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Fri Apr 27 18:43:07 2018 +0000
e309e51af47b32fc6f36c43ab94cf69ba2cb6403Tom Ritter — Bug 1457483 Retrieve nm from environment for r?glandium
04e5a1363ba966af2fcfb0365bd3966b4de7d256Tom Ritter — Bug 1457295 Trick clang+lld+lto into ordering NSModules correctly also r?glandium
a8dc6edcf25d93456050891071bf61e2facb1c4aTom Ritter — Bug 1457162 Include CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS during the EXPAND_LIBS_LIST_STYLE check r?ted
399e56bfd9ed393f40290374a5688ba761d7d54dTom Ritter — Bug 1457482 Add --enable-lto that turns on LTO
b328964fe03864f799d9ee4898efe5277b12b5c5Tom Ritter — Bug 1457482 Add an LTO Build Target
8c937ff5f6289e898136870cb39948f14baddebfTom Ritter — Bug 1457482 Add a LTO Clang Toolchain