounds when child items are removed
5f8a0f28e4d89b10e923deacd44f98ae3ce183f1Matt Woodrow — Mark frames as modified when they get a new style context (as this will likely invalidate their display items) even if doesn't require scheduling a paint right now
fccce2d59c88f0a18d9360df885cd19f3dec675bMatt Woodrow — Don't modify mFrame in nsDisplayTableBackgroundImage since it confuses the display item tracking
f37b6e9ddb7da8125a9c74236c0ece54403d26f2Miko Mynttinen — Unregister ThemeGeometries when items which registered them are destroyed
cc8f9b124f73793c61eacfd92d926ff7e2888f83Matt Woodrow — Only retain AGRs if we're also retaining display items
9f17d8acccadf2d8bec40834f0cfca4111eb4af2Matt Woodrow — Rewrite deletions again to store a list of all alive display items on each frame. Hopefully this really gets rid of the UAFs with deleted frames
5749310e66429f0c8ffd2a9dff7e7594b3e61c44Miko Mynttinen — Clear the previous theme geometries when building a display list with a retained builder
8e5d546a0af786acba6b1313ff32488f67118f05Matt Woodrow — Add a way to mark a frame as modified if we detect it during building so that it doesn't ruin merging
cab438d61023750f3868748d9684c0533c9d3c9cMatt Woodrow — Don't try to store DisplayItemData for non-retaining managers
4f491a6d85360ad333975c715dbe60b18a3dbddaMatt Woodrow — Fix nullptr crash with stacking context display data
37dec05eb73c2204ea93fcdaf339d25691e90920Matt Woodrow — Make sure LayerEventRegions items are unique
2eb24bb1a9b63d0b07a4062880565c8bdf922e0bMiko Mynttinen — Handle items with deleted/modified frames properly when reusing the old display list tail
92f5424f7b4a4cf8f48d2f3a3964d98fb33ad537Miko Mynttinen — Fix some invalid comments
ab55476acf28950487f58028351a41f3c65707afMatt Woodrow — Rewrite how we deal with deleted frames to be less fragile
4f1538523ab8b04ab21af64c01cb3cd12bd689cbMatt Woodrow — Assert if duplicate display items exist during merging
60107ca4e25dbaaaf3af3c4b85de9b972b47c026Matt Woodrow — Make some MathML display items unique
9eb12db0641e5e1eab9b94a3402587ba9163c14aMatt Woodrow — Don't skip ComputeGeometryChangeForItem if we haven't stored geometry before
54da54c87a0263366bf2f566623cf6692b098f49Matt Woodrow — Toggle PLUGIN_GEOMETRY mode on the builder instead of setting it permanently
6918651fcf05fed453adced1ccf45c79f79b739cMatt Woodrow — Merge
13acb84234fb2001eceeb4fb859ca8bb1b360c3bMiko Mynttinen — Reuse display item backface information
e110ff443c9b9d9a4aa58841d9d38e03d4e8d3feMiko Mynttinen — Improve display item state handling performance
f655f0641b735063ff2deb236ae314f66a646455Matt Woodrow — Merge with retained-dl
3b2f62b103f4b17c57df6cdfe91a67dd151451ebMatt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
6c0976ee5409f532ea862324ed34e3eec543fe93Matt Woodrow — Don't schedule paints unnecessarily since it can hang reftests
1e2807b5a28ee62b13df83749109636bf57ecbb0Matt Woodrow — Hide scrollbar on retained-dl-async-scrolled reftest so that it passes for me
ba87fdfa562fd50f8891c03c7a40bd8177b4468bMatt Woodrow — Only fail due to multiple AGRs within a single stacking context, not across the whole tree.
84a37772ab52370bc66e7770146bc0b19d12bf3bTimothy Nikkel — Invalidate for displayport changes with partial updates of a retained display list.
073648de29ce8906d498497da09c700153a1b839Timothy Nikkel — Don't force a full display list rebuild if a displayport changes.
850029099999e4194de304fcb6b9970e2af8ebebMatt Woodrow — Fix crash when merging out of order items
0311675dd37e78cccf79dc44d82923afe1e2fbebMatt Woodrow — Add a pref to flash colors for the regions that we're building partial display lists for
850a0beabfc28fd9f5b58cf0435bf75d250ecdb3Matt Woodrow — Move dirty region calculation into a helper function, and add a few new TODOs
ba0bfc0a0677e7d92f3bbe1715067facb52d135bMatt Woodrow — Add optional mode to do display list building twice, so we can compare retained-dl performance. Records results into the fps overlay
3bd9c88d688e4b04c63af997fb8414837dc887ceMatt Woodrow — Don't delete the modified frame list since otherwise we never clear the state flags on individual frames
fcbdfbf0ec764d1d78b0b8a5e3ce8a780536c7b9Matt Woodrow — Only compute the opaque rect of display items if we're going to use the result
e3d2598c3ff8eab6ced9b21175c9219025bce1cfMiko Mynttinen — Fix StateStack memory leak
d20f9304b85d13116ad7bea47dd812c0ae33e9eeMiko Mynttinen — Use arena for allocating nsDisplayItem state
1b9801d27e48c10b9d3a7e6dfcb27719d41ede3cMatt Woodrow — Initialize hashtable with the number of elements we're going to add
4fc47c4ff003f6a3d35d8b83433e8e181e26dd1eMatt Woodrow — Dont rebuild display lists when we flush APZ
4cddbbe950b903a5fb94c717a75f9fe2af96992bMatt Woodrow — Use recursion to deal with nsDisplayWrapLists instead of copying all items
9ec602ef98fb31c20bbd80ddebb44047cdfc6b8eMatt Woodrow — Rather than using a hashtable for the new list, mark when we use items from the old list. If we encouter the matching item in the new list later on, we can know that we've already added it and avoid duplicating it
8dcdcd75c53cacd9085bd5ad8413fa66c6988838Matt Woodrow — Switch to nsTHashTable instead of std::map since it should perform better
89887832911d312f2c9e78d760082a620f1120f1Matt Woodrow — Make the background color item we insert a temporary item and exclude it from recycling
94e377e7ffbd72e462eebd7d1e214fbbf65946e0Matt Woodrow — Save and restore the visible rect on display items, and start using RecomputeVisibility again
f7eff0709499c912134bc87923195d2a47d2b1a9Matt Woodrow — Dont let layer tree compression mode trigger a full displaylist rebuild
4a34fee51aafcbce35955589701e4fb8760a0343Matt Woodrow — Print some stats about display list retaining
c93d47df37315c865d7ea4bb8123a6a80dd6b1ebMatt Woodrow — Skip some DLBI processing if we didn't rebuild items
7cf74d7f195fd0b35f512eb4b80d8b877e419c62Miko Mynttinen — Add more nsDisplayItem variables to saved state
5e48c3366669614f77390061391cb148dc4d94f8Miko Mynttinen — Optimize nsDisplayListBuilder ClipChain deletion
bd032ee5bd2622d65ff48f629e6e970d6bc48ce3Miko Mynttinen — Fix compiler warnings in nsLayoutUtils.cpp and nsDisplayList.h
0955f14f42b5f481bb11e42dd2015188b4fbfee5Miko Mynttinen — Avoid building a temporary for WeakFrame
806673c53e3227e6b336057ad95f521011fadcfbMiko Mynttinen — Remove trailing whitespace from nsFrame.cpp
3059608d461c243ebbe3739627bc3c65190631c4Miko Mynttinen — Only use nsAutoLayoutPhase with debug build
3b64b46d4f87b896f2dcaa9d7c4ce7073a68d1f9Miko Mynttinen — Refactor nsDisplayItem state retaining
476f94a2ccd07a9e8ff951a9cbb946143c24d80cMatt Woodrow — Free items under nsDisplayPerspective
c2cbfba50a62c48780b892642ffdbefe12166fcaMatt Woodrow — Merge
8c9181658a2abd50be53269345e6e1e0d3193eddMiko Mynttinen — Fix nsDisplayOpacity flattening and preserve the opacity state for items
9018fd7b73256a813b7af440959ce76f36866f2fMatt Woodrow — Don't duplicate the checkerboarding background color item
4b8f74aa234f73bcb48a0dca3b639ee332a64506Matt Woodrow — Rebuild all display items if a displayport changes, and make sure we build the entire displayport area
1fc8c91167107f17fcc4f58fe15696d831ec3774Matt Woodrow — Use a unique display item type for the new table display items
98158d00844cfc0d0a1092d3c1d3373cf55a70e3Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
419da49a71a0971034dbec77145e8d1ba648a05dMatt Woodrow — Fix a couple of display list building visibility bugs that caused a test failure in reftest-sanity
d0ea5b7f33202e1bfa3c37c6e4372a539e433f85Miko Mynttinen — Use mozilla::Tie instead of mozilla::Get
d622a5afb5af9b5e2f184301c6d738593f76ac9eMiko Mynttinen — Allow snapshots of display item initial state
5100a3a8986bb48998f2491d2e46893545ba5fcbMiko Mynttinen — Nit: Clarify FrameLayerBuilder comment and fix typo.
19be436e9ca05dea27c9f96b377f971f2f16a9d8Miko Mynttinen — Delete unused nsDisplayList/nsDisplayWrapList constructors and mark nsDisplayWrapper constructor default.
343cfd6c946c3ba6c986c4f42d85e65e4c7d159fMiko Mynttinen — Refactor nsDisplayItem::DisableComponentAlpha() to remove code duplication
634658740cfe4de84349c78976292d062b551cacMiko Mynttinen — Make even more nsDisplayItem functions const qualified
fca3e7840ba3611ffcf1a06c9e6ea9f85748c17fTimothy Nikkel — Find the scrollframe for a scrollbar thumb and use it to determine if the scrollthumb is an AGR.
788496d10786570e3a0c0a6cf7e25a87244b1480Timothy Nikkel — mWillBuildScrollable only keeps updated during display list building. So change Is(Maybe)ScrollingActive to not use it so they are always accurate.
4ae9cf4ef9c8bf6066b904c42bd594172a5d1a9bTimothy Nikkel — Walk the frame tree looking for a scrollframe to add a displayport to, or one that already has a displayport before displaylist building.
641806686f3e79651a4b7e6c70a2ea84d9ab8cdeTimothy Nikkel — Accumulate dirty rects on displayports so we don't build the displaylist for the entire displayport.
004d422580cbcc4f83a6b7179c1aead32fa2e9e2Matt Woodrow — Clear temporary display lists immediately at the end of painting
a5884d9fd6a779a61fe06f6519bca3df465beea7Matt Woodrow — Use WeakFrame (and std::vector since it doesn't memmove on realloc) for the modified frame last to protect against deleted frames being dereferenced
b3ae13ca844ac35d89d8f6d8e50470fb9389bd12Matt Woodrow — Merge CachedDisplayListBuilder and CachedDisplayList into a single frame property that clears the list and calls dtors properly
087794d7c8c441ff42e422ac0f40e7c1dc6940c4Miko Mynttinen — Fix some nsDisplayItem related memory management bugs
11fa8aed4a29694937efcd3668907da28f33484cMiko Mynttinen — Pass const nsDisplayItem* to nsDisplayItem::Merge()
0f48900c519a7d11ecfc5f73a4841732ffa3cf26Miko Mynttinen — Improve nsDisplayItem const correctness
cd50bb04a85957bfa9eeb1232fd7863135b189c4Miko Mynttinen — Remove trailing whitespace from many display list related files
35d46f26a1260a8297c3732d973d3f950c37af86Miko Mynttinen — Split TryMerge() to CanMerge() and Merge()
a28b127aadf588ed58f946cce023b41654040219Miko Mynttinen — Add custom nsDisplayOwnLayer copy-constructor to fix refcounting
76c03e87922c36dbc3a88249f9f89ee6c99a81bfTimothy Nikkel — Fix some more crashes with APZ and displayports
197648c0034c4f84cbb2baa0049c503b0d79ea3cMatt Woodrow — Fix some crashes when APZ is enabled
0b368eb8e0a5806ac3471f594a96f873eec5b91eMatt Woodrow — Switch the display list builder arena over to nsPresArena since it supports allocating and freeing per-type
87615c795b23b1e4da5901003758efa53cae1af2Matt Woodrow — Add an explicit destroy function to display items that specifies the builder that they were allocated on
b0a5f3683d42554894473d619b7c1dd639a6b0c2Matt Woodrow — Make the display item type available to nsDisplayListBuilder::Allocate
e8e289e08f429a985b58326a1c099be733e169f9Matt Woodrow — Make ActiveScrolledRoot refcounted and recycled
2cdf32bc030141ce1f30f487f213a30cacb3a42fMatt Woodrow — Use pseudo-refcounting to track clip chains that end up assigned to display items, and free all unused ones.
9bb9374125b7991d84665150f148a8ef799f46eeMatt Woodrow — Make ActiveGeometryRoot fully refcounted, and fix bugs with retaining them
7accc52d7d8ec150774da64b412aa888ba004e29Matt Woodrow — Retain AGRs between paints, and dynamically update them as needed
d5be54567b27d50ad31f66e6e46e03ae24c24a73Miko Mynttinen — Remove invalid comment
ecce903c804ba25b29904e5703e42a51b52871d1Miko Mynttinen — Perform non-mutating merging of display items in FLB.
16cbd632337db3b31ad05f248ba20952f5228e1fMatt Woodrow — Rewrite deleted frame handling to keep a list/hashtable of removed frames
387cfd7fbbbb0bd20723e51318cb75478af3cf30Matt Woodrow — Only mark items with a different AGR within the current stacking context
725c282b3a996c62ed890630027bad3c4f7eb4b1Timothy Nikkel — Use a layout phase for display list building and use the phase to assert that we don't mark a frame as modified during display list building.
d4c9573e4fa61118766c8e6ed363319965bf5fa4Timothy Nikkel — Fix previous changeset to compile.
5dc16fdf55058f02c4358674f14bf12dbd2f1ec7Matt Woodrow — Only rebuild the changed area within the scope of the current stacking context
ee008e01961ce80db0f0fe026a3ebee11808adf9Matt Woodrow — Avoid duplicates in the changed frames array
a7a2eeba5e5e8724234d3ffd9ef40d620fd59873Timothy Nikkel — Remove invalided items from the old list.
c516ea4ed78845bf6d5347a85ca6b2fe05d49360Matt Woodrow — Added test to ensure items that can be moved asynchronosly to intersect the changed the frame still get built.
8d5d356a030529a9be92338c3f86c7f867b5e6b6Matt Woodrow — Mark some AGRs as being async if they might be manipulated by the compositor. Only mark display items as needing display if their async-AGR differs
4192033cc9d82a4e7ae842b3158d2921493dbbfdMatt Woodrow — Use hashtables to better deal with items that are in different orders
0849224c78fe534fc42fef2d067fec5c0e585b3dMatt Woodrow — Rebuild items that asynchronously move differently to the invalidated frame