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Wed May 25 21:49:35 2016 +0000
95e95e8d589346b2823914cfdf4ac0dfc4092efaNathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Changed flags passed to pacman in Windows bootstrapper to be the --long-form instead of the single character flag. r?gps
ca39b7213ad42ea3591d6149a46fc33d5b8d9027Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Windows bootstrapper installs necessary system and browser packages that come from pacman. r?gps
45ca4e9778732365822cd0e9f49626602f4ed6c9Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added methods for interacting with pacman. r?gps
a43e615dfbd6092d4a31a564d3400f66997510b6Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added placeholder for Windows bootstrapper. r?gps