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Wed Nov 02 20:14:04 2016 +0000
6f2d25574cf0c0de146bae42f5acf6b5663e5cb7Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1312477 - Post: remove arbitrary peek and max heights from BottomSheet menu r?sebastian
606582e7babca659e24e8fdd898657be6f1a9160Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1312477 - Add popupmenu mode to AS context menu for use on tablet r?sebastian
49ebe98a0ce759da2554834355a2abd1a9b7e796Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1312477 - Pre: refactor AS context menu to allow multiple view implementations r?sebastian
c9f931604d51e833be1255f4e5812beb2792d7fdAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1312477 - Pre: increase touch-target size to Android UI guidelines r?sebastian