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Tue Sep 06 20:58:21 2016 +0000
0d021e8495937f3139c161e847c2345ae8336a4fRalph Giles — Bug 1299864 - Target i585 linux when building rust code. r?glandium
f0d66c072dea945cec8099bbafc197c657548676Kim Moir — Bug 1290548 - Unbranded add-on developer builds are updating to branded Firefox builds r=jlund a=test-only DONTBUILD
37c314d53f827e5fc094fcb9b1537b4101681507Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1284511 - Fix slow script check to use elapsed time from last check. r=mrbkap, a=sylvestre
efc8bd58d7c887c7c9c66931a5ae4a126405d0acNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1300007 - Don't close a stream in an assertion. r=baku, a=sylvestre
03212a10d20dfc51927c28d81bd85e3211489cc1Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 1297664 - Null check docShell before use. r=mstange, a=sylvestre
e14feb2cfb60439d6691ef4ed84fd3038cf6bb5cLee Salzman — Bug 1297201 - apply offset after pattern matrix in DrawTargetSkia::MaskSurface. r=mchang, a=sylvestre
8185c0d1c29887965fbe8f21b896fbccfa820ec2Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1294438 - Do not store metadata for private tabs. r=sebastian, a=sylvestre
2231ab09a51c3b21dae6fa1627c1a64cfd43b3b0Mark Hammond — Bug 1298752 - avoid including the profile directory in sync pings (Aurora version). r=tcsc, a=ritu
11228436d644eaa50c2dbfb840e309c61d2bef02Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 1269036 - Also destroy TabParent properly in case of mozbrowser. r=smaug, a=ritu
ddd6e3e541f1e406dca4a51fb257e68d3c968644Ricky Chien — Bug 1296128 - Indicate permission panel's 'X' button while focus. r=dao, a=ritu
87fdc70ec48b8e83b4051f75584d890729cbc7c8Delphine Lebédel — Bug 1299346 - Add "gn" in Fennec maemo-locale for multi-locale builds. r=flod, a=ritu
7873f4c1940b9d9ee390ae29e4687172073b4e97Delphine Lebédel — Bug 1299347 - Add "bn-BD" to Fennec all-locales for single-locale builds. r=flod, a=ritu
199036f366688432ed66ebb795325344be2b6190Felipe Gomes — Bug 1297753 - Configure list of add-ons for e10s rollout on release 49. r=mconley, a=lizzard
1faa6a6ed48b537654b4a442155569f34b9af615Andrew McCreight — Bug 1299871 - Increase leak threshold on OS X to paper over increased layers leak. r=erahm, a=test-only
1c5ad04004929bf1e1dca21fe41a4e89181b66e5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1298043 - Re-disable mediasource-play-then-seek-back.html because it still fails intermittently. a=test-only
7f2f0754a1261a89164216070ae36e839e38d39bMichael Kaply — Bug 1294201. Update search plugins. r=florian, a=ritu
99eeb3248e0a1070cfbe8d405a3c6bf1906a7e28ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-170 - a=blocklist-update
14f2b7496a8e8fa1cca1889c2ce10382d5311d2affxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-170 - a=hpkp-update
a4ae1930e7b24b026385064a78bb3b5891416468ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-170 - a=hsts-update
d35ac86c5271f6ad22bf1f76b1bc8adb0398e7bdRandell Jesup — Bug 1298698: Block race between EnsureNextIteration and WaitForNextIteration r=karlt a=ritu
3cb50e5df49728e19c6f5bcb4c5b3fe34a9db53cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset a72bfbdf5c9b (bug 1294650) a=lizzard
1dd122df980683688de68d91fa8a3bf90eac19b4Michael Kaply — Bug 1299350 - If there is a homepage, show it at the end of the wizard. r=rnewman a=lizzard
68613c98775b2221a6687f9b34bb28c029533056Neil Deakin — Bug 1297909, improve handling when option elements are hidden inside a select, r=mconley a=lizzard
0baff3de0d576e482c2e88318029f367f77448c1Jon Coppeard — Bug 1288579 - Fix hang when GC is decommitting. r=terrence, a=ritu
ff1e5019f0c9071165e4a19a65217f807d5267dfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7968233f352e (bug 1296793) for causing bug 1299908. a=backout
b16b9d1eea136bba9d512610e79700192be4e646Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 82eb0241b83c (bug 1298752) for test_telemetry.js failures.
fde69933d9cc084bd7bcc70d7304b8ca032b67d8Kris Maglione — Bug 1298810: Pass Port object to listeners on native messaging ports. r=rpl a=ritu
6ea5133aab19860080b3d8b2221c2d5b5c17a465Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1298043 - Cherry-pick rev 9f514918f33580ea6c4f9d765aca0f8d6476eec0 from bug 1293613 to hopefully fix timeouts in mediasource-play-then-seek-back.html. a=test-only
99c0c53f5ea3ca670d75e420d165de97e60d6db1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5f59c9c92b8b (bug 1288579) for bustage.
d76058fbf56fd00bc0e69136a1f8ae73047efe74Kevin Chan — Bug 1254867 - Remove some CPOWs from browser_windowName.js to avoid a dead CPOW intermittent. r=mconley, a=test-only
8224f8bc9ebde49a01063402615a53168aa4694bWilliam Lachance — Bug 1263409 - In addon performance alert tests, poll to see if we get desired jank measurement. r=Yoric, a=test-only
47a382f6603005ef82df370924880d9471990f52Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1299172 - HTMLMediaElement::StreamSizeListener spring cleaning. r=jesup, a=ritu
fb3d52cace0ff3250b57e89e215bb0120307953cAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1299172 - Fix media element StreamSizeListener calling DispatchToMainThreadAfterStreamStateUpdate off-MSG-thread. r=jesup, a=ritu
c234a630802402b5f1878d59a58cce0e79923e49Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1299172 - Assert on MSG thread in DispatchToMainThreadAfterStreamStateUpdate. r=jesup, a=ritu
5968286c776b09bd2d008a9acf80ec0e7d667907Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1293505 - Part 3: Fix wrong key emulation in test_keycodes.xul. r=m_kato, a=ritu
87c57eedbd7f0f4b45c5b421b4a9d434025c0570Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1293505 - Part 2: KeyboardLayout::SynthesizeNativeKeyEvent() should emulate WM_SYEKEYDOWN, WM_SYSCHAR, WM_SYSDEADCHAR and WM_SYSKEYUP correctly. r=m_kato, a=ritu
9731047ebbfa20df44816f7874f57bc8eef9f318Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1293505 - Part 1: NativeKey should treat a key message as printable key's when the key message is followed by a printable char message. r=m_kato, a=ritu
82eb0241b83c35f4031525d50e651008c647633aMark Hammond — Bug 1298752 - Avoid including the profile directory in sync pings. r=tcsc, a=ritu
1636a87ec69424d84aaa3fc00ff1894c658221a1Michael Kaply — Bug 1299162 - Pass preferences.json to browser.js to avoid disk read. r=rnewman, a=ritu
7c6b0d878e8233344aa5cd9cc8356341fc8741d5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1299445 - Use distribution.ini directly to check if automigration is enabled. r=mkaply, a=lizzard
599fa314173b04654ab8e94ef04d77657ed91d59Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1298436 - Don't get caught in an endless loop when narrating last paragraph. r=jaws, a=lizzard
075cbb79ee62e34a14eee27e895049606f8d0edaSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1293650 - NotificationHelper: Create broadcast intent instead of activity intent. r=ahunt, a=ritu
27b3a5123d75480bf02b77120425ef94c83ab022Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1281220 - Remove about:accounts telemetry on Fennec. r=liuche, a=ritu
d73c5a331a0f70ab1cc38a3b85314ef2c85dd2b6Ting-Yu Chou — Bug 1297314 - Initialize IPC union parameters to void_t for the case when RecvKeywordToURI() returns early. r=kanru, a=ritu
5f59c9c92b8b9ea206975b7b37db483e85513a27Jon Coppeard — Bug 1288579 - Fix hang when GC is decommitting. r=terrence, a=ritu
9307efb6c537714cd9075375e919858790cbb9e1Paolo Amadini — Bug 1287384 - Fix icon and progress bar alignment in the Downloads Panel. r=jaws, a=ritu
8a65412e524b7b9515b5b6c4b54b5f7b813c23daBas Schouten — Bug 1293586 - Don't use command lists for an effect when that command list already has an effect with a command list used inside of it. r=mstange, a=ritu
6d1a9befbdc318d41328ad086720d0dfb6cd5626Phil Booth — Bug 1296328 - Update FxA device registration on password change. r=markh, a=ritu
a0763ab5e61d1f23dd393892a46734625b2b1ea6Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1289829 - Change mask SurfaceSize calculation. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
3b7c8b6aa43a6464d6794286bb3e7b887cec5c81Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1288445 - Use new hashed_fxa_uid field instead of the real FxA UID in sync telemetry ping. r=bsmedberg, r=markh, a=ritu
b7da20bef48fa32a43091d2095226f591e150629Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1289433 - Fix Eye dropper focus to support key shortcuts on it when opening from the inspector. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
0a787a252077640330496045bdde5ca018ccc727Wes Kocher — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1280947) for mn bustage a=backout
5779143fc12d6a751fedb0b8049d52f4bd10dad9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 2984e7af1c0e (bug 1244425) for mn bustage a=backout
97d651e84739f5fadf1c39604ce3235122549176Henrik Skupin — Bug 1298771 - Attach last-update.log to update results for Firefox UI update tests r=maja_zf a=testonly
7278fe6aa69fc1025ed799c3ffb427e01a89b665Henrik Skupin — Bug 1294054 - Use instead of in case of crashes with no active test. r=automatedtester a=testonly
c6d4012b25e6984a7d6d588bc9dc0d8198f112c2Henrik Skupin — Bug 1284457 - Reduce default socket timeout for Marionette to 60s r=ato a=testonly
ee62b64c48474df97712e1988528e8ec1606814aGregory Arndt — Bug 1263815 - retry xvfb startup. r=dustin a=npotb
2984e7af1c0e17309abcc6f9e20bdf0e3af1f4f8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1244425 - Avoid CPOW when setting file array on <input type=file>; r=automatedtester a=testonly
07b0869f14b0b7f5d426e76b1d48f08eb79cdd89Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280947 - Dispatch DOM change event on appending file to input; r=automatedtester a=testonly
605a200c593861624551992e5f5f01a718e229beAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280947 - Correct argument to event.sendEvent; r=automatedtester a=testonly
ed0707148ece695a4a6063f8a06ce9bceb94a6b5Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280947 - Remove dead File object construction code; r=automatedtester a=testonly
e758a626321d6ff1ea30a8178d8ec5fc35e971c4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280947 - Support tuples for script arguments; r=automatedtester a=testonly
3933108db994ae717529dd9df2c641e08b5c92f3Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280947 - Improve names of JSON marshaling methods in Marionette client; r=automatedtester a=testonly
a46345ccdae2f09ab412abe89ae28281419d0565Kris Maglione — Bug 1299256: Fix performance issues when stripping comments from large locale files. r=rpl a=gchang
8fd9e2518fc2730431cca774b377ed5f7bf577feGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1297446 - Shimwaiver for l10n. r=billm a=lizzard
6c81e14892719ff017d92f61dff2f41f57b764e0Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 1051567 - Make sure we resend file descriptors for the first chunk of a message. r=billm a=lizzard
b0726c0c5d3000060985db919150ccd991c879b5Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1298505 - CSP: Update StripURIForReporting to rely on NS_SecurityCompareURIs. r=dveditz a=lizzard
97c87f3e3854a925376ceab268e37df796cd574dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1294536 KeyboardLayout::InitNativeKey() shouldn't initialize NativeKey with WM_CHAR whose wParam isn't a printable character r=m_kato a=lizzard
29375a8f7973425e1e1759fe5608e7a18e4e1f01Eric Faust — Bug 1282746. r=Waldo a=gchang
7380ab03cf390926270fd5d66e17352c8f7d7d9fMartin Thomson — Bug 1188657 - Enable SSLKEYLOGFILE for non-release builds, r=kaie,glandium a=lizzard
6249384ff58d9b902612c0c926f81b1a2912725fAxel Hecht — Bug 1291275 - sys.stdout is utf-8 in mach, don't double-encode. r=glandium, a=ritu
d632eadae7e364e18124a2aab0936cf333850702Jed Davis — Bug 1295622 - Don't crash the content process if a memory report fails. r=njn, a=lizzard
25ca86f29088fae3ac4b8aa48a83a6a1f99bb7c8L. David Baron — Bug 1290825 - Reject various things that aren't user-action pseudo classes when they follow pseudo-elements. r=bz, a=lizzard
1954ae1ff39c60de190c744337259b12d83c01d5Mike Hommey — Bug 1291768 - Avoid SIGSEGV trying to read ELF headers of libraries with a non-null base virtual address. r=froydnj, a=lizzard
6337a31b7b04e332afe15b2d3647beb7a37b11d0Marco Bonardo — Bug 1297941 - eraseEverything may send notifications in the wrong order, causing an invalid GuidHelper cache. r=kcambridge a=ritu
fa475195cce705f74806ff304e31e12850715d4aFelipe Gomes — Bug 1299247 - Increase e10s activation on the release channel to 100% of eligible users. r=mconley a=ritu
7521a722866717c7bc4665c3a1f5d3882f52dc05Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1287316 - Release assert or deal with empty arrays. r=mstange, a=lizzard
2031351aaad91af6de7d332f05af8c135d243054Henry Chang — Bug 1293476 - Decouple URI_SAFE_TO_LOAD_IN_SECURE_CONTEXT and MAKE_LINKABLE. r=dveditz, a=gchang
06a16c8ce5546898a555b971ba291d3b87414c5bPatrick Brosset — Bug 1295607 - Avoid CSP errors when drawing the window into the eyedropper. r=miker, a=ritu
145d2272fe844b59a4b07d836273e0cef8bf31ddBen Kelly — Bug 1262702 - Avoid racing with initial shutdown in test_service_worker_lifetime.html. r=kitcambridge, a=test-only
7177e736768960cd807440961beee561ca7ce582Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1275142 - Allow a defect of restyle when the target element of SMIL animation is associated with an nsIFrame. r?birtles, a=testonly
6b222a7b59becaa25006567dc1b9c4a5c67b7e4eMichael Layzell — Bug 1280534 - Backout Bug 1242718 (Enable Select Events outside of Nightly) due to OWA breakage. r=smaug, a=ritu
9f9819fd9c3046b729d76448fa67493372cd9bbfMaire Reavy — Bug 1297951 - Add Sylaps to whitelist. r=jesup, a=ritu
d6db9615d16b36777f315e463ab487e81a0a04e3Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1292345 - Downloads panel didn't shrink to the fit height after all items are downloaded. r=paolo, a=ritu
1990fae00dfa8256bc6255be0c3e054635c3416bAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1292602 - Set notification client before launching Gecko to avoid crash on notification. r=sebastian, a=ritu
33cc5c04357816d99c089dcbafc9f9a842eb8353Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1241019 - Skip browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_03.js on e10s due to frequent failures. a=test-only
257de631a38c0465a05e51416b5c16c7c9ad0f7fJonathan Kew — Bug 1228799 - Part 2 - If AddFontMemResourceEx rejects a downloaded font that we tried to activate, check if its Microsoft cmap subtable is tagged as symbol-encoded, and if so fix it up and re-try the font activation. r=emk a=ritu
822036786a92c7674231836ceeb73e2140fcdb15Jonathan Kew — Bug 1228799 - Part 1 - Move GetTableFromFontData to gfxFontUtils as a static function, and expose FindTableDirEntry helper method. r=emk a=ritu
3a0e91dee1c6e7326ec695ab72b1c1ea0c3fad1dKevin Chen — Bug 1298318 - Add mIsPaintingSVGImageElement to operator==() and Hash() in SVGImageContext. r=dholbert, a=ritu
ca23401297492d3ccc01f237158c22582aed9f66Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1293308 - System font setting respected by location bar but ignored by location bar's autocomplete drop-down list. r=mak, a=ritu
5ef82dde6a86dcc38c37cfacc9a6c71104aa55edTrevor Saunders — Bug 1296942 - AccessibleWrap::GetXPAccessibleFor() should check there is a child at an index before returning it. r=davidb, a=abillings
524e793f63aa37fc7f8f911cfc3de8018fb4f311David Keeler — Bug 1298056 - Fix HSTS preload update script so it will continue when requests result in errors. r=jcj, a=ritu
d52d39c46763f03f5e663f5a40f22478380fdedcJ.C. Jones — Bug 1273475 - Use release assertions for PSM->NSS shutdown. r=ttaubert, a=lizzard
97cd2fba07b3deb43dc1d14a1babb0446c917f63David Keeler — Bug 1273475 - Fix deadlock and potential crash when PSM shuts down NSS. r=ttaubert, r=jcj, a=lizzard
84ebfedf75a1c23bbcb83a2f9e85997a329853d0Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1297534 - Revert the blocklist introduced to fix the startup crash in nsPrefBranch::GetIntPref (Websense Endpoint). r=aklotz, a=ritu
d594e43c1011e2041da94b9efc60cf36200b2bccKevin Chan — Bug 1283704 - Use .goBack() instead of contentWindow.history.back() to avoid CPOW usage in browser_bug812562.js. r=mconley, a=test-only
da952731c13a02a15cddb4d2971a1500f9a46000Kevin Chan — Bug 1134307 - Access the title of the loaded page by using ctx.tab2Browser.contentTitle in browser_bug592641.js to avoid CPOW usage. r=mconley, a=test-only
01a9a573e78df6fc97702c2d3d32a541f9107c31Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c3efd7828d05 because it depends on changes that are riding the Fx51 train. a=test-only
16676fabf4c6da9a46ba08a408b87e37927573b5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1298313 - Revert the third patch from bug 1256339 because it broke long-press context menus in non-e10s mode. r=backout a=ritu
845d630fe4a92ee297af9996f10d47e49171498bRail Aliiev — Bug 1290179 - Automatically update SHA1 bouncer aliases r=jlund a=release DONTBUILD
285149724c552472e5c8f146ed39b49fab62253aFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1298596 - Add Burmese (my) and Tagalog (tl) to browser all-locales r=gueroJeff a=ritu
d6b420b13a6a605ae6718ae8dd918fb967c38de4Mike Conley — Bug 1294456 - Regression test. r=automatedtester a=testonly
52ce999aa5949dfce9992f5c7d6e4c1ea27fc793Mike Conley — Bug 1294456 - Stop Marionette from being confused about which tab it currently cares about in each window. r=automatedtester a=testonly
97238d31562d70a6e1270ffd4869f2880efeb1a8CuriousLearner — Bug 1271330 - Avoid homepage overrides in the default profile; r=davehunt,whimboo a=testonly
5ed3f227fe0bb039f7e0b7210d2d3d9517d82d53Justin Dolske — Bug 1298208 - add bug number and notification emails for migrator probes, removing them from exception whitelist. r=mattn a=lizzard
47d0465d6f577407e3a9e4cc9e16c4a5ab887b53Justin Dolske — Bug 1298208 - FX_MIGRATION_HOMEPAGE_IMPORTED probe is (incorrectly) always true. r=mattn a=lizzard
c3e815e20c7f689023910729b3178b9728c2cd29Tim Nguyen — Bug 1296917 - Fix erronous references to itemToggle.png. r=bgrins a=ritu
42711ffd066bd25cc831e82411809c8084b50101Julian Seward — Bug 1296678 - Uninitialised value use in nsDisplayBackgroundImage::IsNonEmptyFixedImage. r=botond. a=ritu
4c1c760f05a81812965bfd3dc5106df0b2a45359Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1292573 - Broken keyboard interaction with the subview in the Downloads Panel. r=Paolo a=ritu
d46712bc4455eb064447f7a2835b7452772c878fMason Chang — Bug 1295214. Correct for negative vsync timestamps on windows. r=jrmuizel a=ritu
aaa878146a67eb7af1d07652e79f913a92339971Cameron McCormack — Bug 1294161 - Add operator== overloads for comparing HandlRefPtrs to their raw Handles. r=bholley a=ritu
7034b14c71ba4cfa4ffa1e4160d449e0e816d734Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1286490: Handle IPC timeout exceptions during elevated updates on OSX. r=mstange a=ritu
5f96fd50606040db113865523e80ba5848f1ac96Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1295639 - TwoLinePageRow: Use stripAboutReaderUrl() instead of getUrlFromAboutReader(). r=ahunt a=ritu
e17961c6b9ae20b89f931ee24430d563847d265dWilliam Lachance — Bug 1295630 - Allow a/v syncing to be ruined when running talos r=jmaher a=ritu
bac8c738419eb9ff1fe0947120e879707d19c97bDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1292566 - The "open" button in the subview for uncommon and potentially unwanted downloads should not ask for confirmation. r=Paolo a=ritu
0721c01c5e73a9228c27285fa2f422f091153eb2Matthew Gregan — Bug 1296988 - Update libnestegg. r=rillian a=ritu
7968233f352e3bac51909671b1480269a72a5c47Matt Woodrow — Bug 1296793 - Don't assume that layer flattening was 100% successful and treat all layers as opaque. r=tnikkel a=ritu
1b935d2bbf0b7dc4d58dd176e28f06bb177b558eKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1269036 - Never call PBrowserChild::Send__delete__ in content process. r=smaug a=ritu
1bc4cc8271058198af1652b2fdf2445a0fdfabe5Patrick Brosset — Bug 1295008 - Hide the previous eyedropper when we request to show a new one; r=miker a=ritu
21e634320cc7519d011ca8e28dbb8be116388897Michael Froman — Bug 1295552 - restart ice ctx needs stun/turn/dns setup to match original ctx. r=drno a=ritu
c66cc1b3d2273988fc49f14ca70464302248cb6aJared Wein — Bug 1286627 - Check for undefined shell service before dereferencing it in the ShellService proxy. Linux builds that disable gio do not have the shell service defined and the proxy was throwing. r=Gijs a=ritu
02876d17a0b794ac7c2959a763a92960463d92b0Jan Henning — Bug 1296411 - Correctly transform the adapter position to a cursor position when accessing the history cursor for getItemId. r=sebastian a=ritu
4bcd5c359498042511695c565e1d4beec1447579Matt Howell — Bug 1277627 - Added module for working with attribution codes, including tests; r=mconley a=ritu
3c133d122ea1f2557c342855529ef54717e77f8bJames Willcox — Bug 1255628 - Remove AndroidNativeWindow, as we can use the NDK functions directly now r=rbarker a=ritu
72984b90a3534fafe0dcaf56c51a8876f59ec8c6James Willcox — Bug 1255628 - Replace and/or remove some graphics-related calls in AndroidBridge with NDK equivalents r=jchen a=ritu
16bf54c7ba56ef29033c9026e652de0a86d7a82aMihai Tabara — Bug 1288434 - fix buildbot props in mark release as shipped. r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
c819e284a13937fc955c2efb6da7fdf9c5bb8b88Dão Gottwald — Bug 1292593 - Add missing border to autocomplete popups. r=gijs a=ritu
a163da3582e35a2e58d844fc23c28193149891eeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1298084 - Manually tick the refresh driver to ensure the interrupted reflow happens when we want it to. r=tnikkel a=test-only
f6d69919d05a774439b18fd0818fa927504289b9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1298401 - Ensure that eNone scroll update types from the APZC don't prevent eUserAction scroll updates from getting sent. r=tnikkel a=ritu
350ef810694c3704431f65c91bd83b9f2e933622Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1297934. Enforce the invariant that every display item class has a different display item type for nsDisplayFocusRing. r=mattwoodrow a=lizzard
4124f3349865847168c3b3db3b4d690e1b4e0214Michael Kaply — Bug 1294730 - Send distribution referrers to Adjust. r=rnewman a=lizzard
4aacede9f1b374ad665bbb117c1d34e29a1b3992Michael Smith — Bug 1296087: Improve getter cache r=nbp a=lizzard
abe478444437c9d310eafec265d5f9441c5f13bfChris Pearce — Bug 1295853 - Only enable Widevine on whitelisted Tier-1 build targets. r=glandium a=lizzard
fc6c71b49d556ffd415e3008e626254aa10bbaf8Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1296750 - Don't crash if multiple files have same timestamp in TelemetryJSONFilePingStore.deleteSmallestFiles r=Grisha a=ritu
c20fd556d0658ba8d3ffbff508dfc2bfb587213dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1297099 - Change LoadManagerSingleton WeakPtr to RefPtr. r=jesup a=lizzard
b430f432c76b1d9bb08d60e3951658e97aee5595Alexander Surkov — Bug 1287721 - Keep strong pointers for nodes in the invalidation list of a document accessible. r=smaug a=lizzard
8eaf4affd3321ba544c4289d15c6e81d6b0f4c71Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297370 - Provide security flag for channel within snapshotlist. r=gijs a=lizzard
e7145d5a6c29e99bad06262ebb910f9654b97ee3Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297051 - Test CSPRO should not block mixed content. r=dveditz a=ritu
7773a88b7025976105e73787e3f5e7541c6396dfChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297051 - CSPRO should not block mixed content. r=dveditz a=ritu
c7673e35bbec1810373bf047ba9492fe17348855dimi — Bug 1269253 - Blank error page in iframe with insecure connection. r=smaug a=ritu
20f87138518978764eec0c06541d7d58ddbd8d15Michael Layzell — Bug 1159244 - Add release mode bounds checking with custom annotations to nsTArray, r=froydnj a=ritu
4d38a69eda61f663463af8f020447e9afbb118b1Randell Jesup — Bug 1294753: encode all available audio on each cycle instead of one 'packet' r=rillian a=ritu
e02ff365129834713735afeb44d9d4b4490687e1Mihai Tabara — Bug 1288434 - Add task to mark release as shipped. r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
e58e63e362ff2a402bc7f22f0193097d07c418f1Olli Pettay — Bug 1295914 - Improve the label of the button of folder picker. r=baku, r=mstange, r=karlt, r=jimm, a=abillings, l10n=flod
433caaa37ccff62cfc755946b69bdf958b8dbeb5Olli Pettay — Bug 1295914 - Improve the title of the folder picker a bit. r=baku, a=abillings, l10n=flod
e3325d1992029b7636ebfcbd1e0ef1fe13d36f46Mats Palmgren — Bug 1281102 - Don't create table continuations unless we're paginating, and don't do grid fragmentation with unconstrained available bsize. r=dholbert, a=ritu
eb26f80b9dc8f05442d16effbb5747afe062676aKris Maglione — Bug 1296934 - Prevent background pages from showing up in global history. r=gabor, a=ritu
1536a4c14d4e6741d5b06fd32f92bb7ee59f601fSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1287387 - Remove FENNEC_RESTRICTED_PROFILE_RESTRICTIONS histogram. r=liuche, a=ritu
6e4a66c6dfd39f4953a84d9c85539e209e53875dSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1287387 - Set histograms FENNEC_CUSTOM_HOMEPAGE, FENNEC_LOAD_SAVED_PAGE, ZOOMED_VIEW_ENABLED to expire in Firefox 60.0. r=liuche, a=ritu
9f8c7f35cf7596d2ca31393832ad4e97dafdcbc6James Long — Bug 1278551 - Fix resizing debugger panels in veritcal layout. r=ejpbruel, a=ritu
b0bdfbe111a24b0fc74a976646932c2e38781ee8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1280346 - [mp4] Always use SPS dimensions if available. r=gerald, r=rillian, a=ritu
4afc101231caed04859bf7dc98c846336cd76065Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1217715 - Don't limit the system scroll override to the root content. r=botond, r=masayuki, a=ritu
4cb3737983b122768aaf7bbff06d540f1783d303Anthony Jones — Bug 1287397 - Fix wave chunk size overflow. r=cpearce, a=lizzard
4b7940941f4554c383299bd819f9d8a0199e4828Dão Gottwald — Bug 1293023 - Don't hardcode black as the text color in the downloads panel footer. r=paolo, a=ritu
1955c0608854470cba71d271e26d5cde4668ee4dEthan Lin — Bug 1290628 - Change the assertion rule to prevent assert with large number. r=lsalzman, a=ritu
2438f69a60b794a561afd38a2b7780396e06731cHenrik Skupin — Bug 1298332 - Enable missing puppeteer unit tests r=me, a=testonly
21fd3ea62d8ccb941ac7e14d85034c5799073635Chris Pearce — Bug 1258870 - Don't push late video frames to the compositor, drop them. r=jwwang,a=ritu
458d5f0a55bbb2423091a2108cab633321a64d26Robert Strong — bug 1291985 - disable updater xpcshell tests on XP debug to prevent intermittent failures due to Process32FirstW failures on debug. r=mhowell, a=tests
3a73ccd4e90e826d14b54d084d0fb3768271796cMike Conley — Bug 1292239 - Add utility to BrowserTestUtils to wait for load of selected browser in a brand new window. r=Felipe, a=test-only
95e4986d9803655d61e2975b9f06fdaf1937c79fRandell Jesup — Bug 1255737 - Don't set a shutdown timer if we don't have a shutdown ticket. r=pehrsons, a=lizzard
c0cb39e5174697d693a1e3e006ff429ef7b6bca8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1292781 - Add a test. r=tnikkel, a=lizzard
23cb9f2e57ff1f6f0f947b8657f874ade8baed84Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1292781 - Send scroll-position-restore updates to APZ, but don't allow them to clobber user scrolls. r=tnikkel, a=lizzard
7a83abda0b0893deb402638ed6ddbae18c491dfbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1286179 - For APZ repaint requests that are triggered by main-thread updates, don't attempt to re-scroll the main thread. r=tnikkel, a=lizzard
f5dd9aec59ef3ffc40975f4974ade1ec6820f963Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1286179 - Update an existing test to catch this new instance of the bug. r=tnikkel, a=lizzard
e29cdbb036abf01b465dcbae14d6252feb115102Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1292500 - Notify WebrtcUI when video capturing is paused/resumed. r=gcp, a=lizzard
ee6808c347afdf6a341bdc8992fe297764546dafGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289906 - Part 2: Add more generic telemetry for undo reasons. r=bsmedberg, r=markh, a=lizzard
0fe247649cf4fccc9bb86ea1b3896ee451c2d32bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289906 - Part 1: Use an observer to know when the user signs into sync after an undo. r=markh, a=lizzard
656a6b1bdec9749882809999daa4cdc740e7054aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289231 - Remove notification after it's been displayed for 3 days. r=dolske, a=lizzard
468ca2351fe24b9244915e7d2ffde07810849f64Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289231 - Show 'undo' notification bar. r=dolske, a=lizzard
c2aa582a598090ba22e6fd0a6550a06bdc316161Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289436 - Add telemetry for the length of time we take to import data. r=jaws, r=bsmedberg, a=lizzard
45689e52b2e6d1a0988cb3eeafe2b6e2f4654b38Nathan Froyd — Bug 1296078 - Avoid passing nsCString objects to %s format string codes. r=gerald, a=lizzard
fa1adee0fb582bc6ae5542047d09b02a37e2a6f9Robert Helmer — Bug 1295732 - Update system add-on spec to reflect override behavior of updates. r=mkelly, a=NPOTB
295ba38f59c87aa0ece0a187e403e71adcf5c9b7Robert Helmer — Bug 1295732 - Allow system add-ons updates to override defaults per addon ID. r=aswan, a=ritu
5eb305dd00ae7a6f949727e7a1c82d11e5310f21Hector Zhao — Bug 1295894 - Show localized strings for browserAction/pageAction title. r=kmag, a=gchang
5e9947ac9881a64256dd518ec8352f206fd0e68aAndrew Comminos — Bug 1284742 - Replace profile directory traversal with a generated directory tree in dom/filesystem/test/test_basic.html. r=mystor, a=test-only
b0b52bebfd3dff0705f0efddc1d0827144eb1e21Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1294677 - Check for large image sizes. r=jrmuizel, a=abillings
e851620e760b9cd4171da96fb67ed929bbe1431ePatrick Brosset — Bug 1289553 - Move the eyedropper label so it's always visible. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
f23d8ea54ced4980a8c375f41fce8afe5b2bdcabKris Maglione — Bug 1271374 - Cache-bust page URL. r=me, a=test-only
b6d35508be5b9bb4049e3902cd371751993cb86adimi — Bug 1291024 - Avoid caching safebrowsing testcase resources. r=francois
0801ef134cad49e7da4011ff04ba9f7c0738bf1aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1277811 - Fix by scrolling element into view before press() is called. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
1d42160deab394f3c81d35f2897c6d660b2d3d41Rail Aliiev — Bug 1296354 - Properly handle etags generated by multipart s3 uploads r=nthomas a=release DONTBUILD
30b1e0880c0f629c19f19b83576e6f5bd4f72a15Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1296907 - Fix 1px offset of private browsing to 'normal' browsing window. r=mstange, a=ritu
1498a3c2f15c0631f883a70d4faa22d39c855750George Wright — Bug 1296524 - Don't add Skia to the allowable canvas types unless USE_SKIA is defined. r=mchang, a=ritu
a453051db7bf33fde00a8ff2b68f1c08e6b72ee0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1296453 - [MSE] P2. Clean up SourceBufferResource. r=gerald, a=lizzard
fc33239f919a377fed3d9bd3185e14c25ab7d7c6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1296453 - [MSE] P1. Fix eviction. r=gerald, a=lizzard
41d9edca678070b9a830202c7fe9d60ca5c46c69Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1293593 - Fix crash due to an Objective-C exception when calling getRed:green:blue:alpha on an NSColor instance with an incompatible NSColorSpace. r=mstange, a=sledru
2da9027d1d97e238331057c80243184f5dafe22fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1292628 - Make sure our surface is good before locking it. r=mstange, a=ritu
57ab6cc9d420e4a04b61a364754891f2298f0ae0Sudhanva — Bug 1289848 - Download toolbar button reverts to lodpi when pressed. r=dao, a=ritu
8a0abccd95639178abc9c36aebd9e0c7cf9ea5d5Nathan Froyd — Bug 1296642 - Avoid compiling {Read,Write}Sentinel calls in non-sentinel checking builds. r=billm, a=ritu
cb7323bec3e585dbcf1ec19dc636c76dce96c599Jesse Ruderman — Bug 1288608 - Crashtest. a=ritu
65d572272708ae8e623e60022119536e2626eab7Mats Palmgren — Bug 1288608 - Ensure the normal position is stored on a property before setting the relative position. r=jfkthame, a=ritu
b7595b0e873652d31aaf1018193dde1f031b33d6Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 775512 - HistoryDividerItemDecoration: Add license header. r=ahunt, a=ritu
97dd093ea5c7e2dc11f29ddfaf0d881c64dfb95cSebastian Kaspari — Bug 775512 - HistoryDividerItemDecoration: Ignore views that do not have an adapter position anymore. r=ahunt, a=ritu
d6be383e84be73c4b1d1e7d2248c978e501a6b40Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1296004 - Disable bug 1186948 via a new pref. r=mconley, a=ritu
9429146dc481233ffa4c62cc41a8ff382fd2d690Olli Pettay — Bug 1295922 - <input type=file webkitdirectory>.click() doesn't work. r=baku, a=ritu
ab917c9f7f7e9c8c9897e04ce5b1add02be6d722Kyle Machulis — Bug 1287588 - Fix parameter ordering in embed tags. r=bsmedberg, a=ritu
b41ad28f49b25f11c30b917dbeacfe8afae0b7a4Bevis Tseng — Bug 1275518 - Add null pointer check before accessing DatabaseInfo::mConnection. r=janv, a=ritu
86ea9bc05db39457487dc04a0e03805845f210eeJarda Snajdr — Bug 1294355 - Pass correct arguments to openLocationInDebugger in console stack trace. r=bgrins, a=ritu
35a1c9a9d263fd9343834162a4bb4e4435ac03acBob Silverberg — Bug 1295301 - history.onVisitRemoved argument is wrong after a call to history.deleteAll. r=aswan, a=ritu
d560a3e332dd38246c2b624a1c1d36c0a4a8d196Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1295160 - Changing access key of Containers menu item to B as C was currently in use. r=baku, a=ritu, l10n=ritu
5277c74e20357c8d1233bf6c1d0113de0fe5404fJared Wein — Bug 1221174 - Define the HiDPI version of Share's add-share-button for all themes. r=dolske, a=sledru
5aec8a7d79ca1847abded71d6c43c8558d3473bcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1264053 - MessagePort should support transferable objects in multi-e10s - part 3. r=me, a=sledru
cf237b1047044713b1b0db79a3b0af318a2090c3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1264053 - MessagePort should support transferable objects in multi-e10s - part 2. r=sfink, a=sledru
b6788af0c17645f95d93995904b63d7841f035baAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1264053 - MessagePort should support transferable objects in multi-e10s. r=sfink, r=smaug, r=jorendorff, r=janv, a=sledru
190417df2e2fec652cfabec2bb9a227f14c0de34Nicolas Silva — Bug 1294969 - Path flattening should not skip the first inflection point if it is at t=0.0. r=Bas, a=ritu
5d048e93dd79fdec483bd4dd2fd5a6a79c965b5aJarda Snajdr — Bug 1290680 - Add test coverage for TooltipToggle on HTMLTooltip. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
f249312855c246c677e4c46456666ea0fbf8c627Jarda Snajdr — Bug 1290680 - Test the mouse leaving the widget in browser_net_image-tooltip.js. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
c0a227502cb4297c7fecbb9eff3f3c9e769fab95Jarda Snajdr — Bug 1290680 - Netmonitor mousemove throws TypeError: this._baseNode.contains is not a function. r=jdescottes, a=ritu
a353fc4095ca9a489b4ef728607a42d630a20477Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1294102 - Use the original height that is not affected by the top to decide the button style on OSX. r=mstange, a=gchang
9b637ce2fc3a1bb887e2c10fcdf597485ddaec20Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1291524 - Load correct containers data in ensureDataReady method. r=paolo, a=ritu
c3efd7828d05bb960533675df49c43b8c63ca522Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - [MSE] P7. Adjust webref expected results. r=gerald, a=lizzard
406d8567f67f084a7580e09af60d7f0166b3b4d4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - [MSE] P6. Call NotifyDataArrived from MediaDecoder. r=gerald, a=lizzard
5289599089085d1d7e8b8772f7616da483d8b002Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - [MSE] P5. Adjust currentTime to end position in MediaDecoder. r=jwwang, a=lizzard
1d21ee1349fc3faca03e2db4278728a50d496110Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - [MSE] P4. Do not adjust duration to what data we may have been seen in the past. r=jwwang, a=lizzard
4db9c594a2a1346c47f78dd287d6e31200938c4fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - Update webref MSE tests according to updated spec. r=gerald, a=lizzard
de5617e33f399f69b77d0dd4dfa400f3d6450e42Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - [MSE] P2. Change webref expectations now that the test is valid. r=jwwang, a=lizzard
61c7711193eef45737235dda88eedf0432521d48Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128069 - Correct invalid test. r=jwwang, a=lizzard
9d5109af8c1d562bbdf30e035a2021717453d16eBob Owen — Bug 1288194 - Part 2: Fix incorrectly recorded argument in DrawTargetRecording::PushLayer. r=bas, a=ritu
45e8335e629e371a21f4c1effe65c012956e1c45Bob Owen — Bug 1288194 - Part 1: Implement PathBuilderRecording::Arc correctly. r=bas, a=ritu
a1d6e5e2864b11d5224c4002b4f8b9b41d2992ccGeorge Wright — Bug 1289525 - Shrink the TextureClientPool to maximum size after a short delay, and clear the pool after a longer delay. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
40076409f9b525ab4414e2919bfad49566fe55aeJulian Descottes — Bug 1290086 - Use multiline inplace editor for markupview autocompletes. r=gl, a=ritu
8194b6ebcb72d699420315234762ebea6b718de4Markus Stange — Bug 1259872 - Don't cull all layers under an opaque layer that covers the container if that layer has a scrolled clip. r=mattwoodrow, a=ritu
3dd6a13350a60ce469965828c4fd7844b7ab31b3alexander Bug 1246447 - Crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::ARIAAttributeChanged. r=yzen, a=ritu
4306add4a88a27e7fac9ff603c987f9bf444d267Brian Grinstead — Bug 1286844 - Add [title] for source location onto the inner ltr element. r=jsnajdr, a=ritu
b0b057f49fa609dd1295452759226aa6cc933034Olli Pettay — Bug 1274079 - Ensure that after dispatching beforeprint, we have still valid ContentViewer to print. r=bz, a=ritu
fceb720697c7934ff1b50d4ff3a6a8b3aec736d6Geoff Brown — Bug 1271104 - Avoid menu selection in robocop testPrivateBrowsing. r=sebastian, a=test-only
16b511b4776c44c7c5ad36e60b90f0b50d520b8dRob Wood — Bug 1259329 - Split test up to fix intermittent timeout. r=jmaher, a=test-only
4008796e979af0a7ee9e99990cc4ff08023988b0Henrik Skupin — Bug 1296562 - Revert order for crash and socket checks in do_process_check decorator. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
a71ff2ff3271356643448c19e41b84acbd53f0e4Henrik Skupin — Bug 1293982 - TcpTransport.close() has to force a shutdown of the socket. r=ato, a=test-only
a38dbd94a596b8b7a987b1b134b0826639dd7311Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1230151 - Skip out of sync messages in Marionette client. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
3233a69a1ce81f612863338a1f8c598982e7df06Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1230151 - Fix skip_unless_protocol ignore decorator. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
d8e648eee1db802d93558f923339b63964059f8dHenrik Skupin — Bug 1283791 - Firefox-ui-tests taskcluster tasks have to upload reports (html, xml) as artifacts. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
10c5f2b25f7d0d3014c7b0b526d0a0cbda6f3bc4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1280300 - Support navigation by fragment. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
a154688665227d256e76d6560e777de8feea0c73Randell Jesup — Bug 1294095: Swap order of notifications on association failure r=bwc a=abillings
f904541591788835d6c9f229b487abdb2e11ed30Kim Moir — Bug 1290548 - Unbranded add-on developer builds are updating to branded Firefox builds r=jlund DONTBUILD a=test-only
e9da92c75a6933143d43fba52e57cad2a7d9246cRandell Jesup — Bug 1297083: Don't insert audio for GetUserMedia N times if opened N times r=pehrsons a=gchang
4808dc6e844f73db06db0405114d9cb1884e7bf4Nick Thomas — Bug 1296449, statically link mbsdiff.exe, like we do for mar.exe r=glandium a=sylvestre
a72bfbdf5c9b36e68ca806a25944180f2652f0c9Jim Mathies — Bug 1294650 - Install shim 'qipcap' dlls into the Firefox folder to circumvent dll injection by the 3rd party Websense product. r=aklotz a=sylvestre
36fd886d42c158fb2c613681c938960dfccda74bJan Odvarko — Bug 1291972 - Decrease inspector sidebar min-width to 300px; r=jdescottes a=ritu
07189ee916253fe9692528551ad1b96bc6c1bcccRobert Strong — Bug 1291985 - Remove failing check from tests that run in parallel. r=mhowell, a=tests
89e811fde1ac900bdd55b071d3d397dc80afb31dRobert Strong — Bug 1287176 test code - Status file not written for staging errors. r=mhowell, a=tests
ddd7e7dd100e8f631696a0060f7ac5bcb2345d0bRobert Strong — Bug 1287176 client code - Status file not written for staging errors. r=mhowell, a=rkothari
7b44f5b3b0bb503b79166ac861b1f3f9c1f8abb9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e1f3ed984607 (bug 1261585) for causing bug 1292586 a=backout
3443b3c753233c7ea260b09366b4b28ac2c4525aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1292355 - firefox-ui-tests should upload minidump files as artifacts. r=maja_zf a=testonly
2a0981531355dc77614e72c72fda7498bb074ffeTimothy Nikkel — Backed out changeset 37340346a89e (Bug 1289628 - Return ISurfaceProvider objects from SurfaceCache lookup functions. r=dholbert,edwin) for causing bug 1292290. a=ritu
e6bbc936ae4ab1c5880c5ea3ad48839c748b5262Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1292522 - Add test for bug 1292522 - the same domain host with different port numbers must be treated as the same domain. r=smaug a=lizzard
b559173b179738169662cc2203d1831cd7ec9a7bDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1292522 - Fix regression from bug 409885. r=smaug a=lizzard
44330fe94f7b84c08273d659b6a77f408338c9ebMats Palmgren — Bug 1293985 part 2 - Make EnumerateSubDocuments resilient to adding/removing sub-documents. r=tn a=lizzard
ba8075cd3fb917e38d90669c29c97a683fbf8b21Mats Palmgren — Bug 1293985 part 1 - Hold a strong ref on aDocument. r=tn a=lizzard
938357e8d2546003e4dbb7a5158ca75ca48ac757Mats Palmgren — Bug 1288946 - Propagate the mParentFrame from the nested GetInsertionPrevSibling call -- it may be a continuation. r=heycam a=lizzard
4998add2cdadd31a8a3c106a231731edd8216b52cku — Bug 1294171 - Part 1. Treat unresolvable mask as no mask before support image mask. r=mstange a=lizzard
28353c3a97ed6409a37f15d62b0be87ae37b91dbHonza Bambas — Bug 1291700 - Allow negotiate/ntml to work when in the 'Never remember history' mode. r=jduell a=lizzard
41fb33de0efc503eb5c4d8c27c708bc99011b12cSaad Quadri — Bug 1274042 - Remove unnecessary edge case handling for E10S mode in prompt tests. r=Dolske a=lizzard
6d735a27df8fbe3d8bac08d895b862bfe963994eSaad Quadri — Bug 1274042 - Fix checkbox for HTTP auth dialogs in e10s. r=Dolske a=lizzard
6f1c9caedd87771d03d5e2808a4e821136679221Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1296059 - Remark failures. - a=test-fix
f4aa3c3af595bf44fcfbc8ec7b6190ed207090e2Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Run element enabled check before accessibility checks; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
393b9382b1fcc5b4d373a2698b7c1f257fdb922aAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Simplify element.clickElement complexity; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
72f83f7e308c690bd26a0d974905d10248208e66Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Document clickElement and calculateCentreCoords; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
30edafac6164335cf7327071093541cf48aec0b2Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Add support for interacting with <select> elements; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
c06be43a960f65d518b5f26cab3275c52f4fe23bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Add shorthands for generating common DOM events; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
0e8d2fe2a20582d6dec7980b3937cb6941753802Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Add function to dispatch events to event library; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
5a591a1a98cd19e8e92c86676d65b85828a9338eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Use correct argument in event.synthesizeMouse; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
b8d43d25038b267df410a18a50987ee0bf7428afAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Fix event.sendMouseEvent to work in privileged space; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
4371df1f298aaf24ea09459e9df22bea04fdef91Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Fix event.parseModifiers_ to not use module argument name; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
6b1c452bd581489d196104419e6b90cee1a9c4f4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Rename a11y functions check* to assert*; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
fc55305fb268a9bc21654175e17df5118bed007dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Perform click checks as part of promise; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
f1da984b8731e75e13b1b523cee9f275d6276939Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Recalculate visibility after scrolling; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
decf2949ae6ca51b8591e901fe7e78455b5b4d12Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Scroll element into view when not visible; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
2f7f2aa1c730f74abb54271c5ba517281e8383ceAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1255955 - Rename checkbox test to not conflict with select tests; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
43bb1045128202b9bd06d20075aceedb779fdda5Jonathan Hao — Bug 1294237 - Set userContextId when DOMContentLoaded before updateBrowserRemoteness. r=mconley, a=ritu
b29125ec5eb965e4db5c992f95e9d25bfcd499daRay Lin — Bug 1293601 - Show slider and mute button at first show on video touch control. r=jaws, a=ritu
b3c6b197d3efb90db27950d1d96dd5b52ea0a2d5bechen — Bug 1294142 - Fix TimeMarchesOn crash. r=jwwang, a=ritu
c12fc22f63b34294a11df81fd48600a09906fc01Dave Townsend — Bug 1294439 - Mark add-ons as soft disabled even if they are app disabled. r=aswan, a=ritu
baaef0504ff7b390b83297091b9cdfa241b79d2cRay Lin — Bug 1291013 - Adjust closed caption button spacing. r=jaws, a=ritu
c6110450ff8f25ee4ce5073a9a4a4cb48474ecd5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1292081 - Prevent reloading web pages twice when devtools are opened. r=jryans, a=ritu
b263ff7776f278a5c0e0f4d70e1d6b209f4c4542Jon Coppeard — Bug 1292564 - Fix OOM handling while constructing DebugScopes. r=terrence, a=ritu
dd4b4df3eb2ac6f1e5812db4d55dbbdbfd2d7827Rakhi Sharma — Bug 1289510 - Bookmark toolbar items should match navbar toolbar item hover style when lightweight themes are applied. r=jaws, a=ritu
2d7fe7b749885dce85a312448ab8f30d955d78e7Paolo Amadini — Bug 1001324 - The Downloads Panel footer should use the same style as the application menu. r=adw, a=ritu
2065ffb539e10304f2e02007791f8ae045144da5Kevin Chen — Bug 1285320 - Part 2: Purge border-image cache when hypothetical SVG viewport changes, if using SVG image with no aspect ratio. r=dholbert, a=ritu
20dbba05457b32b4350868102fcd3886b796ac3bKevin Chen — Bug 1285320 - Part 1: Add struct "CachedBorderImageData" to keep cached data for border in nsStyleImage. r=dholbert, a=ritu
0e4499ae0f81b2fe9e349f66934f7a2bfbf04035Rob Wood — Bug 1280290 - Split test up to fix intermittent docshell leak. r=jmaher, a=test-only
71313593e2458fe97824d2419c17f8ec7766e7fbGeoff Brown — Bug 1296644 - Allow test_2_conformance__canvas__rapid-resizing.html to pass on Win 7. r=jmaher, a=test-only
9aea5a70f2679e59ad80a66785215a10c7073928Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1296059 - Fix test harness to force-enable webgl2. CLOSED TREE
e60871a5840385e6f0b920da333b18e7004f96f4Mike Conley — Bug 1290280 - Make bug_423132.js more resilient to the initial browser being remote by default. r=mikedeboer,a=ritu
05be9a2b29ca242ca0d1dd04b24dfae5f4c0c90aMike Conley — Bug 1290280 - Add tests for window state restoration remoteness flips. r=mikedeboer,a=ritu
364dc4a98c9fe6ad4c3608081143b874ed6dc8d4Mike Conley — Bug 1290280 - Improve the logic for flipping the remoteness of the initial browser back to non-remote. r=mikedeboer,a=ritu
e13de0688d79198ad5fe7070707e4963aa695ef7Mike Conley — Bug 1291860 - Don't flip remoteness of pinned tabs on session restore. r=mikedeboer,a=ritu
b80ba1b2fb9c57b44ca8b8dd2553829cb84017deJeff Gilbert — Bug 1296059 - Restore pref-gating for webidl, and update test_interfaces. - r=mrbkap a=sylvestre
168b10cafd7a0eb12a434b7b9725cd6ce3156175Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1296059 - Disable WebGL2 and dx_interop for 50. - r=milan a=sylvestre
0b2e1f4c1af39800b1e33d2f2e5e88f9aee5e8a0Michael Niedermayer — Bug 1289280 - Check the input frame sizes for being consistent. r=jya, a=abillings
a55ede08a8bad53f6fbecf32aea2df6e28980e7fBrian Birtles — Bug 1291665 - Unregister from refresh driver in DocumentTimeline::Unlink. r=hiro, a=abillings
84b11aee0b433f8ca33c870804965f5f9e952261Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1255261 - Read current paragraph after pressing stop. r=jaws, a=ritu
18102c4b22762693f42bc71e12180a32090731fdRail Aliiev — Bug 1290179 - Add bouncer products for SHA1 installers r=Callek a=release DONTBUILD
0417cb2c8a385549ae12daa88c0e3a19ea185fe0Tobias Schneider — Bug 1275591 - Enable plugin content blocking by default. r=bsmedberg, a=lizzard
d5c53363e8e424477c1f8e648d9032698871397dSami Jaktholm — Bug 1288213 - Fix and re-enable intermittent layout view tests. r=gl, a=test-only
b7b4939fdff36184b67dd518010a4ff2b9640191Panos Astithas — Bug 1292728 - Fix broken test after the recent safebrowsing list changes. r=whimboo, a=test-only
d23f68f5cb77934e673700bfaaaf607893a2df9bRandell Jesup — Bug 1294407: Clean up H264 STAP-A handling r=pkerr a=abillings
13c0062b6b6d58bd61f45de08f8f5d4380a70407Randell Jesup — Bug 1293976: make mAudioInputs use RefPtrs r=pehrsons a=abillings
f2842fbb9b2878f74353fca05131f259b2b3ddaaByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1293347: Move the set/unset of |cur_it| to a better place. r=tuexen,jduell a=abillings
947cb99af8fef61905b281d29e86c9a216a9ddcaHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1286480 - [10.12] Widevine CDM always crashes on Amazon since upgrade to macOS Sierra. r=gcp,a=ritu
c43cb7e9ce93af133fe4eaee82699b1889d206d2Chris Pearce — Bug 1294649 - Don't show EME plugins in the plugin list that are disabled. r=spohl,a=ritu
cf696b986483b2b58c760e0063c8260904c7fe8dChris Pearce — Bug 1294649 - Ensure 'Play DRM Content' is unchecked by default on Linux. r=gerald,a=ritu
bf25a87f89663b10c12ee01a623da8c3a1a57e63Johann Hofmann — Bug 1290927 - Remove hash link from technical info on certerror pages. r=Gijs, a=ritu
be48ab980c56273dbcc9ec74bf9570934e0fb920Ian Stakenvicius — Bug 1282843 - Add ability to specify system paths to @old_configure_options. r=glandium, a=ritu
98c43f9b0d178383635b9a8bdd679f7b904470f4Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1293222 - browser.engagement.total_uri_count includes URIs from restored tabs. r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
a03522ef5152fee0dffb5bc3c4416cd166e17d7aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1294411 - Update XCTO: nosniff implementation to accept images which content type starts with 'image/'. r=dveditz, a=ritu
2893f7dad7dfc81aa7d9771e117008b0e3cdafd6Lee Salzman — Bug 1294207 - Detect if FreeType supports lcd filtering in SkFontHost_cairo. r=gw280, a=ritu
3784a68ebabe70682746270b4cd7b705c9a60694Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1292181 - Let each dispatch event sends data to the socket. r=mcmanus, a=lizzard
ae48669d6b0711b296c1a208bb1511584ab6be5cJW Wang — Bug 1290318 - Listen to "cacheservice:empty-cache" to clear media cache. r=mayhemer, a=ritu
afbb4f8032dfef27c7af94b8dfd62e2858960f5eJames Cheng — Bug 1293194 - Building with --disable-eme fails with GMPDecoderModule.cpp:15:30: fatal error: mozilla/EMEUtils.h: No such file or directory. r=cpearce, a=ritu
e2be3bbce44a9f118a1cfe17961fad25f0ffe8ddBenjamin Neff — Bug 1272332 - Allow dark gtk theme with environment variable. r=karlt, a=ritu
2bdd8158b05656d15e385246d06e18926cec13b0Nicolas Silva — Bug 1291296 - Make it possible to change a PersistentBufferProvider's Forwarder without crashing. r=ethlin, a=ritu
5872b231bb7af5bd859a1113529a30a183761650Francois Marier — Bug 1291472 - Add more application reputation extensions. r=gcp, a=lizzard
c9e56c940955bbe5cf7070a650de5755047c7414Eddy Bruel — Bug 1281040 - Make sure we detach from worker client when target is destroyed. r=jlongster, a=ritu
5203cfbd484a98acb1b68c8082195e51735cf0ffPanos Astithas — Bug 1258041 - Update the tracking protection list selection UI to account for the DNT-related changes. r=jaws, r=francois, a=gchang
8ececbd9880dc48a879d7a0d44dbf5e15248b09cSteve Fink — Bug 1288555 - Fix structured cloning. r=Waldo, a=ritu
d927ac40c9a6803c3338e5388d8222cada59a76fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1286487 - WorkerProxyToMainThreadRunnable must keep alive workers using WorkerHolder - part 2. r=me, a=abillings
4ea03e074e7f2f493b9b9a8ca979ee847094857bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1286487 - WorkerProxyToMainThreadRunnable must keep alive workers using WorkerHolder. r=bkelly, a=abillings
0fda1a94617401c79765aacf86020e610aaf29d7Ethan Lin — Bug 1293028 - Check build id only for intel driver. r=mtseng, r=jgilbert, a=ritu
da5b828c39ceb7dca3fa4e221e62970188599533Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1293646: [MSE] P2. Only reject a seek request with EOS if it's passed the explicit duration. r=gerald, a=ritu
252ceee6fee8ee4d525df6707466911e6b6a5f76Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1293646: [MSE] P1. Reject seeking attempt with EOS when the mediasource is ended. r=gerald, a=ritu
3fa9b262d4e54faa7694e6f9bc0827a2b470d64fEddy Bruel — Bug 1291685 - Fix regression caused by bug 1271650. r=jimb, a=ritu
ccba4736e261379bccb00e4310907cca142cdae7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1294648 - [MSE] Return early if mediasource isn't attached. r=gerald, a=lizzard
0ed2f1ac56179d718bf9802dff06779d2687e3efNicolas Silva — Bug 1291163 - Make sure TextureHosts are read-unlock'ed if Compositor::EndFrame is not called. r=sotaro, a=ritu
6a401c72cdd376945ed93b525665bad830a85880Neil Deakin — Bug 1291188 - Remove unneeded cpow part of test as it was causing failures on some machines. r=felipe, a=test-only
85f2a3c9618d2d7fd0961ddd2b9036f600a37324Hassan Ali — Bug 1256929 - Fix ESLint error in test-bug_923281_test2.js. r=linclark, a=test-only
84220f4fafebf8c319ab3064563d2b28416bb268Boris Chiou — Bug 1293106 - Ignore 'spacing' if dom.animations-api.core.enabled is false. r=birtles
704c14625c6fdf3ff00962c03dd6350a25a6b11aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1287710 - Ensure the docshell variable doesn't point to a dead CPOW. r=me, a=test-only
ebabbd80b65c1717ad8a9ed98dda0fcc1c032405Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1254843 - Intermittent e10s browser_thumbnails_bg_no_cookies_sent.js | uncaught exception - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW at :0. r=markh, a=test-only
8a43440d1d25e23af817faad624a5820a2b9ae8dNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1278113 - Disable audio stream analyzer debug canvas output. r=padenot, a=test-only
6e2bee015c3558d815c136c03ce816bfc38c70c8Helen V. Holmes — Bug 1289506 - Centre close.svg. r=ntim a=lizzard
12f39bee3e5a15eb4b2698327b38cffce1aebf50Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1295296 - Ignore video tracks in MediaStreamAudioSourceNode. r=jesup a=sylvestre
8bf3072e8e924fc4fbfd150daf4c2106a62bae0eBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1211959 - Tests check if video has started using played range. r=AutomatedTester a=test-only
fdc2f1d67e3977e4fbc79d0acbb32259eca0f524Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1290365: ignore PULL_HUP to re-enable TURN TCP with hostnames on Linux. r=bwc a=gchang
264adddee81b8115b9392e20aaeaaaf4a2572a12Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1293149 - Mediasource URL check should check for 'blob' instead of 'mediasource'. r=AutomatedTester a=test-only