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Thu May 26 21:42:05 2016 +0000
d278663d315ffa68c441136780f098f74d444addChenxia Liu — Bug 1270641 - Choose winner of expanded-firstrun. r=ahunt
abce57bf965ba789f1ae52cf5865d60177132385philipp — Bug 1275739 - Disable D3D11 for some more crashing DLLs surfacing in 47.0b8. r=gerald a=ritu
7a77ab4d41c7d15cf7cf868f750cbef06ddc1fb3JerryShih — Bug 1248580 - handle gl.UniformMatrixXfv() function uploading element size. r=jgilbert a=ritu
ccd86521d8457aa09673b22b85f2d4f2c6e1fecaJerryShih — Bug 1248580 - strip the uploading element num according to the uniform array size. r=jgilbert a=ritu
1f9e4bbe2a4dee0b0ef8f55a00ab1ad4984c15eeJW Wang — Bug 1272565 - draw a blank image when no frames in the video track. r=cpearce a=ritu
036020df2de87e4865b9c6ed4a5db6991b730defMatt Woodrow — Bug 1266380 - Don't try to untransform visible regions for inactive perspective layers. r=thinker a=ritu
3a217924ee0636422a9b14e96f774d9cf7404ac9Wes Kocher — Bug 1262661 - part2: optimization on session storage and history messages. r=mconley a=ritu
dd5adec22e6ac0a7e628d3c0bc1cec6567625a34Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1273943 - Emphasize search terms in awesomebar results using bold face. r=mak a=sylvestre
69d24df550f760a2a03368914d0cf4dc99903263Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1267580 - Hide Reading List smartfolder if empty r=mcomella a=sylvestre
683a20539adac5be187179e8c0f32a503f9e91bfAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1269001 - Introduce BrowserDB.getBookmarkCountForFolder r=mcomella a=sylvestre
30919b955abda9c7c081e75b15a5ebd4a32c15d3Honza Bambas — Bug 1268922 - Don't insist on removal of cache2/doomed directory, causing cache responsiveness slowdown, r=michal a=lizzard
b0a5f5e149d2fa1aae0fd81801671369100a9580Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1273252 - WARP should hit. r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
94069e0bf7660db33237dbd8bc7c148f36e2c87fJames Willcox — Bug 1270522 - Guard against a null view in GeckoLayerClient.sendResizeEventIfNecessary(). r=rbarker, a=ritu
c6fbc5c0fa3eeb780a229deb255e12c3adb75020Mason Chang — Bug 1249600 - Fallback to arial fonts or draw nothing if typeface is unavailable. r=bas, a=sledru
b3a6376fa4484e6aaaee576e56182289c8f356d9Eugen Sawin — Bug 1273523 - [1.2] Don't process output if no duration is available. r=snorp, a=ritu
31459f2b72ace36af964265e258faac744268db3Bob Silverberg — Bug 1266824 - Intermittent test_ext_alarms.html | alarm fired within expected time. r=aswan, a=test-only
76dcc1d80d0cc27d777d1e2dbf70c5866ae54909Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1273758 - Skip on Win7 due to becoming failure-prone since the switch to AWS. a=test-only
05423a92ac900c1ccdf8e53c015fea475a89921dBen Kelly — Bug 1228222 - Don't try to access ftp::/localhost to test "unknown server". r=asuth, a=test-only
cde3bb7d54677bf30c3093aeb8a91d2f980df2e5Henrik Skupin — Bug 1233679 - UpdateTestcase should remove any partially downloaded update. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
e6b03d71815222297fdf701695ddd2cc743b0a80Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1274272 - fix RTL issues with about:privatebrowsing, r=mikedeboer, a=sylvestre
33693d8bdec17f07fc460ca7cc908ade88f97b86Matt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 3: Hold on to TextureHosts until the following composite is done. r=sotaro a=ritu
0ecc04efa7429aa767539a40c9bf2cdea2380d45Matt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 2: Block CompositorD3D11 after presenting until the previous frame is complete. r=Bas a=ritu
6d2e4eb24c2eabfe4f879b534b931be1058620b7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 1: Opt-in to waiting for compositor recycling for TextureClientRecycleAllocator. r=sotaro a=ritu
4f7c3a2567f88307b10e4b6fc9b0d4b180fe58a3Wes Kocher — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1260611) for build failures a=backout
b91fad4c1ea76eeaeb54898761314fc079fa073dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 3: Hold on to TextureHosts until the following composite is done. r=sotaro a=ritu
e5dc1c7fcb08356caa6f5dd7568e52463f1f0459Matt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 2: Block CompositorD3D11 after presenting until the previous frame is complete. r=Bas a=ritu
4a4cf532f07c9ae9c880f8c1920ef9211d48922aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1260611 - Part 1: Opt-in to waiting for compositor recycling for TextureClientRecycleAllocator. r=sotaro a=ritu
94c2c4e5400676f5a3493b104debb38f0ba3d77fJan Beich — Bug 1271477 - Unbreak --disable-dbus build after bug 1234158. r=karlt a=sylvestre
349688fd0b53507dad2b2e7d358c8d2e9744b557Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset a10c6f6843af (bug 1274272) for browser_parseable_css failures a=backout
f887875e60c8738740089de8e85d6b68475de96eRicky Chien — Bug 1267499 - Fix Private Browsing start-page overflows off the window bottom. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
12f53b845cb9843dbcfa4431d3aa2d12a824c878Jim Chen — Bug 1269682 - Guard against onPause being called without onResume; r=ahunt a=gchang
b01ee9309ba0d1d2ac65e4f2d8e25899ca817ec4Jan Henning — Bug 1274390 - Include isPrivate and desktopMode in the session store data used for initialising new tabs. r=sebastian, a=ritu
80c89a78cae57e319a7b27b30b26200064b351d5Markus Stange — Bug 1251987 - Support by-page scroll deltas in XUL scrollboxes. r=Enn, a=lizzard
59a8c40a2a17aca0435d8ee4a7af52d0adf5648aRandall Barker — Bug 1267928 - Part 2, Prevent AsyncPanZoomController::ZoomToRect from processing empty rect. r=botond, a=lizzard
95ddeda3ebef5c4be9af59ed7f58ca59a2ca9658Randall Barker — Bug 1267928 - Part 1, Do not auto zoom on focused content that has an empty bounds. r=botond, a=lizzard
9d9a6bbe53f41c2926066a1c8f9a7d2a4d2fefffValentin Gosu — Bug 1263428 - Make sure we don't set the domainLookupEnd timestamp after connectStart for non-persistant connections. r=mcmanus, a=sylvestre
a10c6f6843af1352b1989be55d59447fb7faa34bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1274272 - fix RTL issues with about:privatebrowsing, r=mikedeboer, a=sylvestre
14079be66b19b1fa8c60fa34239bcff57ca51ab0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1255270, r=mak a=ritu
ea189350742b08c91604fa66d05e259564e63870Marco Bonardo — Bug 1265420 - SetAndFetchFaviconForPage should return a cancelable object to allow aborting the fetch. r=Gijs a=ritu
15264dfb8421ccf5e6638df332a17153251b67dfHonza Bambas — Bug 1267195 - Correctly update HTTP cache size in UI only after we actually clear the cache. r=michal a=ritu
6eed58568de0192182a682e718c23b0d0507cbadJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1270154: P1. Forget the media element's media-resource-specific tracks when error occurs. r=jwwang a=ritu
9c28c3b843d9ecfb64dfee69469d01e255a73cffWes Kocher — Backed out changeset a2c46d6880e2 (bug 1269682) for robocop bustage a=backout
bcac6066d9267ca2ea7b281cfcf2223450435a5eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1272160. Fix XPCWrappedNativeScope::AddSizeOfIncludingThis to not blindly poke at non-DOM globals as if they were DOM globals. r=khuey, a=sylvestre
9fe9c798d44ff40eb793feb857602cce7dff16e8Brian Birtles — Bug 1268858 - Update CSS animation keyframe handling to support CSS variables; r=heycam, a=sylvestre
4428e7c6fafd8da465ff647d1fdd11360c84144aCJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 7. Clean out unused things created in bug 759568. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
c04eab052ee495415f197b5fc0514966b61e9dc0CJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 6. Modify reftest according to the way we generate bg-clip:text. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
da5910798bf1ab9526fc41696c0b200679caa517CJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 5. Correct draw region in nsDisplayBackgroundColor::Paint. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
1af0ed7b52bc1af6291370fa2f32e3c452a6a0cfCJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 4. Add text stroke into text mask. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
57da1748138048510b340880b24eb91b2060a642CJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 3. Handle selection text color and selection backgrond painting. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
c61208305d09c0ea264e145873bed4032afb948dCJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 2. From ClipBackgroundByText to GenerateAndPushTextMask. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
934617607b50666a1fa2edf41c87049b2751e521CJKu — Bug 1269971 - Part 1. Rename IsForGenerateGlyphPath to IsForGenerateGlyphMask. r=jfkthame, a=sylvestre
58f539121d2b6fe7d5a36d09b9a67314a2966e23Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1266899 - Update "available offline" icon to use phone instead of arrow. r=sebastian, a=sylvestre
33e0573ce75fc29edf451b0c128db22ef5843ce6Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1265004 - Try to save in-memory reader view article instead of downloading r=margaret, a=sylvestre
b6dd4aaea6414628c91bab8df3f0d2a48f01b767Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1260149 - Only show single status icon in TwoLinePageRow. r=liuche, a=sylvestre
8cbf44e60074128b0dd870005455670a0d3acd1fCervantes Yu — Bug 1258317 - Part 2: Remove unused privilege in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleTorProcess(). r=krizsa, a=sylvestre
868634071db22a114c8053c139028c7766f34bcfHenrik Skupin — Bug 1270953 - Enhance notification class for Firefox Puppeteer. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
c2d6ad2297e3ee19433e6cb541a427c249bb51f7Henrik Skupin Bug 1270953 - "Enhancements for notification popups". r=mjzffr, a=test-only
a6138313bed92c7755f7f6ec38e9033a7abd88b2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1126559 - don't allow resetting when that is not possible, r=MattN, a=ritu
9b9a73a98de81f22189dd3972c922459bce28393Daniel Holbert — Bug 1275093: Enable webkit prefix pref for webkit-text-stroke reftests. r=jfkthame a=testonly
a2baee5a734efd4bb9646e5ad06d7552d6618bcbAaron Klotz — Bug 1258009: Move nsLocalFile::Launch back to the main thread on Win32, but pass SEE_MASK_ASYNCOK and a parent HWND; r=jimm a=ritu
dfe3d2e9bdbe8568c92f17789c6bebec119bdd3eHannes Verschore — Bug 1272269: IonMonkey - Reintroduce template object on the VM variant of MNewArray And MNewObject, r=efaust a=ritu
a0f48f447f41503a403053dc6f6b88a045a9d3a8Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 1255138 - Window resize support from JS for e10s. r=mconley a=ritu
6dc895b3dea4e53ca1aaeaa2acb778512152588eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1268845. Make sure to set up an XPCWrappedNativeScope for SimpleGlobalObject globals on the main thread. r=bholley,ttaubert,ejpbruel a=lizzard
a2c46d6880e2ae4488c657c58c4bf71ece9d4433Jim Chen — Bug 1269682 - Guard against onPause being called without onResume; r=ahunt a=gchang
c40d4d7f4bb2b10c82348b900978fd2c0c3576a7Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset ee0d01b692f0 (bug 1126559) for breaking browser_UITour_resetProfile.js a=backout
94a3ac0c8c86260fc297af6da2986e11c9babea8Karl Tomlinson — bug 1273701 don't reuse pixman images when not thread-safe r=jrmuizel a=ritu
9850072a5a03edc2bba6c44b2700322e349cacdcMichael Comella — Bug 1253338 - 48 branch patch - add creation date to core ping. r=me a=ritu
714d6ee62adcdecc8e6f9429bd592e52220afbc3Michael Comella — Backed out two changesets for bad merge.
641d8d468d540ede408c427b1840e35217e44e76Kit Cambridge — Bug 1206424 - Ensure `daysElapsed` is always non-negative when updating the push quota. r=wchen, a=ritu
ee0d01b692f067040a46d25b6bd6d2715592ed47Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1126559 - don't allow resetting when that is not possible, r=MattN, a=ritu
9d03f056f72832318a4328205d740862a0dc5bc0Hector Zhao — Bug 1268369 - Expose as part of the appinfo configuration. r=Gijs, a=ritu
f183c8ff58dfdef3776e7274dfba582140c74439Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 1262661 - clear the MessageQueue after send. r=mconley, a=ritu
ad804098d30c0b227c73e344c9addd9e5a7c3e09Matt Woodrow — Bug 1265237 - Clear clipping for out-of-flow frames that we are descending into but haven't stored explicit clip data for. r=mstange, a=lizzard
e1a617887fb7a59315cfd2e2870e9d7a6119e10aEdouard Oger — Bug 1268761 - Have Firefox re-register the Sync device when new fields are added. r=markh, a=lizzard
ddc847fa5f2c8fb1aa1eb03c0195d47b459a4bb2Michael Comella — Bug 1253338 - Increment core ping version number. r=ahunt, a=ritu
f3139434149bf0a0c11bc6bffa5c0b3a1c5bc104Michael Comella — Bug 1253338 - Add creation date to core ping. r=ahunt, a=ritu
1645797a1315ad323dd3fe08e11ccb350350a1ceMichael Comella — Bug 1253338 - Add DateUtil.getTimezoneOffsetInMinutes*. r=ahunt, a=ritu
fdf13c9edc864bebb7258816b4033af8b5dccc48Lee Salzman — Bug 726206 - check for failure in cairo _dwrite_draw_glyphs_to_gdi_surface_gdi. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
1890e3f14696a30a95b5107ba9d002a7dd274a51Panos Astithas — Bug 1268483 - Don't show a badge on the hamburger button for successful downloads (bug 1268483). r=jaws, a=lizzard
9337a7244e25a6602470cc019915d9421c2cdb76Markus Stange — Bug 1266161 - Make DrawForcedBackgroundColor fill the entire draw region, not just the layer's visible region. r=mattwoodrow, a=lizzard
3229f5a133e3777a7280a37e6ca047f9f4e34657gasolin — Bug 1271502 - list does not align well in private browsing new tab page with locale lang; r=Gijs, a=lizzard
cb42beedc07e7fd7a13b76081cf3252543626f05Martin Stransky — bug 1234158 add support for GTK 3.20 scrollbars r=karlt a=lizzard
788b1166ae593282a05e5dbbb86af6bf8be1c59bKarl Tomlinson — bug 1234158 rename GtkThemeWidgetType enum to WidgetNodeType as it will differentiate GTK CSS nodes r=Stránský a=ritu
40994e384c130872bb8430268780726d4416cf40Chris Pearce — Bug 1265815 - Disable unencrypted Adobe GMP decoding due to crashes. r=kentuckyfriedtakehe,a=lizzard
110e5a10dce56ed02e43c58c179e6ac101df216dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-388 - a=blocklist-update
14a6ec0fcf3be896bc958db46117b9b0f15093e6ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-388 - a=hpkp-update
36d70f3c280c0fcff33c0f32e26aa07c23468efdffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-388 - a=hsts-update
8b81a6c988c496aaff85df718646e17239c1e278Gerald Squelart — Bug 1274486 - Disable D3D11 for more igd* DLLs - r=cpearce,a=ritu
8167a975b308278890c0ccd99f03fce816a99affGerald Squelart — Bug 1271163 - Disable D3D11 for atidxx64.dll - r=cpearce,a=ritu
a8b0d1d975eb8dca7d7d4553e95a4062af508a08Gerald Squelart — Bug 1255732 - Disable D3D11 for some atidxx32/64 DLLs - r=cpearce,a=ritu
e348401d11232d732c0c8551115dd4869499d0c4Gerald Squelart — Bug 1273504 - Disable D3D11 for some nvwgf2um DLLs - r=cpearce,a=ritu
d6efd86f9b0c773c8d59516ec909c1218e147b45Xidorn Quan — Bug 1273468 - Revert video controls to use prefixed Fullscreen API again. r=dolske a=ritu
782b4767770b8d7f9ddea913167c49a12087d6afMats Palmgren — Bug 1273129 - Fix typo from physical to logical conversion (in bug 1113206). r=jfkthame a=ritu
dc2c791cbd988ca367356156b8035b56687a98b8Matt Howell — Bug 1237219 - Lock patch files while applying updates; r=rstrong a=ritu
d54effc885ef80a247708f9794bb0091375b309cNathan Froyd — Bug 1266791 - manually constant-fold sqrt call for SQRT_ONE_HALF definition; r=dminor; a=gchang
efef1c387fcc672f000e26aea5876f32191f6d90Gerald Squelart — Bug 1274132 - Disable D3D11 for some more recent igd10* DLLs - r=cpearce,a=ritu
d514834efff9c47047cad67822797d02410ec0b4Gerald Squelart — Bug 1274127 - Disable D3D11 for some igd10* DLLs - r=cpearce,a=ritu
602f7e05f13032a3523a715bc82e2ba0f2997196Gerald Squelart — Bug 1274115 - Disable D3D11 for TosQEP.dll - r=cpearce,a=ritu
fc50dd4bc0f948f1eba7c05fb05a15f9754e59ccGerald Squelart — Bug 1273691 - Implement 'media.wmf.disable-d3d11-for-dlls' pref - r=cpearce,a=ritu
9ba18aae69e626a3f83560df321d91e42316083aChris Pearce — Bug 1270689 - Clear WidevineDecryptor::mCallback in WidevineDecryptor::DecryptingComplete(). r=gerald,a=ritu
a9a6da099c5967ec3a751686aee954371484f45dMichael Comella — Bug 1269407 - Return early from all lifecycle methods if not supported system. r=sebastian a=ritu
133e9db008eadefc4426a3731d30f60f0e290a76Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1231570 - Ensure we send a touchcancel after a prevented long-press. r=capella a=lizzard
dc14ef255927e6e7aee5edf7cd9835cfdb0db3d8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1270165 - Allow ResetTouchInputState to be called while a non-touch block is the current block. r=botond a=lizzard
adb760b8a144c049070c876dccbf228de868a953Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1262427. Don't try D3D11 harder. r=dvander,a=rkothari
9c96e9ec8e42fd75c62030c6840c6dc23478a07fKai Engert — Bug 1258375, finalize to RTM snapshot of nss 3.24. Reusing a=lhenry, only version number changes.
ca41d290daa081865b50f2434aabe15c9fd7ae66Jonathan Kew — Bug 1267636 - Adjust window titlebar metrics scaling on Win10 to improve the appearance of DevEdition and similar themes on a secondary lo-dpi display. r=emk a=sledru
c41ee7132426780f38bbffc58435548d92d2b327Xidorn Quan — Bug 1271160 - Add telemetry items for fullscreen transition. r=smaug data-review=bsmedberg r=ritu
4902143daafcfca72916ac8cba4ae8150ef271a1Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Re-add eslint exceptions to make the ES job happy (since they're orthognal to the test fixes we care about). a=npotb
a737e987dfa7608d47c26d99c27c807172cdd185Patrick Brosset — Bug 1260630 - ESLint cleanup of devtools/client/inspector/computed/. r=bgrins, a=test-only
360e90227281e8675e72db6a1eda64c29a3ee77cPatrick Brosset — Bug 1260630 - Don't use a CPOW to get data from content in browser_computed_style-editor-link.js. r=bgrins, a=test-only
7a3a4f2cd15ac522e45c387d5b0101b5386070cbPatrick Brosset — Bug 1260630 - Don't use a CPOW to change style in content in browser_computed_refresh-on-style-change_01.js. r=bgrins, a=test-only
6b106532d75033e35afa780800f6efe2d11b0074Blake Kaplan — Bug 1251760 - Remove CPOWs from browser_bug339445.js. r=felipe, a=test-only
b713a048b8c5925a16efaab49ad5e88ea15b5f0aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1220415 - Disable browser_timelineMarkers-02.js for frequent failures across all platforms. a=test-only
31728fa2783e7e2718c7137674a698344e5c6af6Patrick Brosset — Bug 1210671 - Avoid CPOW to create the test page in browser_inspector_initialization.js. r=miker, a=test-only
fce8621653ed6231a29514b3914a159f17b1bb85Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1248078 - Remove the dedicated scroll acknowledgement message. r=botond, a=lizzard
0d54a039d16a925bc55a49f54627c6b5674747ecKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1264592 - When doing thumbnails for fennec, don't mark frames as painted because it can interfere with tests. r=mstange, a=lizzard
d653d8ceb9982bf414f7e635fded811d69d6eb64Brian Grinstead — Bug 1256892 - Fix eslint issues in browser_webconsole_hpkp_invalid-headers.js. r=pbro, a=test-only
f4070aee95b2a621597fe86633161f999424f953Brian Grinstead — Bug 1256833 - Fix eslint issues in devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_589162_css_filter.js. r=pbro, a=test-only
68c376956c7527aac587f1589ca2234488e74f14Brian Grinstead — Bug 1256826 - Fix eslint issues in browser_webconsole_bug_585956_console_trace.js. r=pbro, a=test-only
8df74853c1fb24309e0c5deac693ab65601c814ePatrick Brosset — Bug 1267015 - ESLint cleanup of devtools/client/styleinspector/shared/test. r=bgrins, a=test-only
babe237377ec8bb607ef632812ca1257be8956d0Patrick Brosset — Bug 1267015 - Don't access the test content process in browser_styleinspector_tooltip-multiple-background-images.js. r=bgrins, a=test-only
6aa616713eaec74c48ec67b425490ed36881d49dShane Caraveo — Bug 1168229 - Fix intermittent orange caused by dead CPOWs. r=markh, a=test-only
f25acdea677c75578e63899934f5f148df02fe9aShane Caraveo — Bug 1257723 - Move to using messagemanager for some events. r=markh, a=lizzard
dddff4b551b9a4319069b17c3aff29185ae676acRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 972110 - Skip test_bug674770-1.html on Linux debug e10s due to intermittent failures. a=test-only
fb3d4cd234e48107d5f4be125705485cf6601ba9Brian Grinstead — Bug 1253510 - Don't use CPOW inside the checkOutputForInputs webconsole helper function. r=pbro, a=test-only
5259f562df8718ec86b7084f31183fadde7b2104Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1243103 - Skip the newtab browser-chrome tests on Linux due to frequent intermittent failures spread across multiple tests. a=test-only
fc892ee6a813feb13bbc33bad99cfd7211e7b35bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1271177, bug 1262719 - Skip browser_newtabmessages.js for frequent failures. a=test-only
cc5d9a00a4d3e7744dfdb4d0512ac2f0e91b5e5eOlivier Yiptong — Bug 1262662 - Clear history on startup for newtab messages tests. r=marcosc, a=test-only
9942206d3f9c41e6d0ffd7c34460ed71fd329a97Olli Pettay — Bug 1273202, make sure to not keep objects alive too long because of some useless event dispatching, r=jwatt a=ritu
51e908eb48fb52e1f11869b4cc606b88271b6606Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1272916: [MSE] P1. Don't rely only on dts gap to establish if we have a gap in our source buffer. r=gerald a=ritu
3d583c1845ca7f95670b74425c8503e783e765c0Henri Sivonen — Bug 1270381. r=wchen. a=ritu
4f1d54f271cef800c79dd2dc6494d6ed081c09abSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1271698 - Add Switchboard flags for URL bar changes. r=margaret a=ritu
520c41cefb4221f0402b4d10cda5ace5fd792a3cMorris Tseng — Bug 1268155 - GetAsSourceSurface might return nullptr, let's handle it. r=jgilbert a=ritu
ef7602300e893e99b112dbd3ce3e562bbeb7cec8Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1234147 - Fix height computation for JitcodeSkiplistTower. (r=djvj) a=ritu
3a4e50717846a0e3789ed6859ab685d162425265Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1269941 - Upgrade to Hunspell 1.4.1. r=ehsan a=ritu
75eba1454695cc8947edeca32a062e46574db8f6Eric Faust — Bug 1269729 - Handle another OOM case on ARM. (r=jolesen) a=ritu
f984610b6861d002534db67f772929862db5a808Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1269032 - Add support for user multipliers to pan gesture inputs. r=mstange a=lizzard
0b5925bf7d52ce1c785c8bf343c33eb5126e3609Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1269068 - Zero out the axis velocity once the wheel scroll animation is terminating. r=botond a=lizzard
3dd73104e8562b63b4832051b0a195d70a7da0b0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1266833 - When the scroll position is clamped during a frame reconstruction, send a scroll offset update to APZ. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
5aad362431f0fda920b5236c15e67c3e07b8aba0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1269539 - Ensure that the scroll position is restored properly on reloading a page which loads incrementally. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
9069d3d726e2952b5033ca79bad150f0133ac268Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1268195 - When restoring a scroll position outside of incremental load, don't keep trying in a loop - just do it once and stop. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
8cb0342020dc3b6feaa75e85fc7d2564f28e83adBotond Ballo — Bug 1268009 - If APZ is force-disabled, disable paint skipping even for apz-originated scrolls. r=kats a=lizzard
6ddc792201a2b868ade19e787a5a4e17c5e9fef6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1265510 - Ensure that new input blocks still allow APZCs with interrupted animations to scroll-snap. r=botond a=lizzard
7b8aae1bc01ef5831d751bdc32c442d4e3a06a86Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1265510 - Add a gtest for interrupting a scroll snap. r=botond a=lizzard
c16fd534aba8fe187bd652e222ee66a3ea1bb3fdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1265510 - Add some scroll-snapping logging to APZC. r=botond a=lizzard
6d8d672786ef1098c9821400884992785f55beb3Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1270664: Move back the win64 special case to math_sin_uncached; r=arai a=me CLOSED TREE
b4e6080db0238862dfb893ea6ab564fcd4375da1Delphine Lebedel — Bug 1271839 - Add "gn" to Fennec all-locales for single-locale builds. r=flod, a=lizzard
5b34433693cf6fbee0835b49855c66d65c1c16f6Henrik Skupin — Bug 1271917 - Fix menu reference to close page info window. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
fc67e4930cc65c77003e4b40aedb6095e9fc5d32Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1270885 - Enable Linux64 e10s debug mochitest-gl jobs. r=gbrown, a=test-only
73cd8f727097aa78f01cc0697a55aeae0f1337b8Rail Aliiev — Bug 1269731 - partner-repacks push to mirrors should work on reruns r=nthomas a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
0b344441f45b2e88ee05787ff5e8f2a4b987b802Connor Sheehan — Bug 1268088 - Set Content-Type for uploaded files r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
049fb75980cf45695110c8b6ef105f06d10cbe0cRail Aliiev — Bug 1253757 - Branch specifics for relpro on esr45 r=jlund a=release DONTBUILD
17724486e1591858eea09dc327475a25883854a4Chris Pearce — Bug 1272521 - Hide Widevine CDM on MacOSX 10.6. r=spohl a=ritu CLOSED TREE
9e49e1b06115a91c47b0184e535774deec4453a9Chris Pearce — Bug 1272521 - Reject Widevine keysystem requests on MacOSX 10.6. r=gerald a=ritu
fd43bc66da8a9184f9aa7b8814393dec9b9e3be2Michael Comella — Bug 1272166 - Update UI telemetry logging. r=margaret a=ritu CLOSED TREE
ce6407e7b5761adad379ec020d6e9298eebf2271Shane Caraveo — Bug 1272755 bump pocket addon version, r=gijs a=ritu
54854c4cb6fbc60ba81f3dff7b455868c0f90cb4Nick Alexander — Bug 1248066 - Use separate Adjust token for Firefox for Android release and beta builds. r=nalexander a=ritu
5d6b894490f27d7e8ee098fd8279f2954e89a712Olli Pettay — Bug 1271460, don't leak editor created element objects, r=ehsan a=abillings
39d73775d903e37dfcd2f779e136033807789dc3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1270783. If we end up erroring out of a worker main-script load before we get to creating a global for the worker, don't try to enter that global's compartment to throw an exception. Just squelch it instead. r=khuey a=ritu
df9b55a0fed6e85bfde84a9f6debe2c772fdc7f5Jon Coppeard — Bug 1264575 - Add missing pre-barrier in Ion r=jandem a=ritu
796d757bceee782f5c24350fcf213c87655659e9Gregory Szorc — Bug 1270664 - Backed out changeset f231263334d4 (bug 1255656) a=testonly CLOSED TREE
f00f9e754ce71fc5efa3e4334afea5cf6ad6c215Phil Ringnalda — Bug 1272918 - Remove unnecessary Taskcluster jobs on mozilla-aurora, a=themaid
268411b5d974eb048495006aa8fd8d003e3a6762ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-311 - a=blocklist-update
d31e15e0fde43cb3ce5f1111130b54c0d9d01917ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-311 - a=hpkp-update
fd6d9410018e30dc2b6d4a3c5856960a94b8c5d9ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-311 - a=hsts-update
aea53454e86ff1f3572ad224c2a08161592d43e1Jon Coppeard — Bug 1271110 - Evict the nursery when discarding JIT code outside of a GC r=sfink a=abillings
b27e0175db555f813fc6dfb044580b9b90c394c4Jim Mathies — Bug 1271978 - Record js slow script notification delay for content in telemetry. r=billm a=ritu
29b70219b2c72a44cb58f8410900c7d11b1af73cMichal Novotny — Bug 1271527 - Crash in mozilla::net::WebSocketChannel::Notify, r=mcmanus a=ritu
9b83310bcad8d5cb3090f6c6338c95864f6b2fe2Gerald Squelart — Bug 1270607 - Handle already-shutdown state in EMEDecryptor::Input - c?cpearce r=cpearce a=ritu
9a4077c55f8be12165d91029b4560073e6c1f7d5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1267837 - Update grid item telemetry to indicate whether an item is pinned. r=mfinkle a=ritu
ef0e7d240660bf60dc9ef3f7bb07274504952943Bob Owen — Bug 1271900: Don't require a minimum page size when setting up DEVMODE from print settings. r=jimm a=lizzard
083385f30a43954843fc5f4bba0c52958307be0cMichael Comella — Bug 1271805 - Update color of pressed item in the long-press back history menu. r=ahunt a=ritu
1836352e593204c8f32755553d0c3c7ba1c5f744Michael Comella — Bug 1268603 - Set history background color to @null. r=ahunt a=ritu
65b8174889df723c25260306e0a1b00157470d9cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1261752. Part 3. r=mats a=ritu
30b2b24080072a24703e01054b56091753a415b7Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1261752. Part 2. r=mats a=ritu
ca2f65b2d7b370d4593c9d321b31a92679e8fe10Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1261752. Part 1. r=mats a=ritu
64c29da64cb8e9b0e4efde3394d63603f6a4216dMatthew Gregan — Bug 1271866 - Move NULL check from nestegg_read_packet into block group functions. r=giles a=lizzard
01daa1cb8a99db9cd98afead29de3cb5a980aeceBob Owen — Bug 1271348: Only use LOGPIXELSY for calculating internal printing surface size on Windows. r=jimm a=lizzard
8f49523be5c17c3eacf207e411b37855bb932983Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1267130 - Improve the URL segment calculation, r=valentin a=ritu
17fd7b532dcf040a0e9e6c825e47c912a52d4c53Tim Huang — Bug 1270423 - Fix the nsICookieManager.remove() to reference originAttributes correctly at release build. r=ehsan a=lizzard
21500d655b72b17af8acbc2d72a1305b70110475Pip — Bug 1264613 - Allow object-to-nonobject serialization. r=baku a=lizzard
9b852d619c4905ec61dedb1aeca3c00e2641456fRicky Chien — Bug 1269485 - Improve New Private Browsing start-page background styles r=Gijs a=lizzard
eb377e675575f0e057feb291d700277d9ac95c93CJKu — Bug 1270795 - Crash test; r=jfkthame a=lizzard
96622c844cdaf613297ed44b436671b50ae567d3CJKu — bug 1270795 - do not generate any background items in glyph path generating process; r=jfkthame a=lizzard
689961723fc8f0b7954c7c33dfc99d6a30ce3cfaNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1267514 - Fix about:neterror generic fallback text when there is no available title/description for the error. r=Gijs a=lizzard
2dee0c9ad1fb90afeb5c4fa63ddc672088f460fbMorgan Phillips — Bug 1270721 - Ensure that error format strings are not null before attempting to use them.;r=jimb a=lizzard
e4ab883b1ddd6825004c9ffa2930ceb97db3e7b7Mark Finkle — Bug 1267320 - Multiple spellings for telemetry extras. r=liuche a=lizzard
bfde37f7c5426f9403aecf8c23c56f19aa0647feGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1270496 - tracking protection switch on about:privatebrowsing should also affect the actual setting when using <space> to toggle it, r=jaws a=lizzard
1956edae83a4be83b828fcd4986e1403d007d5bcJocelyn Liu — Bug 1270387 - Disable Node.rootNode in release builds due to web compatibility issues. r=smaug a=lizzard
2e36dd3e959436e23447a4a4b473eae5c7ef657eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1270670 - Fix spacing around em dash separator in awesomebar popup on Windows, Linux in RTL. r=mak a=lizzard
967d8df94b1b3977f2baeb830a9b645fd68d4c2fMark Banner — Bug 1270622 - Land version 1.3.2 of the Loop system add-on in mozilla-central, rs=standard8 for already reviewed code. a=lizzard
ef3f13b55fcce0f5d2a8c1c16d3f3c5c76499058Chenxia Liu — Bug 1270197 - Crash when long-pressing History section header. r=sebastian a=lizzard
8e724faf0734aabdb05020be65798a68f46ac354Chenxia Liu — Bug 1269909 - Add telemetry probe for clicking "Set up Sync" from History empty state. r=mfinkle a=lizzard
ccd48b5382d1afb2a0084a53cc3ef6115b5ba9c0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1267639 - Use ContentNotificationsDelegate as single point for handling content notifications intents. r=grisha a=lizzard
495ad891feb1cd911d504d003dfa7345c818423bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1267501: Adjust hardcoded 'width' in new Private Browsing UI to be a max-width instead, so it fits better in skinny windows. r=rickychien a=lizzard
d42a03af73753fb99fa04eb394d0d7d00ac2cf0aJeff Walden — Bug 1264896 - Do what nsIRemoteTagService does in its sole caller, in far-faster C++. r=billm a=lizzard
c75f82688e73ebf73a7157a9b6b765daaae50d1cGregory Szorc — Bug 1270664 - Downgrade to VS2013 due to unwanted SSE instruction insertion; r=glandium a=lizzard
457c492187c7efca1a56cc5daee4834567116c06Daniel Holbert — Bug 1270664 - Use MOZ_ARRAY_LENGTH to avoid MSVC 2013 compiler error; r=dholbert a=lizzard
805051b9a46259319d5c56424cb5249efc811363Ben Kelly — Bug 1271905 P2 Test Cache.put() using a Response for a shutdown origin. r=asuth a=ritu
d768e95103ff967c108496bc035b3be5fbef50b8Ben Kelly — Bug 1271905 P1 Don't crash if a closed cache::ReadableStream is serialized. r=asuth a=ritu
ac470f026c69f90c82798f15dbf9d538fc99b68eDavid Keeler — bug 1269812 - e10s-ify test_bug383369.html and test_unsecureRedirect.html r=Cykesiopka,mrbkap a=test-only
8f26c5435bb14e6da2f48a00738a38b290b78013Xidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 followup - Avoid querying :fullscreen selector for context menu. r=margaret a=lizzard
898a985fd269aab39ba07cb56ce402ccacd52ee2Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1270529 - lookupProxy(): Return null if port is -1. r=ahunt, a=lizzard
20fb337ac107d7a62fd0bff7ad4148c87cd1f9f6Ben Kelly — Bug 1271493 Dispatch fetch control runnable even in opt builds. r=mccr8 a=lizzard
fca62ad9c45ca847ac004a2b16807a63763e5c29Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1258896 - Make the scroll position check in test_mousecapture a little fuzzier to allow for scroll event coalescing. r=Gijs a=test-only
901b6248af7d34012dc519cef40ec38c034f1c39Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1271037 - Fix numOperands of RRegExpMatcher, and RRegExpTester. r=h4writer, a=ritu
584c4d11538d9b1124c212906ec8e5b7d7254a19Kit Cambridge — Bug 1254129 - Read the device name from the clients collection when fetching Synced Tabs. r=markh, a=ritu
5df87a8821df92414fd626220e10015b68927ae1Jon Coppeard — Bug 1268083 - Get JitcodeGlobalEntry objects by reference when marking. r=jandem a=abillings
efacf499e4b5db9c31050240117cd76d91c5806dTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1265577. r=mats, a=ritu
2fb177e17d81e069a02797c6234e8ed085cbc55cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1268868: [MSE] P3. Prevent crash should gap be detected in content. r=gerald, a=ritu
0a6d5f16d4778f3f104da9b02cec396e1b5e49c7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1268868: [MSE] P2. Reset longest duration after keyframe is seen. r=gerald, a=ritu
10d23a4482ebf6d59467ccb76a8f4685786e0d2dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1271847 - Only adjust the samples once we have a complete moof. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=ritu
3f923e49a07765690b5f9b2099b5269261a862e8Mike Conley — Bug 1247137 - Show spinner if switching away from browser that goes away immediately. r=billm, a=ritu
4697aa21b170fd9f0d0ff617ad2bf2d3160cf2a8Andrew McCreight — Bug 1269365 - Part 3 - Use infallible array allocation in implementSpecialArrayPickling. r=froydnj, a=ritu
6983c68ea3d0ba0a202d7da785a4886fa09d5f63Andrew McCreight — Bug 1269365 - Part 2 - Make ParamTraits<nsTArray<E>>::Read use infallible allocation. r=froydnj, a=ritu
3aa4f99aeb0e022e47cbb26c6fcb535fd024933fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1269365 - Part 1 - Swap fallible and infallible TArray ParamTraits. r=froydnj, a=ritu
598c9eb576abd6da0cb563b8faea329ee3787ee6Andrew McCreight — Bug 1268721 - Part 2 - Null check first argument to nsContentUtils::GetSurfaceData(). r=jimm, a=ritu
6087393c8970f30cf5dce4575050b0b65ab7424eAndrew McCreight — Bug 1268721 - Part 1 - Use early continue in TransferableToIPCTransferable. r=jimm, a=ritu
1b2854d057e76fb0a7adf2796cf8482adf4b7a4fNicolas Silva — Bug 1216658 - Ignore Gt3 dark themes and use light theme's color scheme for native widgets. r=karlt, a=ritu
8372f42d53da0c965b2c08ab7960c0d591ebe94aMarco Bonardo — Bug 1271280 - Places shutdown blockers have wrong names and are not properly reporting state. r=adw, a=ritu
115883bbe33fcd1d71046c4f02b66450fbe4259fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1271032 - Make getPref Unicode-aware. r=mkaply, a=ritu
f5f954dcd9aa9db058cf1761a71289d7f5557fa1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1270929 - (Part 2) Create Experiments.setOverride/clearOverride API to allow add-ons to force enable/disable experiments. r=sebastian, a=ritu
521f93a84891d00a4e860d7281cf8925d23440f2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1270929 - (Part 1) Remove support for specifying UUID from intent extra. r=sebastian, a=ritu
6485fbf9000cadac47e1c50eabf51f7fa6b37dfcBob Owen — Bug 1255336: Copy DEVMODE details back to print settings in GetDataFromPrinter. r=jimm, a=ritu
6772bf149f18dad8c43237a682967a341096660dHenrik Skupin — Bug 1270078 - Fix AutocompleteResults.get_matching_text() for new awesomebar design. r=adw, a=test-only
9ba3a7afa711875bbf6a4b6cae00fae78caa2067Henrik Skupin — Bug 1258343 - [mozlog] Fix HTML report generation for unicode characters. r=jmaher, a=test-only
78248731d23f9b774ce650c67e6f0ebcb73cdbddGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1257750 - double test setTimeout once more to eliminate more orange, rs=implied-by-jaws,a=test-only
9a64ae897313031dbca1cf58d4ff6aff64eb3009Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1246162 - Position advanced panels absolutely below the main content in about:neterror. r=Gijs a=ritu CLOSED TREE
1dd42a351054c5b697873d647169019d4d77d762Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1270707 - make LaterRun.jsm use nsIURLFormatter to format its URLs, r=jaws a=ritu CLOSED TREE
1bb8e2207e8eeced7cdae427f7766831c3141795Chris Pearce — Bug 1270689 - Null-check WidevineDecryptor::mCallback before use. r=gerald a=ritu
261915e8601067a49679353ccb9cd601bd8a619cGerald Squelart — Bug 1268434 - Mutex-protect and check GMP abstract thread before uses - r=cpearce a=ritu
ba62a7d1c20dbf3d06ead5912b0d0f689bb79000Nicolas Silva — Bug 1268169 - Don't touch a ShmemSection's memory after shutdown. r=kats a=ritu
7d65f322abdbd49af0b4b12267de5123b672b4ffMatt Woodrow — Bug 1269184 - Make sure we create an nsDisplayWrapList around nsDisplayPerspective items so that the z-index of the perspective frame gets taken into account. r=mstange a=ritu
7772a4493512048d88004e020e1a13eda7a6d857Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1267036: Force recalculation of readyState when download is progressing. r=jwwang a=ritu
4c5959b81fd5b61fe854f2d2e0743afa66f9aa07Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1268455 - Restore <activity-alias> to avoid disappearing home screen shortcuts. r=margaret, a=ritu
2c40e21dafaa718d667bb2718f0f36f402b67614Jan Henning — Bug 1270011 - Check[0] exists before accessing tab count. r=margaret, a=lizzard
00a32da7e4d6e85fdcf3618fb757d7cd8df4eefbBlake Winton — Bug 1269081 - Only apply Firefox's default styles if the add-on author sets "browser_style" to true in the manifest. r=kmag, a=lizzard
fb681e961325a5fd7d98c903f16dc024e17e49b5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1268303 - Better WorkerFeature management in Console API, r=smaug, a=al
d1e8949f9e790141748fe1ceba2a76bc6b9fb72dSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1269832 - Only show base domain for http/https URLs. r=margaret,kats, a=ritu
8fd6c0a620ca78d14b446a16282895812fb1f511Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1266926 - Move CaptureStreamTrackSource cleanup to Destroy method. r=jesup, a=al
5e345d6d359c93ccb70aeaf6cccb3713f217a3abMason Chang — Bug 1266933. Pass image extend mode to prescale and tile drawable on OS X. r=jrmuizel, a=lizzard
36e12a7d0ae8166ce03cefc51c93ac3456a12dafHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1266484 - Fix crash in libsystem_kernel.dylib@0x16db6 when using Pinboard bookmarklet. r=gabor, a=lizzard
bf290651a401d007f849c1fbd9b246fce41d3b0eJan Beich — Bug 1259537 - Unbreak libc++ build after bug 1245076. r=glandium, a=lizzard
63b7cc21ae7cf57d72b1a3a1b169ba3ea9fc237dMichael Comella — Backed out changeset 537e8f7a4950 (bug 1258450) for crashes.
1a31ddc2411f1bf4b9f6766811b5fb4ff3891c27Chris Pearce — Bug 1270968 - Build fix. a=bustage
95eba1c7da971bc1068e1b307c11310716851e3eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1267567 - Unit test for non-ASCII AutoConfig files. r=mkaply a=ritu
d2397dcceff47e7a981ec70b4e3337624947f272Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1267567 - Treat string prefs as Unicode when the script encoding is UTF-8. r=mkaply a=ritu
9247694843ecada80021515c747239cc3226c621Philip Chee — Bug 1269412 - In nsWebBrowserPersist::EndDownload set mCompleted = true before issuing the state stop notification r=jld a=ritu
36f6b5aa4e050fa70872228ff90858333ae4838aKirk Steuber — Bug 1269185 - Prevent crashes in Windows when zip files cannot be read. r=spohl a=ritu
95a27b2a8a2d95e9b1c47d527b7034a438df1c39Jan Beich — Bug 1269165 - Restore ALSA plugins detection on non-Linux after bug 757637. r=jesup a=ritu
bbbcc8fc51fa0b6b58e75c4ec7c15834daddf89bChris Pearce — Bug 1268984 - Prefer to re-use a GMPParent with the requested nodeId rather than clone. r=jesup a=ritu
c74d913c3ac872cd9ceda1d3608f6aec00e08a22Chris Pearce — Bug 1268984 - Store GMPStorage on GMPServiceParent so that it persists inside the same PB session. r=gerald a=ritu
eb0ba9144f456570389203b8882e7bff3b452f7eChris Pearce — Bug 1268984 - Ensure GMPs are re-inserted in GMPServiceParent::mPlugins in the same order in ReAddOnGMPThread. r=gerald,jesup a=ritu
28836236ca2ff8720b178ed728643423788d3debChris Pearce — Bug 1266286 - Ensure crash reports work for GMP used by EME code. r=mconley a=ritu
9e517a5f0b04812c571945218a0a34716f746468Chris Pearce — Bug 1270968 - Add mechanism to clear GMP storage when its version changes. r=gerald a=ritu
ab5c53d6a29b302eeb924dde9e8b0d8494dfd6ecChris Pearce — Bug 1264497 - Call GMPSetNodeId in GMPLoader. r=gerald a=ritu
b72de38736248444009bfef8043ced0f15383776Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1258922: [MSE] P4. Set draining flag to true when skip to next keyframe failed. r=gerald a=ritu
0ce7d0b3753b677f83c9a61c5f22491d506377bdJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1258922: [MSE] P3. Check that the data we are attempting to skip to is buffered. r=gerald a=ritu
6ea323c87eb7f73e73ae374eb99a461723bc1323Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1258922: [MSE] P2. Do not go over gap when attempting to find the next key frame. r=gerald a=ritu
02a2242a2a77850c6e256a02dde628b72a22f353Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1258922: [MSE] P1. Initialise variable. r=gerald a=ritu
cd7dd2a236ca6295e3699aad8adf1b45387ac1f8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1269325: [mp4] Recalculate dts after adjusting cts. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe,r=gerald a=ritu
2d2c08b645dfc3d6c35e467c75c9c42eb9792903Shane Caraveo — Bug 1261375 fix load handling in pocket panel, r=gijs a=ritu
ed90d8e648124ef21e0c616fa1c8cc379b91da90Eric Faust — Bug 1251919 - Nuke Debugger wrappers on failure. (r=shu) a=ritu
afe313884a55cfa3f3029fc7cee3e0e5d6ff37f6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1261094 - Improve how MessageChannel::mInterruptStack is used in IPC code, r=jld a=lizzard
0e7f650568bbd910b20bdf7c8c2f1d193475cf2aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1270040 - Fix host usage in control center for fx ui tests. r=Gijs, a=test-only
11be3fa64aa0ddc1d94407f2075a43943b57a5abHenrik Skupin — Bug 1270040 - Fix fx ui tests regressions for certerror page merge. r=Gijs, a=test-only
ef57089630e65e82cad48daf83bae31166f41328Henrik Skupin — Bug 1270040 - Fix for cert domain changes. r=Cykesiopka, a=test-only
1010a952f966ffc7ff17cd1ae1f3e8bb61cd39aeHenrik Skupin — Bug 1270820 - Improve failure messages for Wait().until() calls in Firefox UI testcase classes. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
307b5eca8726f6a72a1d69ba76630a6dbf402477CJKu — Bug 1265715 - followup - Correct dirty region; r=me, a=lizzard
90495a003e1d66fb1207cca2afc1bc2cdb959d10CJKu — Bug 1265715 - Part 5. bg-clip:text transform reftest; r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
8a24bdbdb8a4a005ea96ef839ae7176a345b8385CJKu — Bug 1265715 - Part 4. Fix transform problem; r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
759e79571feea3eaf4109706c7438d0871251a5bCJKu — Bug 1265715 - Part 3. Use nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame in ClipBackgroundByText; r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
2bc7b2a907e135cf36fc934c491cfdde7104c291CJKu — Bug 1265715 - Part 2. Add nsDisplayListBuilderMode parameter into nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame; r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
b97d2850365291df51e4a75a5dc4fa22e9bddf83CJKu — Bug 1265715 - Part 1. Pull Mode out of nsDisplayListBuilder; r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
450bf777896c63ae590821487f918b7e90dab075Xidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 part 6 - Add test for behavior when unprefixed api is disabled. r=smaug a=lizzard
3023e4f667a3c3ed207edbbb5f2afc0f2aea63b1Xidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 part 5 - Avoid dispatching unprefixed fullscreen events to content if unprefixed API is disabled. r=smaug a=lizzard
a12048ebd87a5b03002de61f8a332933e76a3e50Xidorn Quan — Bug 1268750 part 4 - Hide unprefixed Fullscreen API from content when disabled. r=smaug a=lizzard
2c97a4e2f5226995e314d9074bce8c6774af073eXidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 part 3 - Hide :fullscreen pseudo-class from content when unprefixed API is disabled. r=heycam a=lizzard
c792e6d520fd6a4915177e3fd34fa57459d65987Xidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 part 2 - Make pseudo-classes able to present conditionally like properties. r=heycam a=lizzard
fb2fde0b747de44ee8cdfdad91f832e3f56841beXidorn Quan — Bug 1268749 part 1 - Add pref to disable unprefixed fullscreen api. r=smaug a=lizzard