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Mon Oct 09 21:20:36 2017 +0000
721f154569e7550d235c325379e3ca351518b9adHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1406811 - Fix mismatched arguments for Servo_SelectorXXX. r?emilio
983e70fff385a7adaaf2be4b0ed77f0b5735af54Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ef7e530aff4f (bug 1168092) for failing modified devtools test devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_edit-property-increments.js on Windows 7 pgo with e10s and on Windows 7 debug without e10s. r=backout
4bf0f40c6755b92ab878a4c0a523499b2180a2e4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1406793 - Make IsWindows* methods thread-safe. r=froydnj
a4de1a9d965add037872c11a11eac026158be657Luca Greco — Bug 1385548 - Part 2: Add new test for tab modals created from a WebExtensions options_ui page. r=kmag
f42d24d8aa41eac04c0cbcc196072251fd3cd5b1Luca Greco — Bug 1385548 - Part 1: Support tab modals in WebExtensions options_ui pages. r=kmag
1858ac6e51282e858eb4ea5346db53f2a3afc625Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1052247 - Enforce that OAuth is done over HTTPS in FxAccountsOAuthClient. r=markh
66694cc53d512abf395feca23c6663e6a35f1958Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Have PollPromise accept an options dictionary. r=whimboo
3665cb253cb88050891c26b891617b602e9ba4e4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Rename wait.until to PollPromise. r=whimboo
88012e76b4afccdb068adc3214795c0a93621b3eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Rename wait module to sync. r=whimboo
f1e4eb9ed51302c62f9d800bdcb02f34c9bcbf38Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1404057 - Add back two lines to the crashtest manifest that got accidentally deleted. r=emilio
ef7e530aff4f01ef077ea97580c7d8bcafee6830abhinav — Bug 1168092 - Introduce defaultIncrement property in InplaceEditor so that css properties like opacity can increment by 0.1 instead of 1. r=jdescottes
bbdf62ee058956b87d114a440e37c2f9a31ee7d6Jared Wein — Bug 1406964 - Fading out the toolbar buttons should use a quicker easing function. r=Gijs
879273feb6bf0c109a002ae977530f531ecef556Jyotsna Prakash — servo: Merge #18747 - Serializing childrenonly (from jdm:serializing-childrenonly); r=jdm
2d91a88f5f5d09e0d714c68ddb76ff24479056beDão Gottwald — Bug 1406478 - Set browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to 76. r=jaws
38347dff77997359905b6efc1f6061e4103431d6Ian Moody — Bug 1404568 - Use the correct browser_action theme icons when the action is in a menu-panel. r=mixedpuppy
ca81275884eb6147bd1022779fcac81fa0930128Ian Moody — Bug 1404568 - Improve webext browser_action icon fallbacks. r=mixedpuppy
141a5e81a573d85c654da24a751fdbd8594ab3e2Brian Stack — Bug 1406734 - Set TASKCLUSTER_CACHES on action tasks r=dustin
9535f2ddf045626371e8ad02f355bf30c8e08ef1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0a482229bed6 (bug 967895) for rooting hazard. r=backout
d4307f283714cd6e69d2719151f1478545388e77Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d6ab8156f858 (bug 967895)
6fd0004b779171a3aa980c039e045fff8a9e6f8cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 71790f0ea832 (bug 967895)
ffcb85a1cbe9e614fa4bc24b89183b22bbc735adSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bf81d961c576 (bug 967895)
ea295817d104eda10909e6155369019cb7e0887aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a4fc441d0663 (bug 1406478) for failing browser-chrome's browser/base/content/test/general/browser_tabReorder.js. r=backout
bf80be6c221064ab3ea802e09768be223019443aThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1405833 - Ensure SyncEngine uses CommonUtils.namedTimer properly. r=kitcambridge
88f59765d8cb30fd98dccfa815be816fc9f1d323Mike de Boer — Bug 1387808 - Don't ever fixate the width and height of the main view, but leave it flexible. r=Gijs
5bde30d8db94e3a765456adbe8da42c1f17e0255Tom Prince — Bug 1385055 - Add taskgraph support for checking out comm-central and related branches. r=dustin
044f0f7d3af565743ee1dace08acb6d5d81c9f0fTom Prince — Bug 1385055 - Add some taskgraph parameters for dealing with comm-central and related repositories. r=dustin
db5abaadfed41ee620a85ffab78b2e84a5702dadOriol Brufau — Bug 1406660 - Remove all wrappers when checking if a getter is safe. r=jimb
ffccd2307ac197fab5dc4ea1876d57b0cf8544feSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0317bcff40bc (bug 1406687) for build bustage at testing/gtest/gtest/src/ 'Unused' was not declared in this scope. r=backout
13255dcbdaf60b83edb23e3b4a2dd63e4d59d723Jeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - add tests for the stylo blocklist mechanism. r=heycam,leplatrem
abf7029dbcd02a59ab4f13f168bb2d89adabe89eJeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - add two test-only helper functions to access the stylo blocklist. r=heycam
08363e433669fe7e6eae4a5776728ed4864e4d35Jeremy Chen — Bug 1403077 - implement the stylo blocklist mechanism. r=heycam
118b67c940dc554a4adf6fb397db775861962c68Shane Caraveo — Bug 1406229 fix autocomplete crash in panels when window is closed during event, r=mak
0317bcff40bc7f1e73422c4b6f8f22bd73b981baTom Ritter — Bug 1406687 Pass return values from fwrite to Unused to silence the warn-unused-result warning r=njn
b226a2f626e2cc597d55bc9539313a3e28c2dea4Ian Moody — Bug 1403157 - Unify appMenu webext new permissions notification appearance with browser update notification. r=jaws
d4f0d0a485697f3663ccfefcc78dbd03d26b4789Ian Bicking — Bug 1406526 - Import Screenshots translations r=_6a68
c4e7bf4785250b74d4fa8c20676234e58ae38867Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
903795a07004887dd12283ba56c3297a22344e9fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18791 - style: Optimize custom property cascading (from emilio:faster-custom-props); r=heycam
270879c4294dac12aa0676fc9270bba847091b22Dão Gottwald — Bug 1403734 - Set border radius for customize mode footer buttons. r=Gijs
a4fc441d0663d647e0f734420bc1c1eff7951434Dão Gottwald — Bug 1406478 - Set browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to 76. r=jaws
cb5a6eedfffafa35655e0d18463d2f5d6525478fMichael Froman — Bug 1406434 - fixing ice restart and rollback counts on about:webrtc. r=ng
e45c439aac94435c8e07238770f0380772e19ef9Jared Wein — Bug 1406770 - Allow dropping tabs on to the Bookmarks Toolbar Item if it is located in the nav-bar. r=Gijs
a1188a2bf9ee41bf552997eb5274bbfd9c80975dMike de Boer — Bug 1402126 - Change the icon size of Download items in the Library's Downloads panel view to 32px. r=Gijs
bf81d961c576d63fbc95413b7437d7ed81a365cbChung-Sheng Fu — Bug 967895 - Add tests for canvas fingerprinting resistance. r=johannh
71790f0ea83211fe47b0f0256dde4261319811e2Chung-Sheng Fu — Bug 967895 - Ask for placeholder data when image extraction is not allowed (Tor 6253). r=jrmuizel
d6ab8156f8582ff1c4ef35ad691397e091be161dChung-Sheng Fu — Bug 967895 - Add an option to return a placeholder when extracting image data (Tor 6253). r=jrmuizel
0a482229bed6e15ac5c6743a679beba5fc4ea14fChung-Sheng Fu — Bug 967895 - Prompt (w/ Site Permission) before allowing content to extract canvas data (Tor 6253). r=johannh
d4641f9d27a0564e70d94a3b1b5dab3d85afdedcOriol Brufau — Bug 1406182 - Obtain the length of typed arrays in a safe way. r=nchevobbe
12108e68b1a4c924de93cdf217750429bf20c998Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403622 - Allow VP8 HW decoder where known not to crash. r=cpearce
2aa3f925ceb23ba2acd696c121ca8a89820629c6Rob Thijssen — Bug 1373178 - use preflight mech to hide win 10 taskbar; r=jmaher
06ae5ef758a20dac5b13ca40685eab4a6c62be17Boris Chiou — servo: Merge #18788 - Use defualt Debug trait for AnimationValue (from BorisChiou:style/animation_value/debug); r=emilio
7aec94f0c517cd3758c2cc3bee25136a37133c02Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 231a24060d29 (bug 1404946) for linting failure at testing/marionette/driver.js:3054:35 | 'f' is defined but never used. r=backout
ff635ffa3ab790e0369ba447a3419d731a5ef53bSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 135c1e44a92b (bug 1404946)
35beb8d02dcc9069d97cbc6530cfe7344763fd60Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bf79d5b1b4b0 (bug 1404946)
567eafaa5efe59677570a1b30c157d0398105b3cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset dfc766f28aec (bug 1404946)
dfc766f28aecf342e383c749af8b408f18e77a0cAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Have PollPromise accept an options dictionary. r=whimboo
bf79d5b1b4b0a8e5b2b760ee17ac966ca295a608Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Rename wait.until to PollPromise. r=whimboo
135c1e44a92b0a5122c56c4a57b742db117a2821Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Add markup to wait.until's docs. r=whimboo
231a24060d29416d0ec7ada8d520df0fddb6282dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1404946 - Rename wait module to sync. r=whimboo
656e8186307b112ec71e081031f29da1cdf7cfb7Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1406845 - AddMesaSysfsPaths: Resource leak on dir r=gcp
5bcbac52b473e2385d56c16c13c623d7d537b893Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1387141 - Pocket button does not stay red after URL pocketed and animation has finished. r=Gijs
5f336a4ae6ce6274feccb2054b1bd6f8dd0fb9efZibi Braniecki — Bug 1405631 - Remove broken firefox-l10n.js code from langpacks. r=Pike
ca72a7721ef77a7fb583d4cacc286659a33adb68Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18794 - style: use the XBL styleset quirks mode to match XBL rules (from emilio:xbl-quirks-mode); r=heycam
ca1126dea7c833ab9b0d26f62d2599e07eb84982Blake Kaplan — Bug 1405960 - Force e10s-multi off in a cross-branch way. r=mconley
3fac14728144a6c51da4320fe171bf3d5cb7b9e7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1406562 - Return first continuation for parent of first-letter in ExpectedOwnerForChild. r=emilio
ef2a97daf3088ce1c5a7794a9842b80a08a3cb2eHenri Sivonen — Bug 1405568 - Return false from nsHtml5String::LowerCaseStartsWithASCII when this string is shorter than the literal. r=smaug
1636e8da864cf9ca99c11ff0d3aabad20d43b045Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #18789 - Assert more things in hashtables (from bholley:more_hashmap_asserts); r=Manishearth
2e858715590bdf0bb0b0d26da800609de59ae91bJW Wang — Bug 1406328 - shut down the MediaCache thread in ShutdownThreads phase. r=gerald
b7429873f639fca4f386639804f6e40d4a704f20JW Wang — Bug 1405025. P2 - revert Bug 1390443 P1. r=jya
a366fc57e78fdbeb1b5a7e408995a09f28977933JW Wang — Bug 1405025. P1 - ensure 'seeking' is fired before 'waiting'. r=jya
f2f6cc2e67cab9ebe4c0f71bd35ad04c740a8d91Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
930c00802a0110d62743a17feda1f50c2abe5bc0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0e684e74a413 (bug 1402904) for build bustage at editor/libeditor/HTMLEditRules.cpp:4068. r=backout
fc7159c2cd73feb90ccb224648882730748c379aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset daa2f3495cee (bug 1402904)
224eccf80d4732b148d9a3dbf83725dc2f347c24Tom Ritter — Bug 1406380 Fix -Wreorder warnings r=njn
daa2f3495ceef50fca612d0da44a86aa8b754e1fMakoto Kato — Bug 1402904 - Part 2. Add crash tests. r=masayuki
0e684e74a41343f4c63895f8cd50993ead326af4Makoto Kato — Bug 1402904 - Part 1. Some operations should check whether parent node of each selected node is null. r=masayuki
224b59f8a361ddbd51489dc3b74b9d53e66f1df2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3ceb919e7e82 (bug 1406328) for build bustage at dom/media/MediaCache.cpp:301: 'ShutdownPhase' has not been declared. r=backout
c80fdbc040cb2019ce8d66f8e5bf0e74832c3fc1Jan Henning — Bug 1406410 - Use URI input type when editing a bookmark's URL. r=jwu
a5584789d1d0468cf24538b1e1a05e8065e58b3fNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1406042 - Copy relevant old console test to the new frontend; r=Honza
3ceb919e7e829c358e18ca234c1a100871e29963JW Wang — Bug 1406328 - shut down the MediaCache thread in ShutdownThreads phase. r=gerald
f961492be7026dd06f0570e839fc6ba5ad92b14fsteveck-chung — Bug 1404281 - Fix credit card mochitest intermittent error by increasing binding time. r=lchang