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Sun Jun 05 18:48:24 2016 +0000
afe1c939a9acdf566e131231707fac231def0805Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1274611: spell target-tasks.json with `-`; r?garndt
3cec8ed7a3a7b363e34f9f19d31a39c09c27cfd8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1274611: implement docker image builds as a distinct kind; r?garndt
7007986561ac61af37fa50483b9a4b299ac74a2bDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1274611: handle empty error messages properly; r=gps
cb53f040742a4cb48bea8c93b346198487478f83Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1274611: Implement task-graph optimization; r=gps
dfbdf894eaabc6f41099fcd41ae80d095e0aec14Benoit Girard — Bug 1278036 - Rename Endian.h to BigEndian.h for case insensitive Linux builds. r=cpearce