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Tue Oct 03 00:15:54 2017 +0000
0c52a7dd509b85f6477d10cf0b9e34dc53c512ddTom Prince — Bug 1405177: Install (slightly) newer pip to install boto. THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017093014_RELBRANCH
c94b394a1aa3e7dba40a57ac131d6bcaf0deb79ctbirdbld — Automated checkin: version bump for thunderbird 56.0b4 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017093014_RELBRANCH
dc62e9442e97c77e852794130fe42fcb7d639ec6Tom Prince — Fix xz path issue on Windows, follow-up. a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
61ae47a5725a8c13735280dd3f19954a3d1fe090Tom Prince — Fix xz path issue on Windows, follow-up. a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
5e4d05580f36dd67612e78462a4043996ca87cb9Tom Prince — Fix xz path issue on Windows. a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
a7ce97c49d67207368802cdba6c7862d8d4b0cd8Tom Prince — Use win32 style paths for finding xz on windows. a=tomprince DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
92b89b2eec556489b6cc5e7b267c1e451d52c220Tom Prince — Debug for xz path issue. a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
34e421e834210f92aaf25ea26c6ccfcfeb47a08dTom Prince — Don't use Cwd::abs_path which is broken on old perls. a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
8cd303b7f40f5997a647f2b0ed08e4993551f52aJorg K — Bug 1388166 - Handle case where chromeWin.getBrowser() doesn't exist. r=johannh a=jorgk DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
a4a45dc98aed27c3c0f0c2cfb39e80c2b5ebc5cfJohann Hofmann — Bug 1350152 - Don't rely on gBrowser in nsLoginManagerPrompter.js. r=mkaply a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
60699b65329dca1b478fb73953bf6806aefa39edMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1385905 - part2: HTMLEditRules::SplitParagraph() should insert normal <br> element rather than moz-<br> element if split element and/or new element is empty r=m_kato a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
5a64d43646f9e466abf3099a67b44f0f1c6f924bTom Prince — Bug 1387524 - Back out removal of MOZ_PRETTY to build Thunderbird 56 beta a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD560b4_2017092101_RELBRANCH
a6fb3b978941f76b727eafee21ea3d440299648dAndrew Swan — Bug 1395892 - Fix legacy badge in details view. r=andym, a=lizzard on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
4b23af4a7d16fbf88bddc8702e57175e6adac4fbLee Salzman — Bug 1400721 - Fix Skia's glyph LCD filter padding for FreeType 2.8.1. r=jrmuizel, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
ae1985bf54b1e959fd9b49249297827e08bcb778Randall Barker — Bug 1392705 - Part 3: Call nsBaseWidget::DestroyLayerManager() in nsWindow::Destroy to ensure IPC is not shutdown in the destructor for Android. r=jchen, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
1fdc2d468d027224a0196bf85969b4d7080e3efaRandall Barker — Bug 1392705 - Part 2: Ensure LayerManagerComposite::RenderToPresentationSurface checks the compositor widget before using it. r=kats, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
1348914ba2d8bb784044b98fc362cda0da5142e0Randall Barker — Bug 1392705 - Part 1: Make UiCompositorControllerChild::Destroy synchronous. r=dvander, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
1c4f6e449d0b04cf43fee6b40dd0b2639207a296Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1374231 - Work around intel drivers crashing for unknown reasons. r=Bas, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
2deaefe297416d0db8cda208c524d101db3d695bTobias Markus — Bug 1400675 - Fix reference to undefined property FirsRunURL. r=gfritzsche, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
9344afc5eea6e12777ed21c7ba7096135f1c7dd4Johann Hofmann — Bug 1399478 - Fix buttonhighlight for doorhangers without a mainaction. r=steveck, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
b968bfa07de02c0e22bd129c39e9ca801cc2ae82Kris Maglione — Bug 1384078 - Prevent enter key from closing extension panels. r=Gijs, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
4dc03f0ad31cffd84847bc38efc27559682df1afKris Maglione — Bug 1381344 - Use original target to determine if context node is remote. r=smaug, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
ccc85929fce03d5ad3b7c71fce837688655c29c7Nevin Chen — Bug 1379793 - Only allow pre header as title. r=jwu, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
c7571bece2ba41ff6b438cb55493246047142eabZibi Braniecki — Bug 1400006 - Extend language negotiation in LocaleService to support looking for the best likelySubtag for the locale with region stripped. r=Pike, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
d333328035f52b3841301e52cc8e64a633306108Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1394561 - Ensure WebVR content can catch up when IPC messages are delayed. r=daoshengmu, r=kanru, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
03a307b9d5d632a4a427797060cc64391d2ebe42Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389021 - Force CompositorManagerParent to close before shutting down the compositor thread. r=dvander, a=lizzard on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
df0c3f4fc23f8d115d7368f5b33c0c15e255458cAndrew Osmond — Bug 1389021 - CompositorBridgeChild::ActorDestroy should not prevent CompositorBridgeChild::ShutDown from returning. r=nical, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
05b18d3ca801b6f4223f2dfcf3785286c947c8a0Michael Kelly — Bug 1399936: Migrate active preference experiment values to new storage. r=Gijs a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
b138397a13432047a91a1976c7c8c9ef0f3ae518Felipe Gomes — Bug 1401249 - Fix getStringPref usage in clicktoplay-rollout. r=Gijs a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
c1d523fa0f5a0262bb4433ef3ca314daa8f75fc5ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 678bea28fe03daa91c40f50a5a9d5fc3a9dc57f8 with FENNEC_56_0b13_BUILD1, FENNEC_56_0b13_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
418902381c4b85d62c1c067a5e7a0df56bcc6feaffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG DONTBUILD a=release FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
2538d4542a52405a58a5f7d7a673e695cac62b21Rail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Use BZ2 MAR compression for versions less than 56.0 r=sfraser a=release on a CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
821c84cc35b0a829d141c847d21003bc7fffa90bNick Thomas — Bug 1400141 - Use redo params from nightly with a jitter r=bhearsum a=release on a CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
3c5ca7f37ac6878f09761265290511afc3f18347Rail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Syntax fix r=nthomas a=release on a CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
678bea28fe03daa91c40f50a5a9d5fc3a9dc57f8Ryan VanderMeulen — Revert bug 1385514 for causing bug 1399722. r=ehsan, a=lizzard on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
63389830cb9558d9dfa28a6aff9bec94c953a396Felipe Gomes — Bug 1390705 - Bump Flash Click-to-Play rollout to 100% on release. r=bsmedberg, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
59958378c2ce9776308419d7cc09428623e667f7Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1380266 - Keep identical click behavior between HomeAsUpIndicator and back button. r=nechen, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
67bf2e447a8fee5159ec70309a6116ca95742818Randell Jesup — Bug 1396879 - Don't dynamically switch to/from fast-path gUM audio. r=jib, a=gchang FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
69932f66faf2e4793e27c0c9864342c9a3714a02Rail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Do not generate bouncer entries for BZ2-compressed MAR files for beta and devedition. r=catlee, a=release FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
47fa81c799b48d7bb6f92510292513ddfd1178b4Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1381638 - Change browser_devices_get_user_media_in_frame.js to test cam then cam+mic instead of mic then cam+mic, to avoid bug 1400488. r=ng, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
fd583aba7c2b0f5c51ecafe8f92cdfa1f66ddeb2Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1381638 - Prevent sharing multiple input devices in the same process. r=jesup, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
c8009a75623f9c7d78ed6ed65d14650bf565cfc9Shane Caraveo — Bug 1400391 - Fix e10s xpcshell-test for remote webextensions. r=kmag, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
653105928c288657e5a0804dc021654a6189e85dShane Caraveo — Bug 1393150 - Prevent remote extensions when e10s is off. r=bz, r=kmag, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
47991d7993560bfece6e05f87e7a89281e1b5a19Shane Caraveo — Bug 1399070 - Move launchWebAuthFlow to parent to fix opening auth window when remote. r=zombie, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
ab81f42e9b47bfc56764b0fb7a532ae00954cc1dNick Thomas — Bug 1400746 - checksums failure when boto3 and botocore present in our pypi mirrors, r=catlee a=release DONTBUILD FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
27102a84d91e04644a85d9799e006ea726f0fb2bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fce8bb3c16f7 (bug 1389021) for breaking debug builds on a CLOSED TREE. FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
a841920fd8cbaa5f026f699cc64300a00681b8f7Mike Conley — Bug 1399796 - UnsubmittedCrashHandler should never check for unsubmitted crash reports if disabled or suppressed. r=Felipe, a=lizzard on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
a3e692e095c61825b6c6727da13e1097b6a250d8Valentin Gosu — Bug 1396307 - Make sure we only set mRaceCacheWithNetwork to true when the feature is enabled. r=michal, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
0bfaf562bf40e775ab7f91c8ad8e7c0f7a8bfa14Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1399395 - Skip devicechange event handler in shutdown stage. r=pehrsons, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
55870ef25cdebebd460c446a66ba245847afe29bDavid Parks — Bug 1394024 - Handle null string when alerting plugin about Windows microphone change. r=jimm, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
7ff6b593e6623f6ec9e42344ffe944ba32965395Michael Kelly — Bug 1399245 - Fix mozilla/normandy#1058: Bind PreferenceExperiment driver functions. r=Gijs, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
b6d27f6b9830700c29009f55f1f1a5d39b470d7bMichael Kelly — Bug 1399245 - Fix mozilla/normandy#1036: Remove OSX-specific close button CSS for Heartbeat bar. r=Gijs, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
5b3d123eee2431d79cf1065d7564b820992a2a31Julian Descottes — Bug 1391187 - Compare build id to perform full directory scan in addon manager. r=kmag, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
a01f8c3ec5e90e360f1fd02043cb7282ad739e31Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389021 - Force CompositorManagerParent to close before shutting down the compositor thread. r=dvander, a=lizzard on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
b8ca41dccc266c210201c8fa8e7a0ed90a052413Chris Peterson — Bug 1369361 - Backport SQLite fix removing rand_s() in an attempt to avoid Lenovo DLL crashes. r=mak, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
264ce7594ce838f0d5988d90a387dae8216b8082Matthew Gregan — Bug 1389470 - Uplift mp4parse fallible Vec for Fx56. r=kinetik, a=lizzard FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
108107830ffcc5a01feb9edea65994d5fc2976b4Rail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Add scripts to handle MAR recompression in release automation r=catlee a=release CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
84e4b6c526bb553d3885ff63a93f5c4a780ca2abMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1398656 - Always build the form autofill system add-on but disable it by default on release. r=lchang, a=gchang on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
e7ef836b14ae5e92c080583c7b38c698f04f5fdeRicky Chien — Bug 1396583 - Fix wrong tooltip position by wrapping hbox. r=jaws, a=gchang FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH
3bee0d8aa374d9f3deec18b4ed6e4b84a042b89fRyan VanderMeulen — Bump the version number. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release FIREFOX_56b13_RELBRANCH