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Thu Aug 16 06:34:20 2018 +0000
1c0f3e4b7c1811ea2a800e6eef3d08b7c3fdedfdKarl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 test ConvolverNode channelInterpretation changes r=padenot
c22aa29dd44d7fc22d236df93d0be3d0a2625710Karl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 move convolver up-mixing test to wpt r?padenot
c12964f5c862f5bfde73d05bb64e80779ab221a1Karl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 test ConvolverNode up-mixing r?padenot
8c355f5b23f81a682cf01a02682ac62b055a2502Karl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 change ConvolverNode output to mono for single channel convolution r?padenot
22d06a101a1c08d399de99bcd3477f1ff9ba3880Karl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 consider allocation size instead of used channel count for re-using AudioBlockBuffer r=padenot
a8e948b758ab0b8c222c33340783c2527ddfbf15Karl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 keep memory allocated for convolver volume premultiplication until no longer required r=padenot
fd6aeca490b3a9ed1fb116abd25e8d0199802ccaKarl Tomlinson — bug 1474222 uninline ConvolverNodeEngine::ProcessBlock() r=padenot