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Tue Apr 11 16:23:24 2017 +0000
59ee008c9b230aa94087ce8ab9bcd1ca68a61c80Justin Wood — Bug 1351387: repackage for OSX l10n. r=kmoir
f9570cd8b8214cf07485208cbdfbb2d95760600dJustin Wood — Bug 1351387 - Stop trying to sign 'target.checksums', before we have the final signed artifact; especially not as if it were a dmg. r=kmoir
bec21de26b5806e540089482cdcf9e279c0d121eKim Moir — Bug 1352417 - add docker-image as dep, CoT for beetmover-repackage task r=kmoir DONTBUILD
d026cc352bdbe5260e8550921e1e22415fc9fcadKim Moir — Bug 1352417 - add beetmover to nightly taskgraph for macosx r=kmoir DONTBUILD
47a6b8f73adb130bfb31c390ef779243190c330aJustin Wood — No Bug - Add date to run-on-projects for nightly-l10n
14cc30e6d10c7102e6be6767cdd7a0972a793966Justin Wood — Merge central to date
c383e24815f20671f6946199365ff3b9547243dfKim Moir — Bug 1352417 - add beetmover to nightly taskgraph for macosx f=aki f=mtabara
7aa3b2282cf1304ac43fc8205d6ac396200b3289Mihai Tabara — Bug 1353642 - Backed out changeset c905f7466419
c905f746641918a675cbc4799600c7336219c552Aki Sasaki — balrog on date should be dep - bustage fix
e063074af98a0b5c7d558deb94ea987ce24fa57aJustin Wood — Merge central to date
2f26fe982afa5f83de3d68a3370bcb0f98df4554Justin Wood — Bug 1185666 - Make sure internal tooltool items are available for TC OSX repacks. r=aki
1210d9021f59382ef89bd94924df18c2e80e6addJustin Wood — Bug 1185666 - Fix l10n repack scripts and config to support OSX on Linux. r=aki
e1df7b730858ba0170004a5b705f2bc484f9e2b0Justin Wood — Bug 1185666 - Move DMG unpack logic to a python script, support linux. r=mshal
887125cfc5f5a9d471ce7ed516eeedb2d5e06f2dJustin Wood — Merge central to date
3386e0ca1d4c824adb191115d5d4af23124aff04Justin Wood — Merge central to date
2b690c31509a62e9209a667338d2ee46abac1afaKim Moir — cleanup lint errors r=me DONTBUILD
db4f5a055c3139df59407b9aa184331788b918e3Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1317783 - fixup; use 5-day-deadline
e60a7b19e860fe2537038d5e37c117be4cb5f2b6Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1317783 - fixup; rebase
6b0fc8ba700a7fc3cca25b9f688069cb92b8dc80Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1324052 - Add missing docstring
cc45f25a004552dad7e126bb9f4102929dfd6bf6Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1317783 - Allow to run on date project
111bb773ac0c6a48440bdad5bc767a59cb1c45a4Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1317783 - Put PushApk tasks in-tree r=aki
b8871c55be9c5d57b05ee455af1b3d05870a38adJohan Lorenzo — Backed out Bug 1317783 (9f3fec1b0168, 17460f8ee303, 5057333c5213)
2e370d31d979382be3d9b3d613befa1351e4c4eaJustin Wood — No Bug - Switch to the util.schema Schema instead of bare voluptuous. r=me
68be733efaef640d7eb0a10cfaa5d344565691f0Justin Wood — Merge central to date