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Wed May 04 14:07:47 2016 +0000
e49bfec326cbc70e8bd4b2da8e82a63e58588aaeBob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 9: Link Chromium sandbox into firefox.exe instead of having a separate DLL. r?aklotz, r?glandium
88c92d207aab3509ee103d1378c9a12ed0254cfcBob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 8: Pass sandboxing pointers through XRE_InitChildProcess instead of linking to more functions in xul. r?aklotz, r?glandium
b331656039603f1ee02916930a3197de991ff610Bob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 7: Remove unsed functions in security/sandbox/chromium/base/time/time.h to avoid nspr dependency. r?aklotz
406c95cabdf806088f097b53b002fc4b7adcd9f3Bob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 6: Take Chromium commit 3181ba39ee787e1b40f4aea4be23f4f666ad0945 to add Windows 10 version to enumeration. r?aklotz
23f55e251a0fdd6c8222daab7513b4937ce0ed5dBob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 5: Back out changeset baa3f852133b and associated subsequent changes. r?glandium
61494ddbe7677033ce405cf973535c1deb59ff5aBob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 4: Back out changeset 8ae39d920f5c and associated subsequent changes. r?glandium
776e9072e92fe39a250d9e3bb13b326bc2f72859Bob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 3: Back out changeset fa15c3e929d0 and associated subsequent changes. r?glandium
aad0061bd03c83c909c8c2bac814e0af68a2be55Bob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 2: Back out changeset 3c59642f6445 and associated subsequent changes. r?ted
8ed60ce04ff83398259f2177a6cb0846a955ce51Bob Owen — Bug 1035125 Part 1: Back out changeset 1910714b56c6 and associated subsequent changes. r?bsmedberg