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Thu Apr 07 07:37:41 2016 +0000
eddaaa39e67824930713c87acca2f6c8b12703e5James Cheng — try: -b do -p all -u all -t none
dab7ec797f51aa3daced647d1d3d888496409381James Cheng — Bug 1259355 - Test mozreview. r?kechen, daoshengmu
6f750184f27e432d9b8be42bc7e60bd3698dfed1Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1253803 - Ensure that we maintain the focused node state when changing labels in the dominators view; r=jsantell
af8eb32cce92e6e52850eff559bbf79aa1dbbbecKestrel — Bug 1260360 - Purge cookies on clean shutdown according to sanitize preference. r=mconley
cfb3701b5edd3d377439ddda60aa3997b94d0183Matteo Ferretti — Bug 1239461 - Screenshot button for taking a screenshot of the current viewport; r=jryans
4e9643a989b9bec3014c76de9d7cdce21b224e81Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1221384 - Scroll the Tree component when focusing new items with the arrow keys; r=jsantell
d6d563040da7366eba39b1c2ab67a8704466e8e4Felipe Gomes — Bug 1126299 - Disable intermittent browser_child_resource.js on e10s linux64 debug. r=RyanVM DONTBUILD
09e9c4df0a985cebc43563fb64a903c604a49b8fFelipe Gomes — Backed out changeset 0944b6e52af6 (bug 1252738)
5426a23d5e60ffdd3b25de809f89e81f633e4a3fFelipe Gomes — Bug 1252738 - Disable intermittent browser_permissionsPromptDeny.js on e10s linux64 debug. r=RyanVM
c08d656c3b8320b7ba3dad8179c1ace628b1deafMark Hammond — Bug 1262329 - don't log that Sync encountered an error writing previousFailed when there was no error. r=rnewman
5a5fc7770e168f4cbf6a9fd4c403f83be3cf6b58Kit Cambridge — Bug 1257008 - Don't collapse the tab list when right-clicking on a device in the Synced Tabs sidebar. r=markh
c599e46dbaf470314c7902a0f0ffbd9cd35b23b1Edouard Oger — Bug 1251159 - Sync Tab Sidebar now shows clear filter button on osx properly. r=markh
212bc7c8971c762c25674a6413ca470fc228f965Kit Cambridge — Bug 1262021 - Ensure remote commands are applied once per sync. r=markh
5032f25e295bfb76ffead99d0e2d468f63a13b74Kit Cambridge — Bug 1262312 - Don't update the device registration every time we open Sync preferences. r=markh
e7218494e54d7b0eeb2ef36cc2189bec7b002ee1Kit Cambridge — Bug 1262310 - Fix opening synced tabs from the sidebar. r=markh
17ec8fc8b561c6fcf844d1efd8c56b7a9ca4e43dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1181078 - Implement new awesomebar popup design. r=mak
d330ed8d5e4039af1eb8a5a33f5326d9f97cd583Nick Alexander — No bug - Ensure Robocop can find GeckoProfile.getDB. r=me
b0415f86d8de298b0f89406c01e1e250e6043a1dMichael Comella — Bug 1258787 - Update tooltool manifests with checkstyle gradle deps. r=nalexander
d0522c6ac1d3a05cd0175ad0b591fea034b9044eMichael Comella — Bug 1258787 - Add checkstyle to tasks to run for gradle deps; update watched files. r=nalexander
a7eda9a6735c25ed09e453bcf371822adf4a80d1Michael Comella — Bug 1258787 - Add tier 2 TC checkstyle task. r=nalexander
3332202574cba0693db0633e3691bf5219c1af62Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1246606 - Ensure a tooltip is present on the 'Sign in to sync' button in the customizable menu. r=markh
6d4dc34441a29c0a9917427ce13d3afe28bc2c3cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1254225 - Add a more descriptive text/description to "Show web fonts". r=sebastian