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Thu Jul 05 21:47:40 2018 +0000
b0b321418a68c134772616cc47ab883f8ffb9078Tim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Implement the colors.ntp_background and colors.ntp_text properties. r=mconley
e80b522fc585581f9e40f2c046188c7567191c42Tim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Activity stream changes. r=andreio
953772c799a689203de16cb4fab6d577f77a1002Paolo Amadini — Bug 1470870 - Load "menu.css" as a document stylesheet. r=bgrins
626eb82739e7be8e09e130db28fa1c17f7d5340eAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
1ad5e959f5944956689259c7cac1455f59a9cfdfEitan Isaacson — Bug 1473192 - Recycle virtual content node when reassigning. r=jchen
071479680af90941f570e2aa798d6ed2d5479eeeAndrĂ© Bargull — Bug 1473003 - Part 2: Avoid upcasting parameter types and duplicate code in typed array code. r=jandem
d7a5d9b4dc85305a50b397bd77a27948b8d3d822AndrĂ© Bargull — Bug 1473003 - Part 1: Remove const_casts by moving the constness requirement to the callee. r=jandem
9b9ffa4c105daf1a69e2817cf5d221ee54600ad1Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1472633: Check that ref types exist when used as inline block types; r=jseward
bd1bd5fb4aecac2f5630c1f26c2bb1b935870878Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1472634: Check that types attached to new nullref actually exist; r=jseward
02b34a9acd98af86594a658e69355235616f2eb3Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1472634: Move wasm binary testing code around; r=jseward