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Wed Jun 21 11:22:54 2017 +0000
e5135dfd2b459b511cac638b9ae725fd03daf94eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1374062: Assert we never style a root element from another document. r?heycam
0f5372c18d787b61cbe9dbcd07ed72adca080884Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1374062: Be more strict when setting the root font size. r?heycam
935813058137e7e1545af3d01775514829472725Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1374752: Pack together the StyleSet, ChangeList and handled change hints, and use the latter with anonymous boxes while we're at it. r?heycam
ef8aac47b5137eb169ad6217b6ec80cdd758b124Mike de Boer — Bug 1374694 - Fix indentation and font used for multi-line labels inside panelviews. r=Gijs
3d2952de26c3b74414d267afad705e6f1969d4a5Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1374936: P2. Check for error. r=mattwoodrow
86510ad18b92119b4796231405c33388caec841aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1374936: P1. Properly output ARGB32 with transform. r=mattwoodrow
05c18e365cc388f14a740000ead7ff2adca2452aScott Wu — Bug 1372076 - Disable form autofill dropdown on edit profile dialog. r=lchang
924e83ab9a5580bc9c7bf5443383b2ef02d5d079Boris Chiou — Bug 1373712 - Part 2: Add a crashtest with large color value. r=birtles
aee4c19e88ff223f684a7accc6b012c5c1f590b4Boris Chiou — Bug 1373712 - Part 1: Fix ParseHue() for inf value. r=dholbert
74d375a6430c8c0142c7fadd659efd84707e4455Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1373568 - Retrieve message data in MessageContainer instead of in ConsoleOutput; r=bgrins.
823276a452b6df0d99fabaeae5683031195069c5Luca Greco — Bug 1347108 - Reduce the amount of time to show up a WebExtensions DevTools panel. r=aswan,bgrins
a7f1ac6ba192ae7738a99207e7124f33197f87a5Mark Banner — Bug 1374705 - Clean up some unused variables and some unnecessary run_test functions in toolkit/components/places/tests. r=mak
6fbf2ee56e344b690f7bab168cb5077dc13f60c6Mark Hammond — Bug 1374599 - neuter the sync scheduler during some tests to avoid oranges. r=standard8
1de0000cf1bcd531c4b7bfc0d9629093518eb668James Cheng — Bug 1374953 - Allow audio/mpegurl as HLS media type. r=jya
2278abe603678cd4bb47ca088fe6774a1d46aa2cConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #17421 - Fix crash when id attribute is set via SetAttributeNode (from cbrewster:set_attribute_node_fix); r=emilio
7eeebffbdc3e8c3c78712d06e79f33acb755967fDavid Burns — Bug 1371405 - Update vendored WebDriver crate; r=jgraham
20a4ef2a0e41b72e23dd1e3bd6fb6c837f8d11a9David Burns — Bug 1371405: Update Cookie handling code to align with WebDriver crate; r=ato
b6a2dca14f02a8616439b61fb56c1ff0f94f3ea0David Burns — Bug 1371405 - Move to RectResponse aligning with the WebDriver crate; r=ato
ed0db5cf371b19576d2eeac0ed5b6224334173ddDavid Burns — Bug 1371405 - Simplify window commands for matches and the data they return; r=jgraham