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Tue Jun 09 05:36:16 2015 +0000
4912db31d6d370581846bab38fdce42d8094ac33Martin Thomson — Bug 1172785 - Using RTCCertificate for WebRTC
39bd24087ae559f1937d0d65a44e210b841baf08Martin Thomson — Bug 1172785 - RTCCertificate implementation
1c3f2d00fa779b6452a94b4a65622accd8ba9ab7Martin Thomson — Bug 1172785 - RTCCertificate interfaces
a2a7009adafca29064d8f8a0ffc3fe41fbd96105Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1172246. Make sure CallSetup's handling of exceptions it wants to deal with itself works even when the callable is a JSNative that use the JS_Report*Error APIs instead of throwing exceptions in the usual way. r=bholley
1db2b848699a2677386cf52f3fc9085402736ecfNick Fitzgerald — Bug 1141614 - Part 5: Add a test for cycle collection markers; r=jsantell
9becec7879dc3f6fae7b7e3f7e72bac62dfc5174Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1141614 - Part 4: Expose cycle collection markers in the devtools frontend; r=jsantell
fff492fc48ce896853ce639e774e825311e06630Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1141614 - Part 3: Trace cycle collection with AutoGlobalTimelineMarker; r=smaug
f49e64db4a66ba8a4f1e6387626bd7fc78dbd85cNick Fitzgerald — Bug 1141614 - Part 2: Add mozilla::AutoGlobalTimelineMarker; r=smaug
63199013dac2110587880ff112b6263ae5f0ec4eNick Fitzgerald — Bug 1141614 - Part 1: Maintain a list of docshells whose timeline markers are being observed; r=smaug
8d0e1a4cdc4600b7fa7465a313b2c50358c3108fGeoff Brown — Bug 1026290 - Avoid TypeError during Android mochitest-chrome; r=chmanchester
a047d84164b110c315cc423bb82e39f586306943Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1172157 - Save malformed profile JSON to file to help debug. (r=BenWa)
b45c68b9dceb82d362b01c1eefe2eb51684af9d0Nathan Froyd — Bug 1161627 - part 1 - add move constructor and assignment operator for already_AddRefed&& to RefPtr; r=ehsan
5c6f160c64764d41be558f2025ef567c8bd07fe3Steve Fink — Bug 1172109 - Name some anonymous structs to help out the analysis, r=terrence
91a114e1ea73ac61b55f55320f73f8f5cda3fd21Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1172224 - Ensure that docshells return an appropriate value for APZ-enabled even if they don't have a presShell. r=dvander
f39ed56f29a421fe1825f14bd89ac6781f02310dTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1172310. Don't add viewport frame bounds to the layer event regions because they are never the result of hit testing. r=roc
ea9608e33abe5020f711b4e718d13f19258ca295Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 923717 - Add IC fuzzing mode. r=efaust
a0781f78620acdbe7ce9d46c3e79b45ecb96956aJeff Walden — Bug 1168474 - Remove assorted arity-checks that are easily done another way (or not at all). r=shu
b69363c468e17b6e31af1efd3586afbefa111f91Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Remove dead code for checking whether a parse tree node has side effects. r=shu
716036bb7ff022ffe399f679146f259f6347faa4Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
22ee40559aa3b72d06bb7fe33dd4307d9d0f30b1Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
4461be1cd2cdbc14918e0ed5cb846180d9be9fcfJeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle functions by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
2c3682b273017fe36f08aa92a89cd1515918891fJeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle various other nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
6d8aa39b651877b93b1c2714e304100586fc6df9Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle various list-ful nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
5baf4bf01aa2b4e66f7af715b5b891c6e9e62662Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle try/catch by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
1e35358eb8401d115757c6337ece962cec426ab3Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
4de3e7d764dce5d6986dedad93bdb5039cf1ce79Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
e3f6340e78a75a661f88aad95e7a1fea8d6eb896Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Check various binary operators for side effects, by node kind. r=shu
6d74cf23229b0da73601ac79d4f6ba3a7622c8d8Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind when checking for side effects. r=shu
a0f2b05a4a5f33e0e1049462afd3771156d26418Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle more nodes by kind in BytecodeEmitter::checkSideEffects. r=shu
d3dadbf59a1a8913ff788783ca1e31ce0561805cJeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Handle various nullary/unary nodes in BytecodeEmitter::checkSideEffects. r=shu
928b82c7e3f241c29e08b9501ebd5322d6ca6260Jeff Walden — Bug 1167823 - Begin rewriting CheckSideEffects to work by kind, not arity. r=shu
addd8d2a91e6c5497c712b19b1aead7cab146439Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1169947 - Set the state back to NOTHING after the OnPanEnd is received. r=botond
eb611a75140e1e26d9930d92f27c413697c6032eJonathan Griffin — Bug 1170632 - Fix platform_guess for osx; add pgo runtimes for mbc, r=ahal
03ff333d49c037b4b15dbf501f177491b8e2fc0bBotond Ballo — Bug 1170388 - Restrict the static analysis error given about raw pointers to refcounted objects inside a lambda, to the case where the raw pointer is captured. r=ehsan
ab4fcd2c9ca6c7d2b4cb82109a0ce94fb3cef859Ben Turner — Bug 1168166 - Ignore failed IndexedDB optimization if disk is too full, r=janv.
51e393cd5b5a1e3fa0f8007a50161fcc1a1f2a2dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1166964 - Disable Breakpad INFO logging. r=ted
4bc3d8e62192ea5ff9084681778e5e95648cfa48Richard Barnes — Bug 1010068 - Disable OCSP for DV certificates in Firefox for Android r=keeler
e82614b263f779ca3512fb71d75749329fdd39d5Nick Thomas — Bug 1160514: Use osslsigncode for 32-bit signing r=ted
706987998e8e51a34e20b043910d8b9e47540aa3Daniel Holbert — Bug 1125325 followup: Add missing 'override' keyword to TabChild::GetInnerSize() and nsWindowRoot::AddBrowser(), RemoveBrowser(), EnumerateBrowsers(). rs=ehsan
98ada2157a8e70798186e3a9bf15b3a9832fab0cTim Nguyen — Bug 1172508 - Use new icon color for pseudo class lock icon. r=bgrins
3abb08512b2435c53e63dcba2843d0df66391a55Kathy Brade — Bug 418986 - Resist fingerprinting by preventing exposure of screen and system info. r=mrbkap, r=heycam
a9cff1d9e7c6a9a698522ee4cd9ddbac39cb0b07Mason Chang — Bug 1077651 Measure frame uniformity by synthesizing native events. r=kats,mrbkap
73dda324715fb3accbeb88076a3aaeed0714931aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1170143 - Disable texture sharing if we've blacklisted direct2d. r=Bas