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Tue Jan 24 11:10:35 2017 +0000
557cdfd47ad9b32d18af2204b2378e7a4e7a9e16Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1330326 - Make sandboxing policy more configurable via preferences. r?jld
60a9e37c2c7727eb6fbd69bfeee0f1292a0d880eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1330326 - Add Split() function on String classes. r=froydnj
b70259d3610aa2ccd0f428043a19bbae83cd28deLars T Hansen — Bug 1333059 - use sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) for numcores on ARM systems that have it. r=luke
f91c4c151a403db894c086e1b1b0a4c9513182e6Lars T Hansen — Bug 1316803 - Remove obsolete comments. r=me DONTBUILD
7de92df120488e13bd4315e1790796d2eb8f7af4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1333011: wasm: add spec tests for checking segments against actual sizes; r=luke
dc1db518e229391fc1852202c6ce31057d1e0643Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1333011: wasm: tweak segment validation for zero-sized segments; r=luke
5988b2c740a45e221cc19537822477d72ce92452Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1333011: Update wasm spec import script and reimports a few tests; r=luke
2b9cb8e74d7dca64ac87fc912aba8126a446a9fcBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1333011: Implement assert_exhaustion in the wast interpreter and reimport tests that use it; r=luke