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Mon Apr 24 11:58:41 2017 +0000
0af43b78705d8742b3c44c6a958dcb2a943a14d1Luca Greco — Bug 1302702 - No need to use the BrowserToolboxProcess to debug OOP WebExtensions.
7c1d5fd43fa16a2c5e58ca1c4f0ed405f2cf79efLuca Greco — Bug 1302702 - Filter out console errors with non-extension sourceName from the addon debugger webconsole.
3d417c1cc2ea31169ba282ed8e2be591803c3877Luca Greco — Bug 1302702 - Fix inspector panel deadwrapper exceptions on addon reloads.
c0a716523ef6830be6bfec372bdcc6561fd78750Luca Greco — Bug 1302702 - Shorter extension urls in addon debugger window title and frames list selector.
7df2249e576aa30e76a3e25db325d3e116878b00Luca Greco — Bug 1302702 - Remove from ext-backgroundPage any code that uses the AddonManager object.
da918b34d3d85cdf03e2677080cef7325d876523Luca Greco — Bug 1302702 - Add tests to check that ExtensionParent DebugUtils are cleaned up when the addon debugger is closed.