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Fri Feb 17 09:36:54 2017 +0000
4208dcd463515f6e7f3104d027fe3e095226cc82Kevin Chen — Bug 1259355 - d. r?kechen
4390b5cb94cb40be6fdcb0b1fe35d912ce8e5e81Kevin Chen — Bug 1259355 - c. r?kechen
6b45380db8e529018690cc8e10f39d8fbbeebffcKevin Chen — Bug 1259355 - b. r?kechen
53d919206b52c83f0919221d0449f578e05da028Kevin Chen — Bug 1259355 - a. r?kechen
be70398b2ec2401d110452a623cc202162c2cf3dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c27179ee59e9 (bug 1339129) for failing xpcshell tests netwerk/cookie/test/unit_ipc/test_ipc_parser_0001.js and test_ipc_parser_0019.js. r=backout
9951109f1e7883e24ba58afa4e425f68e8e610b8Michael Layzell — Bug 1339153 - Part 2: Add a test to ensure that view-source pages are not loaded as though they have a Large-Allocation header, r=smaug
33c75f7e5480f14fc2cc7c596a96e4905d6fe5e0Michael Layzell — Bug 1339153 - Part 1: Correctly emulate missing headers in nsViewSourceChannel::GetResponseHeader, r=bz
46f696855363513262286105223a0d3d86b0f510Trevor Saunders — bug 1339128 - reference parent proxy by id r=eeejay
1d0c76861cee46374a59ce848c539bfa11c4555dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1339129 - Remove access to HTTP-only cookies from the child process; r=jdm
8ccc7795b51bdefaf14050a4919d975146568470Andrew Osmond — Bug 1290293 - Part 2f. Assert there is no frame on the finish decoding error path. r=tnikkel
defc9f9bee5e1305b970be57c80345b3b3633105Andrew Osmond — Bug 1290293 - Part 2c. Make nsGIFDecoder2 use B8G8R8X8 only for unpaletted frames. r=tnikkel
851f59b0ea7ec3c03a6dde04403d64a1d3caa4fcJan de Mooij — Bug 1338894 - Rewrite NurseryAwareHashMap to speed up WrapperMap sweeping. r=jonco
558c361c937aaca034f7d10f12a7e48b41b2d793Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f4f59e7c1be7 (bug 1337543) for crashing in various mochitest and web-platform-tests, e.g. dom/security/test/csp/test_child-src_worker.html. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
01cd5119e25cb41c81f608afb0a34c32e86620ddSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2f2511d69d2e (bug 1337543)
27a4a904f6a75955ff77d95d9f8b3ec9bffd26bdSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c0157164852c (bug 1337543)
f18c283a8587f2b923184bc1b47ae43d8a36adc9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9e09a36b7c0c (bug 1337543)
9143c69f39ee94f304ea46b8ba258b7e92b6f1a4Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a8b7ae2ed577 (bug 1337543)
2f48db94ca47fddb30e2e7861af583cb89ab365cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 901f0df29f8f (bug 1337543)
7002f4b5be972a6b6f0fa792a5d88b5e29b881bbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7508565a3a0d (bug 1337543)
8d3a9ace5a9a1a9b1735673f835692c0245f21afPaolo Amadini — Bug 1333741 - Add tests for temporary permissions when reloading all the pages using the tab context menu. r=johannh
931b7af2ab3e26612ccfc107979b00700534f58dJonathan Kew — Bug 1339119 - Actually use the locale from macOS instead of throwing it away in OSPreferences::ReadSystemLocales. r=gandalf
ef01429775a28b7e8f0c0e6106e11521c414007eBen Kelly — Bug 1337543 P7 Update WPT test expectations now that CSP is applied in service workers. r=baku
9631d7efa387e6dfb0900161cbbb60bf5fa05a88Ben Kelly — Bug 1337543 P6 Persist response headers for offlined service worker scripts. r=baku
21f4703f27fd58c121c55f25b66777979a8b9c8bBen Kelly — Bug 1337543 P5 Move code to fill InternalHeaders from an nsIChannel response into utility method. r=baku
2a02d5dc247039f2834ddb6764410c84d19d996aBen Kelly — Bug 1337543 P4 Apply CSP headers to ServiceWorker when loading offlined script. r=baku
7755d8b037271cf8ee0b7fd9544dca0331a36498Ben Kelly — Bug 1337543 P3 Factor out code to set WorkerPrivate CSP from headers. r=baku
e42f752244c7dbed0f20ddb7bb2cbdec580c61f3Ben Kelly — Bug 1337543 P2 Improve ServiceWorker asserts and verify load principal does not inherit CSP. r=baku
c7d6474b9c49048ae6d90302a8bf868baeb1214dBen Kelly — Bug 1337543 P1 ServiceWorker should not inherit CSP from registration principal. r=baku
a3fa7b49440145c17bc220cd4b92e1a40c0b7e1eJan de Mooij — Bug 1337024 part 2 - Port Baseline stubs for adding dense/unboxed elements to CacheIR. r=evilpie
1a7d621e7640762762f6093702ede23c2af90a39Tom Schuster — Bug 1339036 - Rename JSTYPE_VOID to JSTYPE_UNDEFINED. r=arai
181e741002d3758a9a997462e227a45c18a70007Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f1dd3438f8b5 (bug 1168376) for ESLint failures.
c4deff449fa7391a0849b5bf7ca799bf29453f9eLeonardo Couto — Bug 1168376 - Show transferred size in request summary. r=Honza
0dfaf62025d3e73c5c6733a85ab7337c31eb5e6aStone Shih — Bug 1337619 - Reset mGoingToDispatchAllMessages flag before early return. r=baku
47e5c01413df0ee5e5bf1dcb6910dbed83e2d1acJulian Hector — Bug 1329216 - Move default printer name querying. r=bobowen
76b7e89dd3e555f0c38f87c62bf112c5835ba6d3Julian Hector — Bug 1329216 - Pass default printer name to child. r=mconley
2188dacfc757e568275f2b4f3dd4c97816a9eadcAndré Bargull — Bug 1339031 - Part 2: Remove unneeded version calls from non-standard tests. r=evilpie
799593e081c30a44a3a0b8bf0f50e64e1c0711c2André Bargull — Bug 1339031 - Part 1: Use the default JavaScript version in standard tests. r=evilpie
7bd0f8792a50240d6b0eb1ebf93c38829d6b03c4André Bargull — Bug 1339030 - Don't skip tests using detachArrayBuffer when running in browser. r=evilpie
803d903c70b8f1c351baf2dce12e9031bcce3047André Bargull — Bug 1339029 - Remove unused parameter from internal DataView read/write methods. r=evilpie
d25dfe2153253eeae8c70681ae5c2e9764ec6cf2Nathan Froyd — Bug 1298600 - part 2 - check Cargo's version; r=rillian
c0d38311f8392637b27e82a91d3434c7e07ab53cNathan Froyd — Bug 1298600 - part 1 - reindent rustc_info; r=rillian
070697e2159515ee2713751fde5d4e2fcbc2d837Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 50321440abee (bug 1332084) for android mass test bustage on a CLOSED TREE
a27fee22864b8a3deca22d83c46c77e4fa569435Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1338538 - Remove AutoNoJSAPI in HTMLMediaElement, r=alwu
78e972ac105d9eb9e4a01961cb543bc5976539a9Geoff Brown — Bug 1332862 - Skip test_browserElement_inproc_AudioChannel, for frequent assertions; r=gabor
0366ab547b8fd795f3105312b6a8c55ee809d6d2Geoff Brown — Bug 1332084 - Allow alternate apk in; r=jmaher
9e06f52b581aeaf456c2fb3cef0dd12bb383cbfdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1335139 - Followup to mark a reftest passing with webrender. r=me
507ef8a4784f40cc752548871e16f9ecb554d8f5Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 81388598aeac (bug 1325322) for build bustage, at least on Windows. r=backout
24eb0e8f09decf898ab1f1c181745bf435b332bfFlorian Quèze — Bug 1336066 - avoid reshowing a persistent notification that has not been dismissed when clicking the anchor icon, r=johannh.
7e71bcb84df4736d98702f1dd45040122ce9e9b6Florian Quèze — Bug 1338585 - Add an eslint rule to require using .ownerGlobal instead of .ownerDocument.defaultView, r=jaws.
c85ca8da99bdb81adf250b521bd9a3defdba60e0Sander Mathijs van Veen — Bug 1331350 - Fuse BitAnd, Compare and Test into BitAndAndBranch r=jandem
53cdda656440c8ee32455c5c241da1d9e744ec3eStone Shih — Bug 1330631 - Convert the EventSourceImpl::Message to be UniquePtr. r=baku
6afe2b8778b59a5c6942047ce236828b3fc7e67cJunior Hsu — Bug 1325322 - add HTTP_NET_VS_CACHE_* for large time span, r=michal
afab8c046c8aa8244caed83916a514f2b3a77b25Jon Coppeard — Bug 1338614 - Refactor incremental barrier APIs and make them call the read barrier r=sfink
a263f2844484543ef050a818318d15e044a56f7eOlli Pettay — Bug 1338887, try to avoid extra allocations when dispatching animation events, r=mantaroh
41cd5a446801509b3110452fa1dbdb8d7f15f1ecPaul Adenot — Bug 1336945 - Modernize MSG/GraphDriver logging. r=jesup
2bfeefec32adccda61974b48ab715698cbd9b0f2Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323711 - Fix localization notes in r=me DONTBUILD
b632bfe1d2d324bbc96244568242cd6c8a4d89bcLars T Hansen — Bug 1302037 - Don't allow SAB in transfer map. r=shu
e6d98508f2ff740aeacbbd60262377f6afa9a4cdNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1337189 (follow-up) - Fix MOZ_TASK_TRACER bustage. r=schien.