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Fri Jul 27 15:10:54 2018 +0000
bcb5b801eeec0a585f49f9e4e638beecdd1ee7e2Rob Wood — Bug 1478057 - Report the mean of all measurements per pageload, not separate values per measurement type; r=igoldan
de5e21062a40a8f22284f2bdac9aaa8d1cf28844Nathan Froyd — Bug 1435409 - use our own clang rather than the NDK clang to build Android; r=nalexander
c47ad4f17e198461cea48de023ba58b36598acb3Lars T Hansen — Bug 1472178 - Ref types for wasm globals. r=bbouvier
e713a94f6e551b1e7bff74841faacbfdaae3057eLars T Hansen — Bug 1478616 - Generalize the wasm write barrier. r=bbouvier
55e008024f2463901dde8375b88046fe02920eb2Lars T Hansen — Bug 1478616 - Wasm, trace Ref as well as Anyref global and Val. r=bbouvier
a4f36dad7af522083a839e073e9a0991c783c3ceJonathan Kew — Bug 1476304 - Exclude Georgian letters from the mapping used by text-transform:uppercase, due to lack of font support. r=gandalf
12eb093c59b116052c1a400d2b2f72bcd09d52b0Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset fdaeee8bac86 (bug 1476141) for XPCshell failure on devtools/shared/heapsnapshot/tests/unit/test_census_diff_03.js
ebcb402d09bbcd0e468bba432ab6d83e1141cba6Dan Minor — Bug 1476408 - Only build stats code if examples are enabled; r=TD-Linux
3c9776cc9cb5bc5a2a5b65217a74021b2919c98cDan Minor — Bug 1476408 - Update libaom to rev b25610052a1398032320008d69b51d2da94f5928; r=TD-Linux
6054e26e2f98fb8b780c83d76554c46f3cc1f6faDan Minor — Bug 1476408 - No longer necessary to run anymore; r=TD-Linux
7714681863fe70dadcaf4702f5a1a357bef46e22Kai Engert — Bug 1470914, NSS 3.39 beta revision be5c5d3ad5f6 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE r=me
50c5b8fb4e757b0ffdca0bd2fcf62417d5a549a7Philip Chimento — Bug 1478679 - Fix memory leak in LCovRealm. r=nbp
2a1ddebe7410affbed054de1613fd105b6e5dd4bMichal Novotny Bug 1477684 - rcwn blocking some xmlHttpRequests, r=valentin
fdaeee8bac869feca0e6ac0e382560ac39e2df26Kristen Wright — Bug 1476141 - updated test files to handle a new coarsetype r=jlmb
17d02fcdf8d5b316da603371916c9e80b867c601David Major — Bug 1478903 - Don't disable PGO for the js shell in clang-cl. r=froydnj
72c957a8df54e0b6725b236f246fbb1f94e55327Shane Caraveo — Bug 1467523 prevent setting host/origin to restricted domains, r=aswan
8e2712a6cb77854398bf40e121d8a5771c786825Eugen Sawin — Bug 1478777 - [1.0] Remove base URI support from the GeckoSession API. r=snorp
3430a73e5f1c35e93997d95b25252403dc7709d0Julian Seward — Bug 1448277 - Generate GVN-able references to indirect wasm globals. r=lth.
53ea40188efab3406b5ec7709699bb673176bee6Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
953910565893b2da0891a9d033d3fa0a6bad8b81Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1476263 - Suggest to create mozconfig if it does not exist. r=gps
fb14942bee960713f30179ea93d8964f1dbb06edJan de Mooij — Bug 1478356 - Pass the unwrapped object's global to AutoEntryScript in XPCWrappedJS code. r=bz
15b0846ed2fc9db4187308a0892c9096cb994f3eDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 3ff805a9631e (bug 1475701) for XPCshell failures on netwerk/test/unit/test_cache2-29a-concurrent_read_resumable_entry_size_zero.js
6910c42470727a88aa07dffa0376febc3e0f7fffNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1478895 - Add an explanatory comment to HashName(). r=janv
f13608115d2dbfedf82f085fba42ccaff3ef5526Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1477628 - Convert FnvHash{Set,Map} instances to FxHash{Set,Map} (attempt 2). r=heycam
3ff805a9631e4248d0b720c25e9277a0fd7679d4Michal Novotny — Bug 1475701 - Save Page As doesn't begin MP3 download while tab is open, r=valentin