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Wed Jul 12 21:16:09 2017 +0000
833795f91bae9cd01bdf7e4f8cc9a96a6e97f633Daniel Holbert — Bug 1380461: Clarify code-comment about AddRemoveScrollbar helper-variables. r?jfkthame
859b3cefd177551aadadd0a6ed98bef561a1e2afL. David Baron — Bug 1379334 - Make XULScrollFrame test for needing a vertical scrollbar because of the size of the horizontal scrollbar.
de7260da8e7acc006431c32492e1d6ac272a0e2cL. David Baron — Bug 1379334 - Convert mis-indented code to 2-space indent, plus bracing and logical operator position fixes when reindenting.
a8809f15b58213f3292b9eaf7fa9583377d1fa30Kris Maglione — Bug 1378727: Use the zip reader cache when reading extension locales. r=aswan