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Thu Oct 27 07:42:00 2016 +0000
eb80d8ed583490bb2586dd361f87da5607f6cc4dMike Hommey — Remove --help dependencies from @dependable and delayed_getattr. r?chmanchester
1e464cd81202fdde0743fd8d8a6682060ea98839Mike Hommey — Allow @depends(when=something) without additional dependencies. r?chmanchester
0f3b6eb368b108994edb7f77a2a7147403914563Mike Hommey — Relax the rules for --help dependencies. r?chmanchester
e8bfac2b4a6a9f34e33cd1d8d2318ca8b5941f09Mike Hommey — Don't expose os.path.{exists,isdir,isfile} to python configure without an @imports. r?chmanchester
8c160ec4a3f429a04e93accbf43eec6121e8d0d6Mike Hommey — Move --help dependency checks to the linter. r?chmanchester
b4d600dc65411a6cc7624937f3e03a4948b62b02Mike Hommey — Add a placeholder python configure linter. r?chmanchester