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Thu Nov 03 19:11:14 2016 +0000
37b1396e5471a4fde6eece6ae34955c48997cac5Grisha Kruglov — Bug 1301717 - Limit what we extract, store incoming page metadata r=sebastian
790b43e02c6786bf4d1c094eed37a027cba34b98Grisha Kruglov — Bug 1301717 - Dispatch an event informing listeners that uri has been stored in history table r=sebastian
181e39d55412288b511f687bb1d51009459fac4bGrisha Kruglov — Bug 1301717 - Allow querying, inserting and cleaning up page metadata via BrowserProvider r=sebastian
ec4ec6ad884f0c801c790dae8610d24643a18e11Grisha Kruglov — Bug 1301717 - Schema migration: add page_metadata table r=sebastian