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Mon Sep 25 16:49:47 2017 +0000
f7a3b7346b11cdd1c43274873d98f8cf49e17c4fDale Harvey — Bug 1386611 - Remove outdated widgetName from UITour. r?gijs
9007fcde0344ea646f0d6b6d9132e734bea7b6e4Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402862 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from gfx build files. r=milan
070650bf382120e958b5835e431c78c6ec9436edJonathan Kew — Bug 1402860 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from nsChromeRegistry. r=smaug
11d4c873648b5f1e0ec80e7fea402d0b78ce1d50Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402858 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional and non-Intl legacy codepaths from IndexedDB. r=janv
14a8731f290e70cdb8511c087139f97d0bf69a0fJonathan Kew — Bug 1402859 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from webidl and dom/base code, now that it's true across all builds. r=smaug
e63c4c18678707060aa1834bb899e4d90f2f0a75Jonathan Kew — Bug 1401227 - Cherry-pick patch 0d1262a41e019e4511071e339bb8aa018596a1fd from upstream freetype to avoid potential crash in premultiply_data. r=milan
ebd3c3b2d64442c2b5eb7ab3e87c4b423311f3f4Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1401339 - Look for libcurl under platform-specific paths; r=Dexter
db42206dd4498e112ffad99103b8ceaf0af3a0beAndrew Osmond — Bug 1382783 - Retarget non-HTTP image URIs (chrome, blob) to the image IO thread if not an SVG. r=tnikkel