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Thu Oct 20 22:20:41 2016 +0000
c69b36710b6206a1daa0c225a5a99e7dd3210bbbDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 3: Make a grid-specific comment more general, in CSSAlignUtils::AlignJustifySelf. r=mats
20528c2e93933641e96e71103f45ba2941fe4347Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 2: Spin out a helper function to hold nsAbsoluteContainingBlock's code for resolving abspos offsets. r=mats
73e2b2cb7b36fcefb0867e904274d8296678acb7Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 1: Spin out some grid alignment code into a helper method, in a new CSSAlignUtils class. r=mats