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Mon Nov 27 20:23:23 2017 +0000
7d88eb7d73bef2d819fa52683630f8acb7808702Tom Prince — Bug 1421033: Fix parameter generation for try-comm-central.
031ccf358431ca3b2c2edf066da56cbe28cd5a03Tom Prince — mozharness config merging for tests
63524d706f5eed5c79a4aee7af6cb2c2b8828e6cTom Prince — marionette hacking
f3e0ba02a0ab77bd7a273104f4c066e6f97f808dTom Prince — Debugging patch for Bug 1399746
e7105e5e439ae2e3edecb2d07ffaaf9705f8bc03Tom Prince — Checkout comm-central in l10n.
e8360b7f77fbf843d010aac55e2cc2d9955b56f2Tom Prince — Use `MOZ_BUILD_APP` to find the `setup.exe` to upload; r?Build
98abe8f9ed864c9893724bb78d67f9ffa2e542d6Tom Prince — Specify sccache buckets for comm-central branches.
8e7002e6fa829ae650fb8cec9a326aa3b3922d94Tom Prince — Bug 1418654: Allow tasks that run use `mach` to checkout comm-central; r?dustin
037674fc82f639fdf4f27cf5c94fc7006b67d122Tom Prince — Bug 1418671: Use a separate cache for hg share pool; r?gps
6d744337bbd2cd3b887a8a55326fcbab0d4b0898Tom Prince — Bug 1418141: Combine taskcluster win base configs.
a2c3dc56bbd60e91962de7175ae9dcd9f533c4baTom Prince — Bug 1418141: Combine taskcluster win64 mozharness configs.
428d28569f4177a7ddd1aa68605d76e3e80b2e31Tom Prince — Bug 1418141: Combine taskcluster win32 mozharness configs.
5ade8401ba5f4498be42b8a2a9cf6973ab07adecTom Prince — Bug 1421012: Ignore comm checkout; r?gps