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Fri Apr 08 05:15:03 2016 +0000
227e4fea95cec406956d668b3743a08309c2ae32Mike Hommey — Bug 1262569 - Actually disable all REPORT_BUILDs. r?gps
b5782fbaae23dbd072d2261a6a16dfd485956b35Steve Fink — Bug 1259848 followup - fix exec bit reverted by merge tool. r=woof!
74d3c0c9b49c4714f4791577cf7d3f31d147fe19Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1253956 - Skip the browser/base/content/test/general test directory on Windows debug e10s due to permanent shutdown asserts/crashes. r=jimm
1129184ec2dd240ff8084b2a51ef55afd2245bd8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1262224 - Re-enable some disabled serviceworker tests on Win e10s debug and disable test_fetch_event.html for intermittent leaks.
8ea65a181e4b63568eb30a82629beb27cdf1f2cbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1262731 - Add JS_InitWithFailureDiagnostic(). r=sfink.
111872969899c82e1ccd27d63e8d67faa8f66af5David Keeler — bug 1261936 - stop using the subject common name in certificate verification error messages r=Cykesiopka
cd16e4847afbe42b24e7e6ef36e7fa84204848d8Markus Stange — Bug 1260885 - Make SurfaceFormat::R5G6B5_UINT16 properly round-trip through SourceSurfaceCairo. r=lsalzman
3d44a2dab529cf11e3fa2069db5f41dada2269baJocelyn Liu — Bug 811259 - Patch2: Add web-platform tests for insertAdjacentText and insertAdjacentElement. r=smaug
85d6982a515a08799cd86d78ea59905392131754Jocelyn Liu — Bug 811259 - Patch1: Implement Element.insertAdjacentText and Element.insertAdjacentElement. r=smaug
73a8f24d6ecab1e11decb6ca99f1367f5f4d502eSteve Fink — Bug 1259848 - Various fixes for finding gcc in the correct location for spidermonkey TC builds and hazard shell builds, r=terrence
719ded1e521d9a8a42e9c42c0c0eaf5c709d706fSteve Fink — Bug 1259843 - Upgrade sixgill to fix destructor handling, r=terrence
14cb56cfc385945c81193d067d74a6beac0be57cBotond Ballo — Bug 1259296 - Make sure APZ smooth scroll animations end at their exact destination scroll offset. r=kats
4334ce2047bec8deeffefc35680a711e225316d4Botond Ballo — Bug 1259296 - Do not scroll snap on the main thread for wheel events handled by APZ. r=kats
dc5ba1c7e59f1cea940c71ff69b5ee1358c7e7b0Botond Ballo — Bug 1259296 - Scroll snap in the compositor in response to wheel events. r=kats
11edf75d48c6b3d2c4ada21841f027367777b230Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1244926: added TCP socket filter to only allow outgoing STUN. r=jesup
c928ea5c499bb540b03a48aef7a8ded828df5116Mike Hommey — Bug 1262730 - Rename b2g tooltool manifests. r=mshal
dfff0b460314765f76adf63cce6ebe255afb0a24Mike Hommey — Bug 1261264 - Apply GCC PR64905 to fix miscompilation with -fomit-frame-pointer. r=froydnj
7003ce1d246866d09a284379cf005ac06f6f73adHonza Bambas — Bug 1262814 - Warn on Wlanapi.dll load or init fail, don't fail assertion, r=mcmanus
d335186c3be212f5922c8463be4df2a36f463ae5Marcos Caceres — Bug 1262739 - Remove support for splash_screens member in Manifest Processor r=mconley
7d110f6773c939a869789ccdecff695b5fee9a33Andreas Farre — Bug 1262557 Correct misspelled comment r=jdm
0df02c629e779e0c26125664605b36f1f5fdee30Jared Wein — Bug 1262556 - Land user-facing strings for Decoder Doctor work. r=dolske,jaws
029c36687f2fb6d6568ced20042b22933f026561Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1258535 - Check for the existence of a global before checking if its standard classes are resolved; r=jandem
3481f843cf295851830f6830527b47e7e976bac8JerryShih — Bug 1257593 - test case for webgl framebufferTexture2D() r=jgilbert
36c71d8166907b11a064b10644409c4f5e04175fJerryShih — Bug 1252414 - test case for webgl2 ClearBufferXXX() r=jgilbert
a80b31406b47c4b8dc6154f89758a16f8faa5ce3Marcos Caceres — Bug 1250048 - CSP manifest-src doesn't override default-src. r=ckerschb,bkelly,ehsan
e91dafc1450e6174d57f48d3633a4f351325d720Ngoc Thi Huynh — Bug 1242456 - Create RAII helpers to manage HGLOBAL and HPRINTER in ShowNativePrintDialog and CreateGlobalDevModeAndInit. r=jimm