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Fri Mar 03 21:15:16 2017 +0000
c1a0d1477a6b188dab330cee9d353db91dc0975dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1343771. Fix stylo to properly update styles on the anonymous block inside a table cell. r?emilio
53a53f671871e4d7a854bd2c9d04471dd307b533Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1337696. Fix change hint computation for table-outer frames to be more correct. r=emilio
8335b277da3fb5c8407d694d87203830e2475bc4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 3. Fix stylo to properly update styles on the anonymous blocks we create in a block-inside-inline situation when the style of the inline changes. r=emilio
f6370635b0906d84ac6880139ceb05dedc08bae1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 2. Call the new UpdateStyleOnOwnedAnonBoxes function as needed from ServoRestyleManager. r=emilio
130e62d8966352e4883af609347316e5d57d704aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 1. Add an nsIFrame function that can be called from the stylo restyle manager to update style contexts on anonymous boxes associated with that frame, and a frame state bit that can be used to optimize out the virtual calls. r=emilio
218ab57e5242a008b8adc447305d1cd89a9baec8Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #15814 - Revert #15793 for crashes and test failures on stylo (from bholley:backout_15793); r=bholley
e393e6c239cd79fbef63a72ff9e15f1a989c80aeUrsula Sarracini — Bug 1340181 - Hide Activity Stream URL in URLbar r=fkiefer,mconley
b905df59d733fee22cbe9f05a4071be3f00e149dMike Shal — Bug 1340699 - Move TestAUSReadStrings into ausReadStrings.js; r=rstrong,ted
2a8e33a5f238deb6d06871f4f2f4d9b83cd70d13Chris Manchester — Bug 1344281 - Don't accidentally require config.status when running |./mach try|. r=nalexander
439f5e4ed073c9bc4e1dbc8d0f719e57ef6b1136Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1342753 - Use app locale in DateTimeFormat.cpp, instead of OS locale. r=m_kato
52fd963991ef5c677f9a5abdc47e8d3aa2eb6003Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 83f600f7deab (bug 1344333) because the patch causing the adjusted expectations is being backed out a=backout
83f600f7deab2d3a67f38a17bb3753d5e84b7dc3Wes Kocher — Bug 1344333 - Update test expectations to fix bustage a=me
a9869c35855329f1a23fb8d7ac13d76261224a01Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1337525 - add mochitests for inbound-rtp and outbound-rtp stats; r=jib
34ec74d66e98d041f280e14bdcf2047ad7a1e366Kris Maglione — Bug 1344089: Fix test_ext_webrequest_filter Android failures on infra. r=mixedpuppy
2ae803be2c45d9942ec6f4ab0a780a1bfaf49b2aKris Maglione — Bug 1344089: Speed up webNavigation filters tests. r=mixedpuppy
c2aac9615aa424c3478c83d959564a6e4ffe7c24Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1344106 - Remove Linux todos() now that Linux sandboxing is riding the trains. r=haik
e5b4f79727c81b0fc784f3c781d70af4fb376a35Dão Gottwald — Bug 1344307 - Clean up lightweight theme footer handling. r=jaws
2eef7989fbb6c2b9237be607c86a6c2e7660fdc0Nick — Bug 1343545 - Moved necessary code out of nsNetUtilInlines.h and removed the file r=bsmedberg
dc8b32d3d5c68e2ad7a247da875a696b06fa9a1cJan Henning — Bug 1343995 - Wait for sanitizing to really finish before shutting down. r=jchen
7f8d8f0964ff22d92ffb88abfd96246addd8a6b6Alastor Wu — Bug 1338137 - part3 : add test. r=baku
422571b302dab5db408a3fcc89571788646b8d68Alastor Wu — Bug 1338137 - part2 : remove function IsServiceStarted(). r=baku
193319b673f2e8d43a18ee6d0d18c1114396b4e1Alastor Wu — Bug 1338137 - part1 : ref media content when the media element bind to tree. r=baku
7b8d033f771784cdf6f1048a92b5fd00ed48c43cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 55d9a513c90e (bug 909102) for browser_library_openFlatContainer.js failures a=backout
19ef442244e21ccb2247e138a6652e1d86871923Mark Striemer — Bug 1245717 - List temporary add-ons separately in about:debugging r=jdescottes
3436c6cf4123d22dd9af0452fdc2fc6c9b19901fJared Wein — Bug 1344252 - Remove reference to from since we don't need to ship the pre-processed file. r=florian
59d2c6d99bd52e14b9c4a0abd5ee1d846faecbe3Jared Wein — Bug 1343280 - Remove debug logStringMessage call from ext-theme.js. r=mikedeboer
bba8780c5312ebdaf798fc12152ed13075ad2d2cMike Conley — Bug 1342927 - Add a hidden pref to disable force painting of tabs so that browser_tabSpinnerProbe.js can pass. r=billm
692743c2995e380dfe5279547dd8bfc3e43edcaeMike Conley — Bug 1342927 - Make async tab switcher show a blank tab when switching to tabs that have no TabChild yet. r=billm
7b38f4123214a2704ec62203f3c902826c92fb90Mike Conley — Bug 1342927 - Fire a MozTabChildNotReady event on a frameloader if force-painting a tab without a TabChild. r=billm
cb3ac86ceeb80e0a5098f10d78711522a55b29bbTim Nguyen — Bug 1341045 - Make sure RDM close icon is centered within button. r=jryans
a8457e6674a26e5d2d909e47d406ecdf41d0bf05Tim Nguyen — Bug 1341045 - Use checked class instead of introducing active class. r=jryans
f67c47f25e6c8056bf22199d6d0596377526b7faTim Nguyen — Bug 1341045 - Remove broken CSS overrides from responsive.html. r=jryans
f58322b063085e28748b2a3f22be331e73404d3aKris Maglione — Bug 1343996: Forbid empty types and urls request filter arrays. r=rpl
fdf4387356577e0c5732b1120d62163393107db9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1264494 - Turn on Mac OSX 64 debug static analysis builds on Taskcluster. r=dustin,kmoir
468c94147a6b6627a865a525b13a3e82e0682b86Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1264494 - Turn on Linux64 debug static analysis builds on Taskcluster. r=dustin,kmoir
575a62160a0cdce4d6c5c7779e5f551b2458073bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1264494 - Remove xvfb and secrets from static analysis builds. r=dustin
6fcffb34361d5f7e8a912d291f1d2893e2921cd5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15809 - stylo: Backport rust-nsstring crash fixes to the vendored version (from emilio:nsstuff); r=emilio
15f2040d22ff7cfbc4724cd5a446a03e7398f813Sam Foster — Bug 1343945 - Fix lint errors from browser-social.js, remove from ignore list r=jaws
2bf7fb2523c3e118d1f11bb87e48d4b5bb1b49d0Chris Manchester — Bug 1344117 - Always print a message when adding `--artifact` to a try push automatically. r=nalexander
e5a3bbe621c9a77a8924819a598dc442545b1c7dTed Campbell — Bug 1342483 - Preserve envChain in Ion if script uses lexical environments r=jandem
4b805bbd9a83d0b3861b55a972c2759e0ceb7a67Ted Campbell — Bug 1342483 - Add JSScript::needsBodyEnvironment r=jandem
2ae0da5b22c63f1d1fea0c6d97262d99fe854ad8Karan Singh — servo: Merge #15808 - Add remaining keyword values of -moz-user-select (fixes #15197) (from servo:moz-user-select); r=nox,SimonSapin
55d9a513c90e37af3d2fe22de2f01c1797f97b35Mark Banner — Bug 909102 - Fix middle-clicking on a folder in the left panel of the Library (to open all items within the folder). r=mak
909cf4b977736e76e35339f41aa4a529db0795caEdouard Oger — Bug 1321119 - Allow to Sync more tabs and reduce tabs history to 5. r=markh
0bd17b868a31ce1e53b87f7a619974ad8c796f84Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1335877 - Remove resource://services-common/stringbundle.js. r=rnewman
c5f07e7744d0ae707051ae57a2d9f642251bfc3fSumant Manne — servo: Merge #14620 - Implemented nosniff for fetch algorithm (from dpyro:nosniff); r=jdm
32604a6dd45e988b485b3f93b2a5dc5410a89b1cMatheus Longaray — Bug 1343056 - Take userTypedValue into account when saving tabs to disk. r=mikedeboer
93af928758e78c567610e7d68ac2ff4f6fb8480bSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1330973 - Use website description length for highlights ranking. r=Grisha
c7220d8cf144119bac43d78c6953e50c54995abbSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1330973 - WebsiteMetadata.jsm: Add description length to Metadata JSON. r=Grisha
69f111a766671ed7bf02bf4a278773a4faeacc4cSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1312016 - Activity Stream: Implement highlights ranking to mirror desktop add-on behavior. r=Grisha
0fc0b762b40a72ffdb519167dd5b249a3ea629b2Ricky Chien — Bug 1344155 - Remove toolbox in netmonitor r=Honza
ebf65a1af072e0c4d258257477812dc66c8b635dJohann Hofmann — Bug 1337772 - Fix intermittent browser_context_menu_autocomplete_interaction.js. r=MattN
5d85f0b3dea8ed56b17cd8dca3a231ea055e19d2Fischer.json — Bug 1343477 - Search label should be a placeholder text in Settings of Site Data, r=Gijs
edf005cc094685c26a57cb59fa37b82cdd0d684bNick — Bug 1312687 - devtools-side-splitter now moves the correct direction in RTL locales r=ntim
8e673e61fb8e84afcbb7eb8a48512d50fe3b101ebechen — Bug 1307710 - part4: Enable getCueAsHTML.html testcase, disable entities.html, tags.html, modify timestamp.html.ini .r=rillian
a4f7f1dd00bdb69fef9f78100ed48576be85fd5ebechen — Bug 1307710 - wpt: Update the getCueAsHTML testcase for testing leading zero of webvtt timestamp object. r=rillian
73b6ba6b82a0c0427c670ad5b278397d6b630400bechen — Bug 1307710 - part3: fix ProcessingInstruction node for testcase. r=rillian
e99bfc26ca21060d520dc1e9e94ce017850c1278bechen — Bug 1307710 - part2: webvtt cue voice span and language span need annotation. r=rillian
d67ed0a837948a3fb998458788b893ecdb549c30bechen — Bug 1307710 - part1: Return Documentfragment instead of div for convertCueToDOMTree. r=rillian,smaug
6feb133d8c38e90a3a3e947acc86308fc53ab3a7Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15793 - Fix animation shorthand parsing (from upsuper:animation); r=emilio,bholley
e6d71a1a3630b5cd842e939fa570233f8c9c934dDão Gottwald — Bug 1344178 - Remove obsolete outline-color rule for .customization-target outlines that are never displayed. r=Gijs
d67caca960aa9f4b1b59d0d79d4ecfb83eb18e68Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
29c16c3ec59b309787730d3059b1df86e0bb3b6bCharles Vandevoorde — servo: Merge #15767 - Remove support for Blob::{close, isClosed} (from charlesvdv:blob-close); r=nox
ed6fe97d40718fcaef9ca36bd207e4e7be46ae32Charles Vandevoorde — servo: Merge #15455 - Implement XHR progress event changes (from charlesvdv:xhr-process-event); r=KiChjang
a600cecf698c94d6ef63e56b3cea90bc33eab48dSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1342329 - Only link the "default browser" setting to the default apps screen. r=ahunt
15651f8268b74f12d6db4b4949bcf2bdbef63809Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1343850 - fix PlacesProvider.jsm undefined variable (aLastKnownTitle vs. aTitle), r=mak
06464864d84f4400bd0ab6e37a89a820747f34ecGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1314855 - keep a strong reference to the listener for background thumbnail pages, r=markh
bcc6b0e45020b1f2fe6b160ace1ecc5b24e3cf3eJW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 10 - streamline DecoderData::ShutdownDecoder() so it feels like a sync function and MFR doesn't need to explicitly wait for flush/shutdown to complete before creating new decoders. r=jya
28e9aedd34dc5f25e9131e7d508454c449c1f1e0JW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 9 - remove unused mShuttingDown. r=jya
161f4237b402880a0b66cf1981c51e28014f3a3eJW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 8 - let DecoderData::ShutdownDecoder() handle shutdown in the middle of flush. r=jya
4acb3ce34d942b50697a0b62eddca5b7882b37b3JW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 7 - merge ShutdownDecoderWithPromise() and ShutdownDecoder(). r=jya
5abf28d4768311d99305a74a29212f6dfe7efd1fJW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 6 - let ShutdownDecoderWithPromise() return void by tracking the shutdown promise. r=jya
fb30eeb72b852d51693cefcb5ab899540327fff3JW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 5 - move the definition to .cpp as they will access ShutdownPromisePool in next patches. r=jya
e353098c37d208361b46fd8cb9fb32be87c0d6d6JW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 4 - remove the check that is unnecessary. r=jya
5f0dca380e8448d3f82becbd0947933b1c7769f5JW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 3 - replace mShutdownRequest with a bool as P2. r=jya
e9fc566fda857777a9915babda95b7cfd62f56adJW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 2 - replace mFlushRequest with a bool for mFlushRequest.Disconnect() is never used and a bool is sufficient to do the job. r=jya
fead77db252976cd0ca4e150b56f2fabb219168dJW Wang — Bug 1341200. Part 1 - satisfy least privilege principle by capturing |mSamplesWaitingForKey| instead of |this|. r=jya