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Thu Sep 15 21:02:56 2016 +0000
297583740b11bb846efd7fe2691876f10fe6d402Jared Wein — Bug 1184790 - Force notifications to have opacity:1 when hovered to make sure that we show a readable notification during the intro/exit animation of the notification if the user has their mouse in the area. r=mattn
4b1afa9d2e99ff11f590c253e33f65ec49157ea8Mike de Boer — Bug 1279708 - update the geometry of all ranges upon the next dimmed mask repaint in the case of a 'findAgain' update, because the page may have scrolled. r=jaws
2af50b758415a1bd8c84b43731d6e5678feb19c8James Long — Bug 1302872 - update debugger bundle r=me UPDATE_BUNDLE
df3f78dc8bb79da147a78f8fe6f7421ab31f61acJames Long — Bug 1302833 - fix CodeMirror styles in new debugger r=me
507790d1f7dbc9e349f6787beec4f33f3a435439Johann Hofmann — Bug 1301851 followup - Change plugin notification icon to grey instead of currentColor. r=me
814b84f92b6033a7e66da871aaccfee18b55cc42Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
e3646efc3a07248c0bb02aa07437a8b469ae0576Matthew Wein — Bug 1300808 - Only load options pages on Android for OPTIONS_TYPE_INLINE. r=kmag
5b40e209b9a751a03c3c9691893f5be954b0dc4eMatthew Wein — Bug 1300808 - Enable eslint for browser/mobile/chrome. r=kmag
c22083b560781e55de9e1e459d8f60a3f527a0acTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1280044 - handle subdirs in browser.downloads filenames, r=aswan
dc208a4e42581ec88517115471ca625412ed9fabMatthew Wein — Bug 1245346 - Add test for onUpdated while lacking tab permissions. r=kmag
2f19e23bab67b90b8cb55430fc5e03b254d34d20Fischer.json — Bug 1301813 - "Change preferences for search engine suggestions..." doesn't respond to secondary mouse clicking in about:preferences, Privacy pane. r=jaws
ca23fe6f13f4f9e239c1b710fa620f2893f990dcRuturaj K. Vartak — Bug 1298369 - Rename "isHttpOnly" label to "HttpOnly". r=jsnajdr
38fceae2b551fd7770c6443a00f0325f09afa415Jan Odvarko — Bug 1294480 - inspector-searchbox focus behavior is gone; r=ntim
20db017e3e38cff8e40b5217f33559317717e22bDeepjyoti Mondal Bug 1276675 : change the size, position and hover background color of close.svg. Adjusted the position of the close icon of responsive design mode. r=honza
ce601f2084764937aac885cdd4fed1ceb4877b51Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1272256 - Adding a longpress menu to the new tab button for containers. r=dao
4832e0d25e64bb4b61ef0815ae13412a9e876dd3Florian Quèze — Bug 1302570 - verify that all the files referenced from CSS we ship actually exist, r=Gijs.
821314e928ecf90c09361a9b67c87008b8eae4b2Florian Quèze — Bug 1025967 - Move to toolbarbutton-dropdown-arrow.png to shared/ as it's referenced in a shared theme file, r=Gijs.