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Thu Sep 28 21:48:21 2017 +0000
390da78ce94ea7aaf704eafe649a68714fefe48bBrad Werth — Bug 1376931 Part 5: Add test to verify that media queries with a resolution set to window.devicePixelRatio dppx match for all zoom values exposed by the UI.
669327e4924db66ac90fd2044cc88fa8311d97aaBrad Werth — Bug 1376931 Part 4: Before MediaQueryList iteration for event listeners, copy the array before sending any events.
07418aa0d09680417704814bab7e20a8c250a286Brad Werth — Bug 1376931 Part 3: Change Gecko media queries of resolution to compare in dppx units without unit conversion.
c3e89ba97e7ae4b6ffaf97862f88593594501479Brad Werth — Bug 1376931 Part 2: Extend ContentViewer to allow reporting of effective full zoom level as determined by the device context.