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Tue Aug 02 21:27:11 2016 +0000
6b4131a156e722d5940a5f511efa2124069c64faMarkus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Remove this shadow because it does not belong.
7667b4d4af2449cdeb26807f6c78c68c3008de94Markus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Remove shadow invalidation code.
d9a03f20423fc20774d6d3de7458426326211c8fMarkus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Call nsIWidget::SetIsArrowPanel for panels with type="arrow", and supply the computed value of the transform-origin CSS property as the panel's arrow tip location.
ca3c88de268845bb4d1fc47ff186cbe4f5e52123Markus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Add an nsIWidget API so that layout can declare a widget as being an arrow panel.
23cb515d4b12144549b3a05bfe36337eb08959fdMarkus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Allow the panel's NSWindow class to specify a native animation type for arrow panel opening and closing, and overriding that animation's origin.
94e453d1e5628acb81239e0823c19291783bf24aMarkus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Set transform-origin on arrow panels even if we don't use the CSS transform animation.
27d39220f52839436b497858d3ba0fc0b6bcc08cMarkus Stange — Bug 1291457 - Don't use a CSS animation for animating arrow panels on Mac.