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Fri Jun 09 04:24:08 2017 +0000
8d66235ab1456c53e0bf4083ae5fb49e53955343Cameron McCormack — Stop running <meta viewport>-related tests on non-Android stylo. r?emilio
df32bc944c198f5011ad4620c80c3dc8a1164b25Cameron McCormack — Bug 1371130 - Part 2: Test. r?emilio
945247649d643850640ce9462282627efe8e8f7bCameron McCormack — style: Propagate self and descendant restyle hints to real DOM children too.
adda4618814e9a6b64fd70ea5dc76ba4df1f98bdCameron McCormack — style: Add TNode::children.
3df83582f1bc375e43aa498011aa773d1e40460eCameron McCormack — Bug 1371130 - Part 1: Add FFI function for checking whether an element has XBL-created anonymous content. r?emilio