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Mon Aug 07 19:42:56 2017 +0000
73486b0d541049267fbfacd4a16491f984348085Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 4: Add a test of media query list serialization of valid, invalid, and malformed types.
e5aea588ccaf529ea9062a848a6066bf3c3f33f9Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 3: Test media emulation of an unsupported type.
a4aa53168984adad624f34bb9135ce2bcbeccb78Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 2: Servo-side allow emulation of supported media types (currently only screen and print).
f87f22fa95ff3d03023ae5674f28edd01dd75419Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 1: Create a Servo method for cheaply getting an ascii lowercase converted string.
2aafe0e23cdb23920c34db2392042e815f8504c3Brad Werth — Bug 1382857 Part 1: Move FontInfoData constructor out of inline, creating a vtable needed for clang compilation.