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Tue Jan 24 10:57:34 2017 +0000
ab7d364af1fc256b2448818f4599d37dc7b965feTomer Cohen — Bug 1332471 - about:config on Android is missing a page title
1a8c5e524dfa02aaa2f1744ed28ec5c26448b444Tomer Cohen — Bug 955983 HTML5 Video player doesn't provide dir=rtl to error messages
379a6fca26413374e6de4eb995c30ba0b44f53a5Tomer Cohen — Bug 1298688 [RTL] Change the small arrow icon's position in about:addons
779ea6985d21db794b6cdb02e08b330a5d1f47cdTomer Cohen — Bug 1326065 - [rtl] Images error message is reversed on RTL
79be6369677581894844afe3997817fadfa4b780Tomer Cohen — limit locales
a7dc6c1e4a4b707685d2391c5deb8dc454ef05c6Tomer Cohen — Bug 1298913 - [RTL] RTL the preferences in about:config
d6fa4f78cda07e3df644e1169f70be83af76fb36Tomer Cohen — Bug 1167178 - The newtab option menu items are not correctly aligned in RTL builds r?emtwo