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Wed Aug 30 08:27:15 2017 +0000
5ccd30a96d42448b79958f6cc16bb9562f7e3714Scott Wu — Bug 1393799 - Add extra space around forms to ensure invalid fields are displayed properly. r=lchang
1fd4f4337aaef6c3db05abd1f6f8d91abe85cb26Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1392105. r=luke, a=abillings
6b6804ce9ce65c7f3156c16e229e74ba7d1c5802James Forshaw — Bug 1385928 - Take new implementation of GetProcessBaseAddress from chromium commit f398005bc4ca0cc2dab2198faa99d4ee8f4da60d. r=jimm, a=lizzard
5c47a18fc05faef9f12d3dd1f23b6e77444ad733Jim Chen — Bug 1382335 - 5. Check for shutdown in LayerViewSupport::OnResumedEvent. r=esawin, a=lizzard
a320ecb85b4708b551ee1480481e208e94dc2efcJim Chen — Bug 1382335 - 4. Check for shutdown in more LayerViewSupport functions. r=esawin, a=lizzard
30438603946a724dc538051ee949e4d7c3fcfff1JerryShih — Bug 1379995 - Test case for webgl drawArray() call. r=jgilbert, a=lizzard
ce34f6b654226fd096e6d720b00625ffc19678b2JerryShih — Bug 1379995 - Reset the mBufferFetchingIsVerified flag after the webgl deleteBuffer call. r=jgilbert, a=lizzard
63df2314c2ddc556543b9423fc036c1819f24b7cHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1382260 - Part 2: [Mac] Allow reading of font files from the content sandbox. r=Alex_Gaynor, a=lizzard
a84600cca0fe71ad285cb8b87894c00cebe2ed48Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1382260 - Part 1: Fix file access test bug. r=Alex_Gaynor, a=lizzard
45080fa9b68c260a3f493e3415993a82c4eff826Andrew Osmond — Bug 1388590 - StreamingLexer::Clone should bail if SourceBufferIterator::Advance returns not ready. r=tnikkel, a=lizzard
dac913e90cba86c934d5302814c823a3e7c34cafJoel Maher — Bug 1393583 - Reduce chunks of reftest on osx; remove reftest-stylo for osx. r=jryans, a=test-only
6664fab5dea98a05b834b75583dd9029c279dab9Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1371992 - Make mozlint's LintRoller use concurrent.futures. r=ahal, a=test-only
f105366cc45d84bfe9d41a1c411d2f6b8fc47cdcBrad Werth — Bug 1378577 - Fix await race condition which causes intermittent timeouts in test_stylesheet_clone_import_rule.html. r=emilio, a=test-only
5ef3deb43f7d523b975e48c268ddf46d18191345L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
c21f66c8d36d8c5dccdac518ddf89a1e442d7817L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
4ea3381ed58194eeaa98fce8fec560b83ba8a679gasolin — Bug 1388813 - [Onboarding] Expand Tour Notification description width to allow longer descrition. r=rexboy, a=gchang
04a9ce3155dcdd26e2a24007d3b61ee2bc5f746eLuca Greco — Bug 1392872 - Fix missing startup/shutdown reason in LegacyExtensionsUtils. r=aswan, a=gchang
e8f74618acb2729323e34b8d0c0aa4b12a7cd530Luca Greco — Bug 1391218 - Fix 'getDocShellEnumerator is not a function' exception when closing the last tab in a window. r=ochameau, a=gchang
f5944141d7779944001a570cd7a49818e7463966sotaro — Bug 1387659 - Add Layer::Disconnect() calling in LayerTransactionParent::Destroy(). r=nical, a=abillings
8081a895e4353e807a851485e412ed7a907c0b3fShane Caraveo — Bug 1393402 - Set longer timeout for document load. r=mixedpuppy, a=test-only on a CLOSED TREE DEVEDITION_56_0b7_RELEASE FENNEC_56_0b7_BUILD1 FENNEC_56_0b7_RELEASE FIREFOX_56_0b7_BUILD2 FIREFOX_56_0b7_RELEASE
2968e01b6f206a949ea8f941a3f86b6738828114Shane Caraveo — Bug 1390346 - Test jar caching in combination with redirects. r=rpl, a=lizzard
e9c83e49ec46b763d0529edcb9580837739ba639Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1390346 - Redirects to moz-extension:-URLs fail when loaded from a xpi. r=jimm, a=lizzard
bc8f7e510cc8955cf6041dc4e0577622f3e1b382Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1366603 - Wait for rAF before waiting the MozAfterPaint in test_deferred_start.html. r=hiro, a=test-only
02852b5a5b3c6b13029da12b9da5060f88ee2222steveck-chung — Bug 1390816 - Part 1: Add addresses sync checkbox in first time saving doorhanger. r=lchang, a=lizzard, l10n=flod
6a38cf9003c60bc5158627e2048b6a4f2dab8683Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1393063 - Part 1: Fix IPCStreamSource's handling of async streams returning 0 from Available. r=bkelly, a=lizzard
b185b492e4eedf396ce4ca68bbfce04523025046Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1391645 - Make nsPrintEngine::SetupToPrintContent() proceed with the print even when mPrt->mPrintObject->mPresShell and mPrt->mPrintObject->mPresContext are nullptr but mIsCreatingPrintPreview is false. r=dholbert, a=lizzard
e08568b12c294e87a2b0035cee4d9d174ccac0e8Makoto Kato — Bug 1391628 - Use fallback locale on nsICollation if locale is invalid. r=emk, a=lizzard
b20ed3e703900cc9a64ebd17bb026a55a1e3f4acMichael Froman — Bug 1391857 - Fix ctx flags for e10s stun addr gathering. r=drno, a=lizzard
e070c1cca1be6f9c51f70ea9ac6f557c6dd76e8fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1347518 - Part 2: Don't attempt to determine frame type when encrypted. r=cpearce, a=lizzard
fb8967e983b19fe45dafda52e81809d938ca93caJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1347518 - Part 1: Use SEI recovery point to mark keyframe. r=jesup, a=lizzard
9e2fda5c1b955de6c341a3d41c30751eee5fd833Luca Greco — Bug 1392322 - Fix browserAction.setTitle for currently active tab on Android. r=mixedpuppy, a=lizzard
fa9cdc61ccc222bf0bc852a9d999e561ccb5e441Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1391770 - Don't allow a faraway second tap to start a one-touch-pinch gesture. r=botond, a=lizzard
8b4fbaa0a0de8752ec212789f465eb62ca17f3b9Ray Lin — Bug 1388152 - Save abbreviated state name of address-level1 select element rather than its value in form autofill submission. r=lchang, r=MattN, a=lizzard
2c15a6ed11f7912081bd7e029fab8ddfb2b41145steveck-chung — Bug 1390816 - Part 2: Add browser test for sync enabled case. r=lchang, a=lizzard
cb236dfdd7bbffb31d9fc33e22d9645f768f9a42Andrew McCreight — Bug 1340425 - Add back the magic GC in DoShutdown() to avoid intermittent leaks. r=smaug, a=lizzard
fe5af9d9fdb24c25b59f796b13c1070c9f41cfd1Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1387918 - Retrieve current array for owner in aria owns hash table. r=surkov, a=jcristau
67363a144710b4f2466dc6836c066707bacb5a88Rob Wood — Bug 1387377 - Don't run gtest or awsy on devedition builds. r=jmaher, a=test-only
fe81d9af21d6fd8e0c5882079162a591e07ab680Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1335236 - Fix intermittent test_TelemetrySend.js due to flaky time tests. r=chutten, a=test-only
53dc3cc7dba64775b91585a03f87a371372cfc62L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
ec2c40638986c673ec390dccd64c8337fd312ba2Ricky Chien — Bug 1392873 - Fix missing all-tabs-menu when detaching devtools to a separate window. r=Honza, a=gchang
1f1e924b5acd9996fdd28b27eb1ab5d28978d0e1Jan Henning — Bug 1390140 - Account for bookmark ID being <null> when populating BrowserSearch's HomeContextMenuInfo. r=Grisha, a=gchang
36a40a9290b8976e7c3e9c2b60686161b7911b7fShane Caraveo — Bug 1389718 - Fix receiving a message in proxy sandbox when running OOP. r=kmag, a=gchang
5ade015bbd6d2327d6679220bb81b7b2ecb160d3k88hudson — Bug 1393148 - Hide Topics component if no topics available in Activity Stream. r=Mardak, a=gchang
0ae11b062cb40d3d5779190dbe122fb5c2064ea4Ray Lin — Bug 1391791 - Calculate controlBar width without counting toward audio padding. r=jaws, a=gchang
f2c71d60be697de4380ca8b776aa346ff57e0f60Makoto Kato — Bug 1390097 - Revert a part of bug 1354020 changes. r=masayuki, a=gchang
b7c7741c9be57eccb4db837a8ce4bfbe4a873bf9cku — Bug 1390088 - Part 3: Declare some locale nsSVGLength2 references as const in nsSVGOuterSVGFrame.cpp. r=jwatt, a=gchang
03ac0153495de76493287deb99f57ec6b4677ed9cku — Bug 1390088 - Part 2: Add a reftest to check percentage width/height on inner-<svg> resolves against the nearest <svg> ancestor. r=jwatt, a=gchang
6dc06b2e7ed1e3a7542be7d4564e7e826eee0a67cku — Bug 1390088 - Part 1: Change the type of the parameter of nsSVGLength2::GetAnimValue from "SVGSVGElement*" to "SVGViewportElement*" r=jwatt, a=gchang
cb753cf67c6cc92f7fa26b7128656b731cc114b7angelsl — Bug 1324499 - Save and restore scroll position after reflow in GetContentSizeInternal. r=dbaron, a=gchang
2ccccb08ff4b67df307d9403962efc9be0a323a6Mark Banner — Bug 1393883 - Update follow-on search add-on to 0.9.3. r=past, a=gchang
ccef81da61b21be6ada2fc975550c9ec064165f4Kevin Hsieh — Bug 1325080 - Synchronously decode image metadata for data URIs. r=tnikkel, a=gchang
6562cd359748066a9733b8aafe017097985f5006Makoto Kato — Bug 1380824 - Call RepaintSelection out of script blocker. r=masayuki, a=gchang
72f3e9b7c6ea3cbd5edf816ef3a30c3f5595a219steveck-chung — Bug 1386959 - [Form Autofill] Add probe for form autofill availability. r=francois, r=lchang, a=gchang
c23f9c735d299160f9df8d2a5ab0838562f4e013Jim Chen — Bug 1387190 - Fire "input" event for <select> and datetime <input>. r=esawin, a=gchang
f592e9f5e8d2a578a8e54e91514ec3e1124150a0Ryan Hunt — Bug 1377950 - Reset all compositors when GdkScreen "composited-changed" fires. r=karlt, a=gchang
b304b54bb8c6056bd76c2af1edc9aaa0bff03de1Ryan Hunt — Bug 1377950 - Stub in a function for resetting all compositors with GPUProcessManager. r=jrmuizel, a=gchang
c0e5a9ba27f69be8bc2ebedc9770a8415eccd2dfMichael Layzell — Bug 1389252 - Disable BHR in beta. r=froydnj, a=gchang
e32763a1963116a83743ebff941f7bcf4ab582b5Mark Banner — Bug 1386658 - Update follow-on search add-on to 0.9.2 - additional domains and logging fix. r=past, a=gchang
d41a551ff96e556f2cf8e15358e030d24d1d73faLuca Greco — Bug 1382487 - Fix devtools onSelectionChanged API event test case intermittency. r=aswan, a=test-only
bf35ed0c2292c86fbd40366bb8a57dbee7e27761nechen — Bug 1394347 - Change the string when entering full screen r=flod l10n=flod a=gchang