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Thu Oct 27 05:56:30 2016 +0000
3d7d2dfde50f7c644e5c3c84ca8fd5c0a3dd5e9bChris Pearce — Bug 1313284 - Disable EME WPT for features we don't support, or can't support in the test harness. r?gerald
ab1485ac7a7c1a34424847e6394aca09cf057077Chris Pearce — Bug 1308821 - Ensure ClearKey doesn't parse a keyids initdata format session type parameter. r?kikuo
bba736dd06c55fda88c62e0fbd71e26d93ba4380Chris Pearce — Bug 1313266 - Make gmp-clearkey reject with TypeError instead of InvalidAccessError on invalid input. r?gerald
3bec855293be956f248fffc686dd78a8997b50c2Chris Pearce — Bug 1313202 - Convert InvalidAccessErrors coming out of the Widevine CDM to TypeErrors like Chrome does. r?gerald
cedfdcd095ed7a579f9c9365760a4d4a86f91275Chris Pearce — Bug 1313202 - Update MediaKeySession.close() to match EME spec. r=gerald
a32a264915593b7ba4ebbd1b46d1b8e00ccf2d4aChris Pearce — Bug 1313202 - Make ClearKey resolve MediaKeySession.closed promise before promise returned by MediaKeySession.close(). r=gerald