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Fri Mar 09 22:13:16 2018 +0000
844f09651ee1477c6dab0328bd80745043d76953Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1444252 - Check if program is linked in GetActiveUniforms. - r=kvark
09ecb6d589490df1abb869bf025ce094ba87bcacAndreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1435899) for failing android at modules/libpref/test/unit/test_defaultValues.js pn a CLOSED TREE
ac6bc78dadb9d7fb66d8c8b67d65948e1ed64b9aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1442040. Remove unnecessary classinfo for the nsIDOMXUL* interfaces. r=peterv
5b750710adaa157b6fb593a5744bae758379f616Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1444286. Common up the Get*ObjectHandle methods in bindings. r=peterv
e2a6bd47f69707533d8cb6eda535e9a011bfa8bdLuke Wagner — Bug 1435360 - Baldr: jit::EnsureAsyncInterrupt() shouldn't cause JSRuntime failure if there is no async interrupt support on CLOSED TREE (r=me)
6c2569d760cd117c7fc12fba9b1ffc9d9077082aKris Maglione — Bug 1422087: Follow-up: Add null check for when running from GTests. r=bustage CLOSED TREE
d028bee2fa0edb25eb14789709f2f7e3f95a5859Aaron Klotz — Bug 1424505: Backed out changeset 35129c889938 since it was speculative and didn't work. r=backout
cb808626c8df4679b351e184c955d1d15cc2c2bfJim Mathies — Bug 1424505 - Avoid recycling content process when accessibility is active. r=aklotz
017dbfcb23698b9484a4467221e86a0dca980326Aaron Klotz — Bug 1444361: Don't obtain cert subject info on main thread; r=chutten
1caceba533ebc4ecf677b434299e37e3511356ddAaron Klotz — Bug 1444494: Initialize DllServices in XPCShell; r=jimm
925adb267211585b0cfd2f6b4e219857ecca7921Eric Rahm — Bug 1435899 - Use nsStringStream for the data channel buffer. r=bz
f22f1ab67c5ace0d966a3f60f7b1e25dfe4ec6c9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1435899 - Close underlying stream in NonBlockingAsyncInputStream sooner. r=froydnj
8cdf945be534dacae33245106e6718055a80bd7fLuke Wagner — Bug 1435360 - Baldr: implement wasm interrupt in terms of TlsData branch and stack overflow check (r=bbouvier)
a463d224c412529aa8d7b02103506f9a714a6dd9Luke Wagner — Bug 1435360 - Baldr: remove wasm async interrupt support (r=jandem)
6405d9287056dc18fd0002fc6e404ad4031f502fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1444499 - Update pdf.js to version 2.0.426. r=bdahl
2c914b6e666887816da2ea14448aa055f24b19ddJoel Maher — Bug 1442823 - Linux jsdcov devtools tests timing out. r=gmierz