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Wed Aug 02 23:32:19 2017 +0000
e46c4f09599e84d4cbdd7182f4fe7761ba248f8cJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1386053 - Enable DevTools tests for Stylo Linux64. r=kmoir
dd8dd95aaaba0d5cbeb0eddc373330b537725de2J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1386053 - Skip remaining DevTools Stylo failures. r=Manishearth
196347b931689ec0b6378e3dbee8141ca5d87540Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1385089 - Set restyle subtree restyle hint if the element animates display style from 'none' to other. r=emilio
1c99ecb8ddea376ad3f3ca09322cdede6b17501aHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #17944 - Display property animation for SMIL (from hiikezoe:display-property-animation); r=emilio
d9420078ea8c909bd7c5854560e56c70411cb34bJared Wein — Bug 1386255 - Switch the stop/reload button if the about: URL loaded is not top-level. r=Felipe
a84cfe7de52c476bb5219ebffc3ed6d341dcb016Jamie Nicol — Bug 1360306 - Clamp layer scale if it has recently been animated. r=mstange
69f217060847e3c7ffb544d9043fc5603beb9958Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1349555) for failures in viewport-units-css2-001.html a=backout
69f4c2e35bb82ed0710fde6783c7a0c8a890ef1cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1380709 - Add mochitests and mocha tests to ensure entries are loaded as expected. r=bgrins
8e9068bcdc8c41d587ded07eb69a0f4d311879abNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1380709 - Fetch Map/Set entries when expanding the Object Inspector. r=bgrins
322f930053e8e79d769adacecc90bdfe50095c45Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1380709 - reps v0.11.0: update reps bundle from GitHub; r=bgrins
5c84321d226eecaed8f08f089fe866cde8f70720Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1355455 - Replace shared icons with Photon versions. r=dao
9aeb47780cf5c3976f4ea981c023c26bfc663737Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1386581 - Imply --headless when MOZ_HEADLESS is set. r=automatedtester
f91c159b317076ac6a6829fd8f58f23b7d6bc3bbShane Caraveo — Bug 1385696 fix retrieval of protocol flags, r=Gijs
975e4a8c3e3e83af2ac54fa3691861f79186b48fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ecbeb9354c24 (bug 1383386) for mass-asserting at gfx/layers/ipc/CompositorBridgeChild.cpp:264. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
5f1e7e8de03f00a3f6c57f58f15acf24d721e6c1Mike Conley — Bug 1349555 - Fix windowopen reflows for OS X and Windows. r=dao
3ef0f35adc9fd75f69347c695b586603e0d34131Dão Gottwald — Bug 1349555 - Implement most of the photon tab strip. r=johannh
a91caf422971f0cf96ea62328fc318b44d07a2caUK992 — Bug 1363485 - Update urlbarBindings.xml r=dao
393c431b0186c5683a13be9717728add160126deUK992 — Bug 1363485 - Update tests r=dao
8d17fed26aaa84f0993398ba08d4193031696848UK992 — Bug 1363485 - Update BrowserUITelemetry.jsm r=Gijs
83f8ca3802015eb8f1125700b950298913853c92UK992 — Bug 1363485 - Add migration to new navbar layout r=Gijs
a0b559db94ff0515430e8d97654191fdb3376c1bUK992 — Bug 1363485 - Move the Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons outside of the location bar container to the start of the toolbar along with the Home button r=Gijs
ecbeb9354c24bac41419cfbd71ce107f86ea4619Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1383386 - Update null checks to check the correct IPC actor. r=billm
f034b3a5d6a8fe798ddb5a08508faef272e45c37Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #17948 - Update angle (from MortimerGoro:angle); r=metajack
04e37b6c85d5b86926a5e90e3227a726a50af397Fischer.json — Bug 1386226 - Perma failure when 56 merges to beta in browser/base/content/test/newtab/browser_newtab_focus.js, r=mossop
d9c1bed7765558f54836dbd9b90033a83904156fHenrik Skupin — Bug 1386710 - Increase output timeout for firefox-ui harness invocation from 300s to 1000s r=maja_zf
18071f8e2714ececdf32ed7b59b8ccf10a40d65eNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1386221 - Fix test for inspect binding on 56 beta. r=bgrins.
a514cbd99922972426392b6a6e1d38a124a28922Fernando Jiménez Moreno — servo: Merge #17945 - Generate DOM bindings imports for webidl typedefs (from ferjm:typedef.dom.binding); r=jdm
189eb3e434bd0c69ec3ad5c366b12d523e6b0eebSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9f57aa650148 (bug 1379620) on request from jaws. r=backout
ea862a5c0067abe1767a0676de9a39d0d11ae8b6Tushar Saini (:shatur) — Bug 1362996 - Implement browsingData.removeCache WebExtension API method on android. r=bsilverberg,mixedpuppy
26ce8836a4c88c94c68db5f42bb6d914980a1427Brian Grinstead — Bug 1386724 - Force devtools-browser to be loaded in shared-head.js;r=jdescottes
0e4a8e3983e42b0ef9fb2be2d825582f512026c9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 856215476aa4 (bug 1386666) for eslint failures a=backout
47709bd65292f421d98962293f695d6866e65035Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1358688 - Part 1: Don't unzoom text for font-size:larger/smaller ; r=emilio
d7d0e0ba501aa20eea608398a8a0259cf2c33992Erica Wright — Bug 1378016 - Fix keyboard navigation and selection on 'recent bookmarks'. r=Gijs
3fc46b53b7ee04d6002d9bac5f19f72c899f1444Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17947 - stylo: Support text-zoom (from Manishearth:stylo-text-zoom); r=emilio
a304408c275f7f503a078b144351e548e9cbab01Rex Lee — Bug 1385123 - [Onboarding] Fix word wrapping when focusing on tour items under some languages. r=Fischer,mossop
df430a961c90fdff52297d24380971d4980eecf9Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1384944 - Replace NS_ConvertASCIItoUTF16 by NS_ConvertUTF8toUTF16; r=padenot
78d41229c3398e9424723b16e9bca006fd9ba778Alex Gaynor — Bug 1384941 - removed access to mach services which are used for cameras in the content process; r=haik
9f57aa650148256831be610b0da9df08cc66522cJared Wein — Bug 1379620 - Disable stop-reload animation while a tab is opening or closing. r=dao
856215476aa45721d2b333e65666b3f2b21f0184Dan Banner — Bug 1386666 - Remove try..catch(ex if ex) statements from toolkit/components/osfile/ so that ESLint can parse the files. r=mossop
b1f9a49249a0be29cf127f2d4db0b4fc653e02d4Bob Silverberg — Bug 1352711 - Add a notifications.onShown event and use it to fix an intermittent in test_ext_notifications.html, r=mixedpuppy
1d77aa067204c7412f487b8382ad7cee60d0922fHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1384209 - [Mac] Remove from the content process sandbox. r=Alex_Gaynor
b0c316de0f67ff8688fd1f05f3a611695f282b12Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part6: Apply AudioNotificationSender/Receiver in ContentParent/Child; r=cpearce
29dce240f2483aea1daf83538e34deed8d499f51Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part5: Register the AudioStream into AudioNotificationReceiver when it's created; r=cpearce
c3154d4481dff7541dde3991037b5357801c1e66Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part4: Create AudioNotificationSender/Receiver to pass the device-changed notification; r=cpearce
9a0a88ff3dfb6b10b9d057ebebac16c45d18d9b3Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part3: Pass audio default device-changed message via PContent; r=cpearce
08051e6e1af87aa5776863026bef694e236f71a4Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part2: Prevent AudioStream::ResetDefaultDevice() from being called before stream is started; r=cpearce,kinetik
4130e6107846b7fb8210f3a11c31906c9fe8d878Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1361336 - part1: A new API for AudioStream that it can reset stream to the default device; r=kinetik
4e299229305882c2685e8f8286eedec7255e4855Botond Ballo — Bug 1386742 - Fix a transcription error in the APZ autoscroll calculation. r=kats