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Thu Oct 20 23:14:14 2016 +0000
8deccdcab1e660f5d0030186c77e970e8000d531Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 3: Make a grid-specific comment more general, in CSSAlignUtils::AlignJustifySelf. r=mats
124886afceb792d94a5511112f8df1c467c329a1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 2: Spin out a helper function to hold nsAbsoluteContainingBlock's code for resolving abspos offsets. r=mats
11df641e954d77b9c23f1ab5381d3bf27fdec6ddDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 1: Spin out some grid alignment code into a helper method, in a new CSSAlignUtils class. r=mats
579e8ebd805045e7c6d067f0dfa354092d0a8296Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 4: Drop now-obsolete parameter from anonymous flex/grid-item wrapping functions. r=mats
cb5c1404726483502b105271de79d7a2dd1a0d35Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 3: Stop wrapping placeholder frames in anonymous flex items. r=mats
3c3352d467954349440ef5216e90eccaa6a07dcaDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 2: Separate out abspos placeholders when creating FlexItems, and give them a trivial reflow at container's content-box origin. r=mats
da4ee62516da81048a4a05eff84dbe21892bac06Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 1: Adjust flex item "order"-sorting code to treat placeholder frames as <= anything they're compared against, including each other. r=mats