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Fri Sep 08 19:44:43 2017 +0000
e3b5844743351eca5221d5a7aee47fc14234a52bAki Sasaki — bug 1397552 - specify a previous graph's tasks as this graph's dependencies. r=dustin
21ffcb521cd5fa6da6c7167eb371fec3787a4a14David Keeler — Bug 910207 - Test that we don't show the client cert selection dialog on speculative connect r=mak
9c00078ce6abb450423c3b3424d22530cf138511Honza Bambas — Bug 910207 - Prevent client certificate pop-up coming from a speculative connection, r=dkeeler
81de05d441e4bdb2b37b0344f3f88de5076c5edbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ea1de92a83a1 (bug 1324892) for toolchain bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
c1d35cfb410bfeacc3a30e838c792ae27aa551d0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ac1381f38c3f (bug 1324892)
b04b2abfc1701601879947e934c1b2271c154e38Robert Strong — bug 1361102 - change tests to account for updating the application update xml files asynchronously. r=dothayer
814b441b2bad6ac477225918bf1c7f6034c3ed82Robert Strong — bug 1361102 - split out tests so they are more deterministic when updating the application update xml files asynchronously. r=dothayer
a18f510ef12e97729f0fb315071e44afd41132eeRobert Strong — bug 1361102 - update the application update xml files asynchronously for writes and deletions. r=dothayer
8e00076e0122afc990a7fe1bba6006f4692ac92cRyan Hunt — Bug 1397831 - Update webrender to commit 6cf9cd4075efdf7467bad71b372170f626a8fce4. r=jrmuizel
ac1381f38c3f7cd0f548d55cea7840f9351fccf5Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1324892: Fix tests for switch to macOS SDK 10.11. r=mstange
ea1de92a83a1dc0f20972940013b62089cd06fdeTed Mielczarek — Bug 1324892: Update Mac builds to use the OS X 10.11 SDK. r=mshal
9b4e5a1ce001141c01399a76666e50a8c6308179David Anderson — Rename the Advanced Layers pref to indicate that it's stable. (bug 1385051 part 1, r=milan)
ec521bf6357cf3564d5785a66da787be53be45cdTom Schuster — Bug 1385278 - Move GetReturnAddress into IonCacheIRCompiler. r=jandem
c5047f299f6072182266ef9a9be65cd5d7a9b51bKris Maglione — Bug 1398045: Correctly handle channels that don't support weak references. r=mixedpuppy
eaec8440ef8f7c11dfd10a38d15fe216ec2ab016jason laster — Bug 1397563 - Update Debugger Frontend (9/6/2017). r=jdescottes
a1abd18271465f917ff9a98fc724505c104cd493Joel Maher — Bug 1397689 - stop running talos on linux64-stylo-sequential builds. r=jryans
cb242f1774a5845a104b6d3482232bc6d1bdf21fJoel Maher — Bug 1397435 - allow SETA to work on stylo-disabled jobs. r=armenzg
5a69e957b1986e6c2e8ae073dce7c8db5c2f5d9dMichael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 7: Add manual web-platform-tests for Drag Data Store status, r=baku
0ee09b4795cbfc759db5ea7bd0deb2e9674f8c13Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 6: Add some comments to DataTransfer to clarify use of methods, r=baku
83f49da70519de37b7af25f89dcd2883bf4ee441Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 5: Update tests for new DataTransfer behaviour, r=baku
5d920dc2ba45a84ab6b3b9fcb5f0a43390bb3c77Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 4: Update EventUtils to simulate drag events more accurately, r=baku
aa4ebd8f3dc71221cce47be241e243705d49d4d0Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 3: Clear the DataTransfer after handling Drag and Clipboard events, r=baku
00970264c7eaaf869095080ec8c0e0fe0e610b63Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 2: Respect Protected mode in content documents, r=baku
65372115ac3b5dd3783c70d1a9a528add950fb72Michael Layzell — Bug 1199729 - Part 1: Add the Protected mode to DataTransfer, r=baku
814746fc67081ba90d2b2b8b32cf3e0590b650b0Gabriel Luong — Bug 1396103 - Updates the font color for the body, tabs and accordion/headers to match the photon styles. r=pbro
2b23fd4108d10f8e829902819962ab017c877acbGabriel Luong — Bug 1397985 - Use background instead of background-color in .ruleview-header. r=pbro
d8ce26333a8b3b45a26199d79e8db6cc553c8068Olli Pettay — Bug 1398153 - Try to Release/AddRef a bit less in nsRange::DoSetRange, r=baku
bd81dcf6af6067eff31ce2517b4cad9913188253Jonathan Kew — Bug 1394236 - For Apple fonts that include a 'kerx' table, prefer the Core Text shaping path so that we get kerning support. r=jrmuizel
0b442d470556cd39f407c3395b006764b3038bf0Jim Mathies — Bug 1387507 - Enable disabled a11y tests. r=eitan
e7a9bb3ff772d2615b91d55eb1a8d6e2facd6c4aJim Mathies — Bug 1387507 - Remove a11y e10s checks and preferences. r=felipe
523bfd08926983194d46be8c8886114f513b9727Andreas Farre — Bug 1398109 - Check if there is a mTopInnerWindow. r=bkelly
6933c6396bda51a32059f7bbd24349ff9cda2eafAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1397627 - Fetch API and other components should pass the length of the stream to necko when known, r=smaug
c08a59cb75a34422a3fdeb287cbfa954df117be8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1397635 - Support for non-seekable stream in HTTP connection, r=bagder
85b18b5a5e439fbf31eeb40f94b22a278836ef82Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1397627 - nsIAsyncFileMetadata interface, r=asuth
f77a81b06e4305db0abe0b12c29945cf067fcb4eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1397627 - IPCBlobInputStream should be always async, r=smaug
b4f8fad33b2f8013edb3aa265ef63629c8f18816Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1397627 - IPCBlobInputStream doesn't need to be seekable, r=smaug
dce4d3db04bf1eb303a4e05f4d3cf9f1baf0f110Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6ee4de08ac37 (bug 1365970) for leaks on Windows, e.g. in browser-chrome's browser/base/content/test/webextensions/browser_extension_update_background.js. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
560c9ee4d5843aca014f83af958c9b8382084cf5Olli Pettay — Bug 1397904 - nsTextControlFrame::SetValueChanged is too QI heavy, r=baku
d0830048b6e3ee518371ddcb7b3b98c3e8d41110Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1397091: Crashtest. r=me
563cbdd108d601c788b6d9b32092a6244ab7dc7fVedant Chakravadhanula — Bug 1396975 - Change the title bar checkbox and button in the customization screen to look similar to the rest of the options. r=johannh
6ee4de08ac3767c4d15338f830dc3763d5da769aWill Wang — Bug 1365970 - Move data collector timer in the content process to idle dispatch. r=mikedeboer
7ac52205995fc6bc4f2d1439d8941f964c526771Paul Bone — Bug 1397314 - Revert to original calculation for sizing the nursery. r=jonco
ab6b3bbeb98b28bf35a6d374c78802ad4b1d3f72Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1397316 - Push off telemetry expiry for a few releases. r=rweiss
a1edfa0dfd73537199d61298685369b61ff25be9Lars T Hansen — Bug 1146817 - Specialize for uint8_clamped for ARM hardware, to benefit clang. r=sstangl