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Thu May 17 09:00:08 2018 +0000
1ee6c52b833ffafd47a78c874c441c493d667338Mike Hommey — Bug 1462273 - Use more reliable mirrors for gcc dependencies.
29cbfa037517654a34ac44fc957dde2a9c5ea996Mike Hommey — Bug 1462273 - Use https for instead of ftp. r?build
5d99c9233693623ddbb6cd7bc059e8874afca9b6Bob Owen — Bug 1462049: Fix MemStream allocation to only allocate its capacity. r=jrmuizel
e016aa76775e0d914bd1caf32fdaaf7fc78de25eJeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Don't memset-zero the BacktrackingAllocator::vregs array of non-trivial VirtualRegister instances. r=jandem
d8411d78d58a6bfb1dc333403734f6ec8c9ba2e2Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Call memset on a void*, not a T*, in js_delete_poison to avoid memset-on-nontrivial warnings with gcc that don't matter for an object whose lifetime is about to end. r=jandem
19d2aace5b3ca316f548906b4283ebad44d3c8ddJeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Initialize various asm.js structures using in-class initializers, not PodZero. r=jandem
2ddbcf79bc48390a605ffe053b21a834521e6cb6Jeff Walden — Bug 1461821 - Call the relevant scope-data constructor when allocating it, and poison/mark as undefined the memory for the trailing array of BindingNames, ratther than impermissibly PodZero-ing non-trivial classes willy-nilly. r=jandem
73c36389c5f77846d89754386ef6f2d319aea86cJeff Walden — Bug 1461821 - Convert the trailing array of BindingNames at the end of the various kinds of scope data into raw unsigned chars into which those BindingNames are placement-new'd, rather than memcpy-ing non-trivial classes around and failing to comply with the C++ object model. r=jandem
ead72cce7f0e2d2723e3a407db4e250d904d8722Jeff Walden — Bug 1461556 - Don't use mozilla::PodZero in a bunch of places to initialize values of non-trivial type. r=jandem
c68fadb2d59673ae59641e00a77bf7ceb5301f4aJeff Walden — Bug 1461554 - Change the guard on #define JS_BROKEN_GCC_ATTRIBUTE_WARNING to defend against broken warnings for gcc < 8.1.0, and change the associated comment to grant blanket rs=jwalden for updates to it. r=jonco
43b6fedcb9af91bdfefc19af28331c985665c75eJeff Walden — Bug 1461481 - Move filling up a CharBuffer with the characters in a sequence of template literal characters into TokenStreamCharsBase. r=arai
70d1589b5df5b97a3ce480d8cc1f15994aa22f22Jeff Walden — Bug 1461481 - Move getChar and updateLineInfoForEOL upward into TokenStreamChars and GeneralTokenStreamChars. r=arai
5b8bd7f8c4c4aa14b1890d33ec7053b1e4e2d9a2Jeff Walden — Bug 1461399 - Fix the no-jit build when building with clang static-analysis bits enabled. r=tcampbell