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Wed Mar 23 00:49:41 2016 +0000
35140f3dd988a7a7138943d7d594b87c7c0c8cc9Mike Hommey — Bug 1258785 - Return a None value when check_prog doesn't find a program. r?ted
43d66eea833b04be65a145051c708dd5c6587a80Mike Hommey — Bug 1258618 - Use True instead of '1' for add_old_configure_assignment. r=nalexander
34d422497ef9a8d95435c63778652b4d135769bfMike Hommey — Bug 1258618 - Use True instead of '1' for set_define. r=nalexander
0f1ddce63248c64f491f1bee530f1cb538aa44e0Mike Hommey — Bug 1258618 - Use True instead of '1' for set_config. r=nalexander
fa9a23bf9e17c37c06c131c1b713af32c4bf0957Mike Hommey — Bug 1258618 - Allow to use bools as values given to add_old_configure_assignment. r=nalexander
aa4bcd9eadcb994886c14fd96d53aabeffe3f31cMike Hommey — Bug 1258618 - Serialize substs/configs and defines bools as '1' or '' in config.status. r=nalexander
f3431739c79d3fdc7bff53be2600c5bb7dd9fc6aMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 1256995 after bug 1258615 landed. r=me
f66ffb0d7984b2673cd57cca1d618bdf29d88a09George Wright — Bug 1255841 - Explicitly send down the child index when building select popups in the parent r=mconley
eb528d042c851c297f40543d63dfb8d1ed5361ceWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge CLOSED TREE
3381aa98edf72e02b9d6b4db6efa0865063a2329Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
f5ee47a13b2d08676f82e3f5b62fb84c6430b199Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 1256342 too, for now, still CLOSED TREE.
0d679fcadda5c6a0940124d5be75d99826dacb72Till Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 12: Windows build bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE. r=efaust
102696dd72b5113694d8e432178ac9c7a9a0cabdBoris Zbarsky — Back out bug 1256376 for now until I can figure out what's going on with it. I am sorry for the CLOSED TREE.
fd8964d81f842e0bca4c7c3024cb798242119491Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1258000 - Make print a nice error message if test list is empty after filtering. (r=sfink)
6c3d92cbde28b6921e2525e91d7199c718b33169Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1254578 - Fix OOM case when rematerializing frames. (r=jandem)
4ec87322b994b6624ff3338ce3479e2bda40c7bfShu-yu Guo — Bug 1253246 - Handle DebugScopeProxies around unqualified varobjs in setname. (r=jorendorff)
741f7c1ea3da067cedf66cf8b323248a55d17614Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1258815 - Port some tests that depend on the parser utils object to mochitest-plain so that they can be turned on in e10s mode; r=mrbkap
d860e70ee337ba7a648d7f8de234ea075c83f3f8Terrence Cole — Bug 1251922 - Do not create metadata objects for temporary parse globals; r=fitzgen
e947c9941fe17266770e9f56f283f0d7628b2b65Till Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 11: Implement all Promise inspection functionality as Debugger getters. r=shu,fitzgen
87c4e3921c4c419001c3ae554ab4249d3ee13c0aTill Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 10: Support debugger hooks for creation and settling of promises. r=shu
33ad12d6ff452fa3f5f12f623a8837024706ab52Till Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 9: Properly handle rejecting wrapped promises in the face of xray wrappers. r=efaust,f=bz
cf7722889ed96e7deaaaa9eef4b8b0caf8421d7dTill Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 8: Properly wrap and unwrap |then| callbacks for xrayed Promises. r=efaust,f=bz
021f70a04fadc6155030df3d30d8c4f01278dd6aTill Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 7: Implement ES6 Promises in the JavaScript engine. r=efaust
17385ac2980201df48efb904afa7da8af547b251Till Schneidereit — Bug 911216 - Part 6: Shim new promise-related Debugger.Object accessors using PromiseDebugging. r=shu
672da685c6fc330d9b8d68e3f1db6cb951f34f8dMike Hommey — Bug 911216 - Part 5: Add --enable-sm-promise configure flag. r=chmanchester
9c64ec689d29022d8a5e9b876d91e5d901122430Till Schneidereit — Bug 1257588 - Don't ignore self-hosted frames when getting a saved frame's async cause. r=fitzgen
f19eaabb39588e782f4ed8a785e1f999f7cd3d9fWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1109614) for frequent failures in Web Platform Reftests
061f78d24d78fbb7bfc24326a382a62cf371c17bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1256376 followup to fix -Werror bustage on Windows.
1f6d8c58450fd07f9962e1d3b5b80d74096e4755Mike Hommey — Bug 1258615 - Remove the "magic" that sets a result from set_config() in @depends functions. r=chmanchester
99a181de0c57c78d710f521852483348926ee14eMats Palmgren — Bug 1258308 - Reftests.
82c36cd54626df6cc0e8fd3aeb1c4c504058ba04Mats Palmgren — Bug 1258308 - Lookup the frame (continuation) associated with aParentNode/aOffset instead of assuming it's always the primary frame (follow-up from bug 1237236). r=ehsan
fb0dd42729b8aeb15ee55cc6a3e372a4fa81aadcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1258056 - Propagate the window opener full page zoom across the IPC layer; r=smaug
a55e30611e2cbbe2063fe8af038f335fb4a32249Jim Blandy — Bug 1257395: Update comments for GCHashTable and GCPolicy. DONTBUILD r=terrence
a734b88639f2558e3fb1d88ac2aa43b1ed5bc5e8Daniel Holbert — Bug 1257661: Make the CSS parser accept "display:-webkit-inline-box" as an alias for "display:inline-flex". r=heycam
681f1c98fcfb2cbf4ca26f80cb712934a11b7dccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 10. Make the caller and formattedStack getters on JSStackFrame take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
1091b24a1f23ba682040e13405da1585f07f1e31Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 9. Make the asyncCause/asyncCaller getters on JSStackFrame take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
5481e58d87350c8c90aca096519c999fbb06c320Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 8. Make the line/column number getters on JSStackFrame take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
eb6d3712cf624751707fa56a2a9ba1ca598ad861Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 7. Make the name getter on JSStackFrame take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
f899bc5270d43cec71eabe4e41cab56a7b475bd0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 6. Make the filename getter on JSStackFrame take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
0e68f8507f9174dbefb0e12fe9958c89c5a42153Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 5. Get rid of the now-unused StackFrame class. r=khuey
555822dca0fd7fa7f6137ad26e7bb7e543c5ea93Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 4. Stop returning StackFrame instances from exceptions::CreateStack. C++ callers of GetCurrentJSStack or exceptions::CreateStack always check for null anyway, and none of them seem to want this non-JS thing. r=khuey
818a9b4255741e6a3c4a3a957b7cca051b15e2deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 3. Make the various toString methods on exceptions take an explicit JSContext. r=khuey
163552af0458f4585342eb7c7bd6606b43ac6f03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 2. Make nsIException and nsIStackFrame builtinclass, so we can start using [implicit_jscontext] on them. r=khuey
1695f5baaf5391868b611d919af60701899c8c94Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257919 part 1. Kill off nsIXSLTException. r=khuey
da845f5c14210af5d052ce394567e824f0e3ce82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1256376. Fix forEach on typed arrays to work over Xrays from web extension sandboxes. r=till
a45be9c4dd5a282f58d192817c1f2452967593d0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1256342. Fix typed array iteration to work correctly over Xrays. r=till,bholley
131a296d48a96a30104572f6dd1c9cd078f4d4beJeff Walden — Bug 1253099. r=arai, r=efaust
5e251884f69f8e4ab1149d6ca7f9dc18b7414646Jeff Walden — Bug 1242810. r=jandem
928b0a26ff0f5468b3ffd8a4ff02c42d055c782cJeff Walden — Bug 1257979 - Use a GCHashSet for a hash in the JSON stringifying algorithm. r=sfink
16e429ad56969b36f7b7af0c2f1076771dba8652Jeff Walden — Bug 1257102 - Invoking a trap on a proxy, where the handler has null as the value of that trap, should fall back to operating on the target just like undefined would. r=evilpie
4f1482e6da917442cfd73f8994ebac3c58f8fe5cDavid Anderson — Rename PCompositor to PCompositorBridge. (bug 1258479 part 2, r=mattwoodrow)
92ece637da91a904708bbd3165950fb47e235f1eDavid Anderson — Rename PCompositor to PCompositorBridge. (bug 1258479 part 1, r=mattwoodrow)
0a35f6c4d11f83e14900427e126c645fe1542999Syd Polk — Bug 1254732 - External Media Tests needs comprehensive API documentation. r=maja_zf,SingingTree
4c254ac91a0e4a99d75c6ab90a3e8ce4853aa925Markus Stange — Bug 1068674 - Don't turn off e10s if hardware acceleration is disabled. r=jimm
d9667017bada304df6292078ddc899970e597c38Markus Stange — Bug 1209100 - Back out bug 1165185 on inbound.
6b034852b39fb66515bd80027ee5ab688a9ed60fRuxton — Bug 1109614 - Part 2: TextTrackManager now fires cues before checking for videoFrame. r=rillian
529a82416338d2c2e5f5c585ea06269bdc109c77Ruxton — Bug 1109614 - Part 1: Add tests for TextTrack cuechange on AudioElement. r=rillian
602b90a3250ad6603ec839cbb1ba8e4ce1751e5dEugen Sawin — Bug 1216560 - [3.1] Make eviction thresholds const. r=jya
9ffa65c64e14209ebd0ce7a44b7254a6c5fc6b9eEugen Sawin — Bug 1216460 - [2.2] Refactor SourceBuffer frame eviction and threshold defaults. r=jya
6495286a5790d50950cb6c2b9afdae0ef1fe4538Eugen Sawin — Bug 1216460 - [1.1] Refactor data types, fix logs and prevent harmful type promotions in SourceBuffer eviction handling. r=jya
8d7ed429bf8537950c26158d9044b6cf1871b9eeBen Kelly — Bug 1253793 Update ScriptLoader assertion to handle cancelation case. r=khuey
49db4760ede4ca12713ae43ecb17865a3f9cf67dMike Conley — Bug 1258459 - Fix TalosPowersContent forceCCAndGC handler to not expect "name" in event detail. Also do shrinking GC. r=jmaher
07171761a4d89bb00971e14b1f31d9ef55724393Chris Manchester — Bug 1258525 - Fix mach try chunk selection for selecting a directory of devtools. r=ahal
0536032d5ac7a9ab06a656fb85fae61eba68705aAlexandre Lissy — Bug 1257786 - Proper init of LogModule for Nuwa r=khuey
d31873cc7811ba667e1778c623b51cafbd544ba8Henrik Skupin — Bug 1258385 - Improve failure messages for Wait().until() calls in Firefox Puppeteer. r=sydpolk
5440170659bba0f09c915a1af676b93c376100dbJordan Lund — Bug 1258059 - generify dev configs and env for relpro by removing date strings and allow multiple products, CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=testing r=rail
42c21bf6657b9e67b265813ab44162d874e12d9dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0516f9a5ad9d (bug 1256342) for Reftest, Jit and Spidermonkey failures. r=bustage on a CLOSED TREE
da683a9c88cf542a17643e7a006174fd78a4d72bSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c2e6b3fb0892 (bug 1256376)
b9462b6b278540a5b8e9befcd9862654fdefa339Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2603e80db18f (bug 1257919)
f5962f5a4e3f7e668d217d8fbebb3d9a0cfe824fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8bb1cce4804d (bug 1257919)
e22b4e5d45b677f888b9591755f32147e628ee26Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6403c45366e0 (bug 1257919)
037fc169fe078ee797b723adc55811fc1e3e7eccSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1b5db6edd791 (bug 1257919)
421122394970a62519fe9f88f9b30375bd656e18Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 83dfa9e03d0e (bug 1257919)
69211078761440000df4108d223855a66b34f111Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6e95ee3cd4c6 (bug 1257919)
3946d06e581ef5b2856fbb15b5fef14b8d97a6d1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c4faeb0be959 (bug 1257919)
5dc49e4fb827ade500952800493d6c11d162a020Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 08f1c7239cdf (bug 1257919)
d93dc0d5266fbbdea2b6cbba5d652ef0876361abSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset cf816f733296 (bug 1257919)
952832165a9b1b81cfc37a15938f7ac9eb13822eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ff81c52375ba (bug 1257919)